Friday, June 29, 2007

Autobots~ Roll Out~!!!!

Transformers was soooooo cooL~ huhu... that's all what can I say about the movie... eventhough with lesser robots.. haha... except for the ending part of the movie... transformers is full with funny scenes~ adoi.... tgklah kalau tak percaye ey~ HAHA....

The heroes... Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf

The cars~

Haha.. Papa seemed to be a bit different yesterday.... usually, he will shout and yell everytime there is a "gempak" punye scene laa kat movies.. tapi.. yesterday.. die diam aje... munkin die terpegun sgt ngan kehalusan seni reka robot2 tu kot.. Haha.. bravo Papa!!!



Optimus Prime

Hehe.... from the way the movie ended... we know that there will be a sequal to this first Transformers movie.. so.... watch out guys!~!!! Outobots~ Roll Out~ Nyet nyet nyonyonyoT~!!

Arcade as usual~ wehheeeee

Papa.. newest membe in the team~

Monday, June 25, 2007


Hmm... stop it laa.. I hate to read any news about departing Thierry Henry to Barcelona from Arsenal.. hurmm.. the past had been the worst ever lah I think this month... felt sooooo dissapointed laa.. hehe... so.. no more Henry wearing white and red stripes for Arsenal anymore... adios.... and I dont know what will happen to Arsenal after this...

I really want to support Arsenal eventhough without Thierry Henry... but... with the club's condition is not sooooo stable at the moment.... I'm totally clueles... thank god Arsene Wenger is staying with Arsenal for another one more season.... With he's still in the team.. some other key players might stay wit him... really hope that Arsenal sign some new faces.... experienced players.. sangat sangat!! arghhhh... please god help me!! I dunt want to support Schalke 04 like what I tell the others.. hmm.... amin~

So what we did today? :)

I think I just write a simple notes laa.. since I'm not dat "in da mood" sangat laa.. berkabung lagi nieh~

-Lunch kat Tarbush Ampang Point

Menu menu~

Joe dan makanan~

Mari doa gune handset!

Oops jangan amik time aku nganga! pantang!

Nasi beriyani yg sedap.. Ice Lemon Tea yg masam!

Kering pinggan Kari... die pon penat!

Menu Menu

-Pegi Maybank Joe anta Resume

Ade accident... lori terbalik and melibatkan kematian... we saw the dead body was about to be covered wit da black plastic

Menara Maybank KL

Joe ngan pak guard~

-Pegi Berjaya Time Square

Taxi ni stylo.. Jem punye pasal die jalan ikot divider

-Main Game

kari memang tak dapat dipisahkan ngan senapang!

Kari main game kapal terbang yg stylo~

Racing~ huhuhu


-Beli Ticket Transformers

Si tua gersang yg gatal! ngan gamba pon jadi!

Lorh... gile! Lord Joeldermort!

Sneed, Sikerit, Notas, etc.. haha

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sey La Vie 2~

Adios.... Bye bye man~ thanx for those 8 wonderful years~ :)

You will be missed~ hehe...

Friday, June 22, 2007

O.U Yeay yeay!!!!!

We are family~!!!! :)

Another outing day... yesterday we went to O.U... with the usual same faces... Me, Kari, Joe and Apis..... Kari wanted to buy some shirts since he can't find one during our previous outing sessions.... pity him.... he can't find a suitable size for him.. especially SEED's and Padini's.. so.. what he did... he kept cursing those companies for not producing some extra large items! for him. Hehe.. wekk!!

Joe yg masih mencari partner! HAhahaha lawak lawak....

Bodoh kan gamba ni??? I think I dont have to tell u guys which one is Joe and Which one is Apis

Hurmm... Master of Joke laa Joe nie

We met Apis there and when we found him... Joe did a really stupid thing wit dis stuff (papan laa yg kene masukkan muke dalam lubang tu... gambar ade di bawah ye rerakan... sile lihat!) HAHAHAHA <--- me and Kari kept on laughing each time I opened the picture from my HP! hahaha...

Huhuhu... Me Me.. ade org kate macam Farid Kamil! :p wekk

We had our lunch at A&W.... owh sedapnye double Mozza burger!! and akak A&W tu maybe terpukau ngan kehenseman aB ni kot.... die kasi free aje Upgrade root bir biase kepada Large float! hahahaha.. thanx akak!!! I didn't have the chance to see her name.. huhuh.. kalau tak sure dah femes dah kat sini... Hmmm....

