Monday, April 30, 2007

Kerol's Big Day~ -part 2 : The Big Night-

Hehehe... can u see me??? :p

Okey.. By the time u guys are reading this post... I've just finished my Sturcture Analysis Examinatuon Paper which I think I did bad! huhuhu but... dah lepas... idop kene diteruskan.... The same goes to my Geology paper yesterday... Owh god.. please help me!! moge2 tak fail! amin...

During rehearsal.. bebaik Kerol turun tange tu...

Direnjis renjis dipilis!

Now I'll continue on Kerol's wedding day on Saturday night... the rehearsal went according to plan except for some minor problems or some adjustments needed and demanded by Kerol. Off courselah kan.... who wants their wedding day being not so perfect rite?? eehhehe... so after the rehearsal... we went back home..... resting like I said before....

Bersiap siap!

Okey around 6p.m... I started preparing myself... I took my bath, clean my face from those beardy2 stuff, cut my hair at the mamak.... then wore my Baju Melayu.... wore my Songket... oh.. talking about songket.. Apis said to Kerol and Joe " Aku benci seh tengok AB ni ikat sampin.. cantik gile!" Hahaha... owh sukenye dipuji~ wek we kwek.... when we arrived at Blue Wave, there was this one hotel worker I think, from the counter greeted me like I was the one who's going to be married laa kan... HAHAHA... lawak lawak..

Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah

Hang Kasturi

We went straight to Kerol's room... level 18 room 24... Nani gh bermake up.... so.. we teman2kan Kerol aa kat living room of that Suite. We managed to take some photos of us.. and even wit Saiful Nang!! hahahaha..... gosh.. he's soooo simple person. Okey... that girl yg make up kan saye tu sangatlah teramat ot dan cantik! her name is Liza. aiyyo tinggi gak aaa... ah... jato cinte... :p its about time... the clock shows 8.15 p.m and Kak Ati started calling Kerol asking his whereabouts.

Wit Saiful Nang.... our photographer

We were placed in the VIP waiting room first before going straight to the Perdana Grand Ballroom. where Kerol started panicking! aiyyo.. mundar mandir... sep sep tangan, then Kak Ati came.... "Okey pengantin! Jalan!!" huhu... we walked steadily... I started being soo nervous.. and Kerol kept reminding me "Ingat AB.. cakap aje ape ape dgn aku! aku nak ilangkan nervous!!" <---- penakut ke ape ni.. HAHAHAHA

My fellow compatriots

My parents!

We were held at the main door before proceeding into the Ballroom.. I can see Padi's face (The first one I noticed!!), Pian, Ramesh and my parents! Aiyyo.. takutlah...!!! The selawat started to play.... we marched slowly.... on the red carpet... Haaha... I felt soooo cam jantung jato ke bumi laa... but.. berbekalkan semangat yg kuat.. I tried to entertain Kerol as what he told me earlier..... usik2 die.... I still remember the feelings dat night... walking behind the pengantin... being spotlighted, being the main attractions, wit the selawat and gamelan being played throughout the hall.. Ohhhh soooooo BEST!

Jeng2 macam sultan betul lah

Hihi... malu...

As we marched towards the main pelamin... I can see a bunch of familiar faces.. yeah! thats right! faces of my fellow compatriots.. faces of S8FC.... its just that they looked difeerent dat night! totally different!!! can u imagine some of my friends wore full suit of Baju Melayu wit their samping and songkok??? aiayyo.. Ihsan and his scary beard, Pian wit his slumber face, Padi wit his blur face.. not forgetting Papa wit his childish look ... they all looked sooo matured and smart dat night! Haha.. I never saw Ramesh and Ramanan being soooooo Segak lah like dat night! hehehehe.... also Haq, Izzat and Ali were also there... which gave me some kind of strength to move on continuing my journey wit Kerol as a pengapit.

We are family!

