Sunday, July 22, 2007

Laman Web Baru saya.. memuatkan kord2 lagu melayu..... yang lama dan yang baru... sila lah bagi sokongan ye~? hehhee
or click here ---> HERE

Monday, July 16, 2007

Premier League Fantasy Football

Okey.. to all those who wish to join my fantasy football manager this is my League Reference Number.... 235894-49352

New to Fantasy League? go here and register --> Here

Already a member? go here, login and insert the Ref no for my league ---> Here

Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Class... New Student.. New Pe'el~

New class started today! hehe.... finally.. I'm teaching form 5 batch 2007... at SMKS9~ hahaha....

At first... I was feeling a bit nervous since that was my first time teaching in front of maybe 25 students at one time! haha but things changed after dat.. they seemed to like me! cheywah...

some names that I can remember...

There was this one boy... Aliff who keeps calling me "Ncik~!!!"

This girl Wan (haha... die ni kelam kabut sket tapi comel~)

Izzani and Haikal.... macam COOL punye guy laaa....

Maliha and Aiza (Smart gurls... I Lyke~ haha)

Azizol (he looks briliant... genius aa)

Liyana (The shy one.. hahha)

Iqhwan (Outcast kot...)

Aidi (suke senyum)

Syafiq and Syazwan (rajin, tekun and COOL~)

Yg lain kebanyakkannye tak kenal lagi.. maybe I'll get to know u all better in the following weeks kot.. in sya allah... hehe :)

Friday, July 06, 2007


First of all... sorry for not updating for quite a long time. I've been very busy laa... settling my UiTM stuffs, the registration...., selecting classes, paying the bills, some new Tuition classes, playing football, creating music for a video clip my friend made, bla bla.

UiTM starts next week... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa benci nye sedihnye... it marks the end of 2 months full with unforgettable holidays~ hehehe.... sooo many beautiful things happened in the past 2 months. Hehehhehe

Premier League will be a bit boring next year.... wit all other clubs are enjoying theirselves wit quite a number of interesting signings... Arsenal are still slow and I dont see any possible entertaining signings will happen. Hurmm.. benci! new kid for Arsenal... the Croatian Eduardo Da Silva