Best buddies~

Kari and Apis didn't want to watch ALONe <-- filim seram nie... penakut aa 2-2 tu.... nampak je besar, bergaye dan berani... tapi penakut lah! hahhaa So.. Apis treated us bowling!!! 2 games per person... hurmm... I hate playing bowling dah!!! My arms are really weak aa lately... senang lenguh and sakit... so.... sebagai keputusannye... saye kalah teruk dalam permainan boling smalam.. Bravo sesape yg menang!!!!

Hop hop... Joe baling~ "Aaaaaaa"

Hop Hop Apis~

Kari.... and kari cakap "Hahaha macam Bear main boling~"

Owh... a group of annoying girls played a few lanes next to us... and one of them kept on screaming each time she throws the ball.. like "Arghhhhhh!!!!!!" <--- high pitch..... nyaring macam nampak antu! Adoi.... ingat comel ah tu buat camtu.. hurm... and everybody there kept on repeating in a way to tease them laaa.... including our uncle Joe ... "Aaaaaa~" "Aaa~" hurmm... Bodoh aa mereka!.. annoying~

Okey... tu gadis yg bertanggungjawab mengganggu suasana Boling kami dgn jeritan jeritan sumbang~

Before returning home.. Apis treated us Secret Recipe... huhuhu.. I Lyke!!! :p

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sooooo-Rhie-Yar!!! Key-Eyl-Si-Si

Macam poster Ocean's 12 kan? hahahaha.. Rusty yg pakai topi tu

Another day out... but this time was a bit more tiring laaa.... since we had a friendly futsal match earlier in the morning... aiyyo... sakit kaki tak ilang lagi dah kene sakitkan kaki berjalan jalan...

Joe ni bukan main posing die... HAHA name kedai tu Paul & Joe

Long time since I last met Nashrif! ahahah my best friend back in SMKS9 years... huhuhuhu.... die dah botaK! aiyyo.. ape pasat ni~ ish ish ish.......

AB and Nash... together again~

Dira called after the futsal game and she invited me to go out somewhere since she was alone at home... having all her family members going out somewhere.. haha... so... we had a quick agreement to go to KLCC! hehehe...... I planned on going to KLCC to see wether the suit that I wanted to buy the day before was still there or not on sale! hahaha..... unfortunately.. sedih nye... suit tu dah takde! :p

From ISetan... we walked around Suria KLCC.... window shopping.... (as usual)... had our evening meal at Burger King.... (sebenarnye sblm dtg KLCC... dah makan kat MCD dah memule tu... tapi lapar balik plak... benci~!)

Huhu... "Suria" KLCC

Not much interesting stuffs displayed today compared to the day before when me and Joe visited Suria KLCC.... hurmm.... org ramai shopping nieh yg menyebabkan banyak barang habis nie!! hahahahaha....

Meet y new friend... Garfield~ :p weheeeee

Owh.. Apis met himself a new girl~ cheywah.... Malaysian wit a British Accent! wow!! huhuhuhu... bangge aje Apis bermesra ramah ngan gadis itu~ bravo apis!! bravo!!! hahahahhaa.... :p

Apis and his new girl friend~

A few Arabic girls impressed Joe and Nashrif while Dira terpikat ngan sorang Abang TopShop ni (name die dirahsiekan....) hehehhee.... gilelah smue orang dah maju.. kecuali aB ni je... yg kesunyian... :p wekkkkk........

We saw some celebrities too..... Sazzy and Syafinaz kot... kah kah kah... owh ade kutukan2 ngan tomahan2 gak... lawak lah.... tapi.. dirahsiekan lah.. HAHAHAHAHA.....

Joe and Dira... di bawah sinaran suria KLCC

Really sad laa coz there were not sooo many shops on sale today... hurmm... Adidas.. NO! Nike ... NO! CK.... NO!... aiyyo smue No!! harap Isetan aje lah... ngan Parkson.... tu pon takde pape sangat! but still.... I'm keeping my remaining money case there is a SHOCKING SALE somewhere ke kan?? huhuhuhhu

Ade rupe Setan tak???? Setan Aminurrashid! hahahaha

I'm going to have minimum 2 more new classes to teach starting July and hopefully God give me some strength and energy to meet this groups of new kids laaa... hehehehe... doakan ye kawan kawan!!!!