The climax.... when we were apiting Kerol on the pelamin.... when one by one his relatives came on the pelamin and shook hand wit the pengantin... we (the pengapit) should make sure that the pengantin is on the right situation, comfortable, their legs, costumes, etc.... hard ey? but it shouldn't be any harder if Kerol's songket tak terbukak dat day! Aiyyo... malu malu.. I realized his songket started being longgar when Kerol gave me his Keris and he asked me to take a look at his songket.. "Masya allah Kerol.. dah tertanggal!!!" aiyyo.... I've tried my best to put them back to the riht position but the jarum penitis that wee being used by the mak andam has become bengkok! So... its hard to put them back on Kerol's songket!

Our nightmare that night became worst when the MC, uncle Husni called the pengantin to cut the cake..... So.... they went to the cake.. and by the time they want to cut the cake... I saw the songket starting to fall down.. ape lagi.. Mimi signaled to me.. "Eish.. pergilah betulkan.." Haha... I ran quickly to Kerol's back and tried to pin the songket wit a pin given by Kerol's lil sister. While I was trying to put the pin.. I heard everybody is laughing. HAHAHA malu malu..... I'm not good at pasang pin pompuan nie... so... It took time lah.... complicated aa girl's things! adoi..... pening memikirkan care nak pasang pin tu!

Hahaha... ape saye buat di belakang tu??? cube teka!!!

Okey.. after about 60 seconds fixing Kerol's sampin.... finally they sat back on their chairs... and a slideshow began to play.... it was my chance to fix and make sure Kerol's sampin is on the right condition... not too tight and not too loose.... fuh.. thank god... I succeed!!!

Makan makan!!!!

Okey.. now the time for Makan Beradab..... We marched again but this time to the long table for the pengantin to eat. Hahaha.... first time seh makan kat table pajang nieh!!! huhuhhu..... before we eat, there was a peformance by two glow-in-da-dark-swans! hahaa.... cute lah mereka! adoi.....

Then, we ate..... we were being served macam VIP plak.. macam raja.. happy je makan!!! I had some chit chat with Kerol's mother in law.... she's a nice person.... :)

Presentation again..... and followed by friends speech... speeches by Hafiz and Nura Nadia.... Hafiz did well on his speech.. so goes Nura Nadia.... the ceremony ended rite after Kerol's father, Uncle Yunus' speech... owh... I really like his speech! touching, meaningful!! and he also managed to squeeze in a really lovely Poem!!! aiyyo.. terharu plak.. rase cam nak nangis time dgr tu.... and then.. the majlis ended.... photography session with Saiful Nang and some other cameras!!! what I want to say here is... Kerol.. thanx for giving me this opportunity being ur pengapit on ur big day okay!!! may u guys live happily ever after~ amin!!!! dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniekan zuriat dan akan seniase bahagie!!! so... the next day, I got a message from Kerol.. Nani said that I'm a good pengapit! weeeee.. malu!! hahahahha.. so... sape2 nak kawin lepas nie....jgn segan2 ajak AB okeh!!?? hahahaha :p tapi make sure pengapit pompuan die single gak!!!

Family potrait~!

Hehehe..... so far so good ey~??

Pengantin and pengapit

Pengapit n pengapit

And finally.... Syanur yg ayu~ hahahaha wekk!! :p

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kerol's Big Day~ -part 1 : The preparation and Rehearsal-

Huhu.. Part 1 Part 1

Yesterday morning, at 8 o'clock "sharp", Kerol picked me up. We had our breakfast at Cili Merah. Owh men.. I really like Cili Merah's nasi lemak! That was my second time eating nasi lemak at Cili Merah and I know!! there are gonna be no.3,4,5,6 and so on~... sooo sedap.!!!! I think I prefer Cili Merah's more than Gembira's.. hahaha... promoting plak...

Kerol staring at da Magical Pelamin~

We reached Blue Wave around 9 oclock.... first we set up Bug's laptop.. since we are gonna use a lot from his laptop later that night.... it's like Kerol's Big Night is all depending on Bug's Laptop. In the beginning... we found that the sound system from his laptop wasn't sounding nicely.... I dunno what was the technician doing wit us yesterday... I think I helped Bug more than they did. Maybe he's not a technician after all... haha...

