Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is finally here! yeay! And it's so far the happiest one! :) I managed to seek forgiveness from almost everybody including my friends, relatives, etc. I dont think I can post everything about my Raya here, but I'll try my best. There are sooooo much to tell, but I'll try my best laa.. :)

On the Raya's eve, we had our tradition Takbir Program from house to house within our neighbourhood. We started from Roy's (Firdaus) house and it went all the way down the hill to The mayor's house. It was a really enjoyable and great moment for us, who didn't go back to our hometown village during the Raya's eve. There were around 8 houses in total dat night that we went. What the bad thing about dat night, I didn't get any duit raya! Hmph!! all my brothers got the Duit Raya! Hish jeles! hahaha but it's okey laaa... for someone with the age as mine... (22 - 23), it's normal laa if we dont get any Duit Raya rite? hehe... its ok!

So... that night, I prepared my Baju Raya... Owh before I forgot, my baju melayu is not the same thing as what I've planned before. The taylor used my material for my Dad's baju and my Dad's material for mine. Owh!! How upset my mother really was when he (Ze Taylor) sent the Baju(s) 3 days before Hari raya. Mak was marah2ing die.. and his face was really Nangising-one.. But its okeylaa.... Mak said that his (Ze Taylor) workmanship is really nice and classy... standardlah kirenye... I think I've to agree with her... I really like my Baju Rayu regardless what colour it should supposedly be! (AB kan colour blind... like I car.. ahhaa). Okay back to that previous story.. I was busy preparing my Baju Melayu and I slept quite late gak dat night... Raya-Excited has never leave me during Raya's eve.

So, the first Raya finally came. I woke up early (tido lambat pkol 5 tgk arsenal 4 - 0 Porto), around 6.30. Gosh I missed the usual 5.00 am Sahur-Wake-Up that I've faced for 30 days straight before dat morning. I quickly took my bath and wore my Raya outfit. It was Dark Brown with Browny-White songket. I performed my Subuh prayer before going down stairs calling my Mak and brothers. It has been the tradition for my family to seek for forgiveness after the Solat Sunat Aidil Fitri. We went straight back to Kampung Delek, Klang. The road and highway were sooooo calm and empty. I felt like being in an isolated world. The tol-guy greeted me with charming smile... wishing us "Selamat Hari Raya"... I returned his smile and suddenly I pitied those who were still working dat day. Toodles ve Vroooom to Kampung Delek.!

We passed by Wan Pok's house (Wan Pok is my mother's mum) before reaching nenek's house (Nenek is my father's mummy). Pak Long wasn't there when we reached Nenek's house. Everybody was still sleeping! Aiyyo! It was 8 o'clock and they weren't up yet!?? They didn't have this so called Raya-Spirit as mine laa I guess. Nenek and Mok Su (with their Maid) were cooking at the back and They were sooo busy. I just came by to salam Nenek and took some pictures of them.

It was 8.30 am when my cousin Rafeal and me went to the Surau in front of my Nenek's house. We performed the Solat Sunat and heard the Sermon as usual before going back to Nenek's. Since Pak Long and his family weren't there yet, I asked my mother to go to Wan Pok's house first. We went to Wan pok's house and seek for forgiveness with everyone. :) Love that moment each year! That morning we did the same thing to everybody including my other grandma's house, the nenek's when Pak Long finally arrived. We took pictures and we were all happy and it was a really enjoyable First Raya.

Other activities done during the first raya are as follow :
Went to Col. Kamaruddin's house at Sepang (He was my dad's boss while he was still in the army)

It's now the second week of syawal and I've started feeling like Raya season has ended. My life's full with UiTM stuffs! FYP, Assignments, Tests, Presentations, bla bla... owh gosh!! come on come on!! Biarkan saya menyambung kehidupan yg menggembirekan ini! Huhuhu

But the highlight of the month so far is the Malam Pra Graduan (MPG)... I felt so happy that the event ran out smoothly~ without so many big problems! and yeah... we were all enjoying ourselves! :)