P/s :
  • Okey... what happens to some of my friends skarang... masing2 dah suke budak kecik ke ape ni?? ahahhaa... ade yg kate tu jiran lame lah... :p ade yg kate macam macam laaa..... HAHAHAHA :p
  • Papa... he met wit a minor accident today right after playing da futsal.. and he was sooo angry wit da minah kecoh dat drove the car that he hit! haha. I dunno who to blame or wtv.... takziah k Papa!! :) semoga kau berjaye melepaskan diri...
  • A friend of mine is looking for a single girl to be his new gF!!! hehehe :)
  • AB akan ke O.U tomorrow... anybody wanna follow??? huhuhu... come on come on....
  • I'm soooo happy eating at McD section 9 today!! hehehe.....

Barry Hotter!!!

Currently I'm still reading Hary Potter : Order Of The Phoenix... owh... I'm only half way now but I feel like I've read so much! aiyyo... that book is sooooo thick laa! ish! but I agree dat the book is sooo interesting and can't wait to watch the movie la! oh oh oh...

UiTM is gonna start in les than 3 weeks time... Aiyyo.. sooooo fast aa?? hurmm... benci benci!!! I'll start busying my mind thinking of assignments, boring lectures and lecturers (:p), new friends (maybe and hopefully), new subjects arghhh!!! Tension!!!

Syukri wit his kambing face trying his new Giordano sweater

Spent another shopping session with Syukri, Kari, and Joe kelmarin (kot), we went to Bukit Raja and surprisingly I didn't buy anything! hahaha..... Syukri bought a new sweater and I can't find anything which interests me.... hurmm.. smue benda bosan! cheywah and some of the shops weren't starting their sales yet... hurmm weirdo~ haha

dat same night, something happened which I think, hopefully I wont rofget for the rest of my life being a Cili Merah's loyal customer. A chair had been broken down by a friend (I think I should not tell u guys his name or he will knock my face down wit his powerful fist) hehehe.... but... lawak laaaa... hihii.... sorry friend :) dont get angry wit this post ey~ :p wekk wekk wekk

Have u ever seen a chair wit 3 legs!?? hehe... :p

Monday, June 18, 2007



Shopping time!!! on Saturday.. I went to Sunway Pyramid... oh hoho hoho sale has just begun today! :) weeee....

Joe tgh tahan keketatan baju tu.. maintain2~

Mari test but baru!! hehehe

So.. what I bought?? Hmm... I bought a pair of Adidas' boots, some mickey's and Nicole's shirt.. huhhuhu... suke suke!!! Joe also bought a pair of new boots.... we planned on "merasmikan" those boots dat evening but unfortunately for us... it was raining dat day....

A&W time!! weeeee :p

First day's achievement! hehe

The funny part dat day was when we wanted to get out of from the Parking lot. The autopay machine onl accepts coins... (Joe lah cakap..) so.. we tried our best to find coins inside my car! hm.... Heidi even had to beg for some coins from the contractors that were doing their job dat day. haha...

Hehey... we're going to KL!!! :)

Joe..... bakal bapa~ Hahaha...

Abg Mi... Joe's big bro... selamat hari bapa dan selamat hari menjadi bapa! :)

Peminat2 setia Spongebob Squarepants Versi Melayu

And yesterday... we went to see Joe's newly born nephew... Ainul Mardiah is her name. :) sooooo cute and small... hahaha.... Owh and I really like Joe's other nephem named Fatin... hahaa... she's sooooo cute! owh.. die ni pelakon kecik.... Joe cakap dalam cite Diari Datin. Hahaha....

Ewah ewah Fatin ni... posing

Control control.. memule tanak.. bile dah peluk ngan dokong.. terus tanak lepas!! huhuh "AB ni disukai gadis2 kecil laaa" ... kari cakap

Weee..... senyum~ alaaa... fatin ilang satu gigi!! haha :p

From Joe's Brother's house, we went to KLCC.... meeting some of my ex-students... haha... we had Burger King! Weee!! lame tak makan!! hahahaha....

Journey to KLCC~

Owh Sale ini sungguh menggilekan!! adoi adoi adoi.... bought new Key NG shirt!! hahah like it like it!! :p wekkk.......

Dewan Filharmonik Petronas~