Bug wit his Laptop.. preparing something...

The ballroom was sooooo beautifully decorated! sooo nice!! gilelah..!! Kerol was like.. mundar mandir aje.. cant keep quiet.... takleh relax.. sooo tense he was!! owh my... I'm sounding like Yoda plak dah skarang nie.... nasib baik abh MC tu.... Hasni kot his name made him comfort laaa... Hahahaha....

Kerol... eventhough in his tension mood.. he POSE!!!

Okay.... the pengapit perempuan tured out to be Kerol's wife's lil sister.. Mimi is her name.... owh.... soooo shy shy punye girl laa....Papa turned out to "USHA" her lah later dat night. she arrived at Blue Wave around 1030 a.m. I'd been told by Kerol that Mimi had just arrived straight from Indai that morning. She is studying in Bangalore... doing medical. Oh Oh Oh a doctor she will be~ hahaha....

Orang2 kuat di belakang majlis Kerol.. Kak Ati (Event Manager), Abg Husni (MC), Kerol (Raja Sehari), Apis (Friend Speech), Bug (Presentation)

That I was being introduced to Nura Nadia , Kerol's wife's best friend.... Oh btw, Kerol's wife's name is Hernani k~ We call her Nani. She (Nura Nadia) looked a bit stressed out preparing her Friends Speech for da Majlis. Owh... I hate to mention this but I must! She thought that I'm older than her, Kerol and Nani.!!! Arghhh!!!!!! she said that I look matured~ cheywah.. maybe dat morning I was still with my beautiful beard a longside that long-haired-look of mine. HAHA

Kerol.... beramah mesra ngan one of the usherettes.. Bob

Okay.... about 1.30 pm.. we completed the rehearsal and all... Oh... the rehearsal... sooo lawak!!! Kerol ni jalan cam pingguin! takut kot!!! abis kene marah ngan Nani.. "Awak ni laju sangat!!!!" hahaha.... Kerol Kerol.... So nervous u are!! huhuu

Apis yg Kesunyian

Okay at this level.... I felt like an outcast aaaa.... just imagine... when u're alongside people who u doen't know!! and that's not it.... when we look at some of them.... they just give u dat one look like "Eish.. sape budak nie? eiii.... ape die buat kat sini... menyampah~" huhuhu... maybe dat's not what they think... but... rase ajelah.... Okey.. there were about 20-30 people who are Kerol's uncles, aunties, relatives, etc in the Grand Ball Room yesterday.. All who were involved in the rehearsal. Apis, Bug and me just sat on one of the table waiting for our rehearsal part.

Arrangement of tables and chairs... wah wah wah Meriah!

At 1.30 we went to Cili Merah.... we planned on having our lunch there.. but... somebody was inside Cili Merah that made Kerol changed our eating spot to Darul Ehsan section 9. So.. lunch as usual... before sending Kerol back to Blue Wave... we headed back to my house, resting.... owh.. as usual.. if Joe is around my house.. it's hard to sleep... coz we would play winning eleven together! Thank god Bug was there to temankan Joe. So I slept.... storing some energy for tonite's big event!!!

Sultan AB While at Shah Alam Mall.... picking up kipas

End of part 1...... -To Be Continued-

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yuyu hakusho!! Wheeeeee

Ustaz Sufi aaa? ahahhaa

I got about 12 hours before the big day tonight... at Kerol's wedding... hohohoho.. takut~

Yesterday we had our minum petang at Secret Recipe section 9. That was all Joe's idea since the day before yesterday, I went there to buy cake for my brother's birthday. I told him, there was this one girl working there that looks really3 like his girlfriend . So we went there yesterday.

Ali bile berborak... kalah PM

Joe yg kesunyian...

Ternyata.. Joe terpaku!!! hahaha... but he kept denying when we asked him "haa cemane Joe? same tak??" huhuh.... he kept denying until one time, "she" dissapeared from the shop. Dunno where did she go... and Joe started being uncomfortable... and lastly he spoke

"Hish.. mane plak die nieh!!!??"

and a few seconds later

"Adoi.... ni yg nak buat aku tetiap hari nak lepak secret recipe plak nieh!"

and minutes later

"Aku rase die semayang kot AB..."

Papa sedap minum... Ali changes his seating place to get a better view of her

Hahaha.. macam macam Joe nie.... around 6.30 we've decided to go to Shah Alam Mall.... jalan jalan.. Atira was not at the Baskin Robins... maybe she went home already, I bought Medal Of Honor Vanguard. At 7.... we went back home... we planned wit Papa and Ali about our plan that night to go to Padi's house... ade makan2....

On our way home, Joe asked me to drive pass by Secret Recipe.. and it really broke his heart to see from distance that girl was working.... and to "sedapkan ati"... Joe told me

"Aku rase... balak die pun muke macam aku lah.. tu yg die takut tu... terus mask dalam bile aku datang tadi..."

Hahaha... Joe Joe.... lawak lawak....

I got about 24 hours sharp before my Geology Examination tomorrow morning... Huhuhu.... takut..... thank god I've prepared about 90% of the subject... but what really scared me to death is.. I got about 48 hours before my Indeterminate Structural Analysis exam paper!! AAAhahahah which I think I've only covered 50% of the subject.. but Insya Allah, I'll try my best.

Hehehe.... last night we had a long conversation together regarding some of our friends who has changed into a different person. Quite a number of friends gak laaaa... how they changed into a better person and some into hmm.... u know laaa kan? the one who turns into a better person... alhamdulillah and congrats to u guys k~! but.... the other categories really caught my interest...

Lately... I've seen many kind of pictures.... either from blogs, friendster, myspace, bla bla... acts of weirdness, acts of kelupaan, acts of stupidness, etc of some of my friends which I think... tak patut lah kan... but what really bothers me is dat.. some of them argued with me when I advised them, and even some of their friends blame me and back them up. Aiyyo aiyyo... the thing is simple.... what is wrong is still wrong.... no matter who u are.... even if u're a President, Minister, Teacher, Adults, bla bla.... do something that's within ur limit kay!?

Dont even try to challenge the Almighty one by doing things which are not right. Dont wait until He shows u His power, then only u want to insaf... so.. better be careful, better wach out key guys.... try to differentiate Halal and Harams k??

"Once a taik.. is always a taik..... nothing can change a taik into a meal or something interesting, until u're stupid enough to imagine a taik is a precious thing okey!? if u can prove me that a taik worths a lot, then only u can do whatever a taik-lover always do ok!!??"

hehe.. sorry k to anybody who might feel offended by my post... Take my sincere apologies k!? sorry.. :) ignore this post f u think u're good enough and better than me k~ I know somebody's reading. hehehe... have a nice day~

Night time.. we hung out at Cili Merah for awhile... didn't have the time to watch Siti Farah since Ali got to fetch her sister from tuition... but the good news is... I got her myspace address... and the bad news is... I can't add her coz I dont have her e-mail address... and the more bad news is.... U can't send her even a single message if she's not ur friend... HAHAHAHA LOL... takda rezeki no..... biarkan~

Friday, April 27, 2007

Direnjis renjis dipilis!!!

Yesterday evening, Me, Padi and Azri had a really looong conversation at Darul Ehsan 11 about almost everything! We were discussing about his (Azri)'s current job. Oh... he treated us! cheywah kate kaye! hahahaha....

Diyad foreber!!!

That night, there was a Majlis Bacaan Yassin and Doa Selamat at my house. Doa Selamat for my youngest brother who is gonna celebrate his 12th birhday this saturday (28th). Haha.. what I lyke the most about last night is... there were sooo many babies!! hahahaha...... I Lyke!! kui kui....

Pak Ngah and Andak Din

Hoho... hard to identify the 3 ladies.... Faiq, Azim (yg perasan kamera tu) and Dato Mansur

Afiq, Abah, Fifi, Izzat, Ucu Apis

Newest member in our family so far.... Mr Amir

Izdiyad and Ammar

Around 9 o'clock, I asked Aus to send me to Kerol's house to attend his Majlis Kahwin plak. owh... there were soo many people! I can see Huda (Papas X-buah hati), hahaha, my old neighbours mostly.... Big day coming up this saturday aa for Kerol!!! to all S8FC members! Please wear complete set of ur Baju Melayu oke!!! make sure kite smart gile hari esok!!! Photographer Kerol ialah Saiful Nang tu... aHahahahah

Newly wed... first picture of them ever on my blog!!! Khairul 'Aizah Yunus and Hernani Yusof congratulations to both of u!

Later that night I had a boxing battle wit Ali which I won all of the match!!! hahaha..... Poie is also back in Shah Alam.....

Oh.. before I forgot... Andak Din sent me a funny song yesterday.... everybody knows the song Pencinta Wanita by Irwansyah rite??? this is a funny version.... Pencinto Betino... I dunno the artist... but... trust me.... it's really funny!! huhu... you can download it here ---> KLIK SINI KAWAN2

Huhu... one of my ex-classmate is gonna be married next month! huhu... she called me yesterday asking for my home address.. she's gonna send me her wedding invitation kot. Huhuhuhu

Lawak! Haha

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Second paper today... BEL420.. report writing.... I picked up Kimie, Dian and Yeong at Melati before bringing them to Dewan Sri Budiman.... gosh.. I miss this place... the last time I came here was during my Convocation back in september I think.... the place is soooooooo much different from what I remember laaa..... sooo many new decorations..... I lyke!

Three's stooges!

The rain was starting to fall down when we reached Dewan Sri Budiman. I sat next to Dian, in front of Amin, behind Wan Linda and to the right.... Farah or Bidak.... hahaha....we were given 2 hours to answer the exam paper... but there were some genius who managed to finish the paper within 1 and a half hour.. power power...~

Yeong, Faizol, AB, Bob, Kimie

Nabilah, Dian, AB, Ana

The paper finished at 415 pm.... and since it was raining heavily... we've decided to hang out at the Cafeteria.... Okay.. the cafeteria also has changed its appearance okey! smart!!! I remember the first time I came into the Cafeteria... sitting there wit Hazwan... chit chatting.. before he met with an accident during our first semester at UiTM.... aaaaa best best!

Faizol and Bob were busy dicussing about the champions league! hurmm.. another boring topic to be discussed in the middle of the final exam period.. I just layan ajelah dorang.... kang kate emo plak sebab Arsenal dah terkeluar kan? ahahhaa

After sending Kimie, Yeong and Dian back to their hostel, I went back home and Mak wanted to go to Bukit Raja... so... we went there straight after I finished my Asar prayer.Owh my god.. there was an accident on our way to Bukit Raja.... and the traffic was sooooooooooooo siot! .... arghh... I hate queueing on the highway!

Accident..... yg paling kiri tu yg eksiden.. kesian die...

In Bukit Raja.... we jalan2 before I bought sumthing.... I bought a Concert CD Ahmad Nawab's performance live.... and a Japanese Drama.... entitled With Love which I've been searching for it for quite a looooong time laa... finally!!! I own the CD lah beb!!! hu hu hu hu

With Love is a Japanese Love Story... starring Takenouchi Yutaka and Tanaka Misato.... what is so interesting about this movie is dat... it involves music throughout the story! A piano song... soooo romantic aa the song.... the story also... pigi lah tengok kawan kawan... sornok tau!!! ahahhaa... try searching for the son.. Once In  A Blue Moon

Later that day... during night time.. after lepak lepak at Cili Merah... (where I started to hate siti farah.. hahaha) hahaha.. we visited Joe again at 7-11 Projet.... okey... I hate the women who worked at the counter just now.. Macam bagus...!!!! hahahaha :p sorry Joe.... terkutuk anak buah kau~...

Apis and the drinks~

There was this one part when a lady came into 7-11 and asked Joe how to use the Mesin Air tu.. wah bukan main lagi Joe nak ngorat die!! cheywah!

Huhuhu... kemain Joe....

Izzat ni sibuk aje nak enter frame...