Sunday, December 27, 2009

Istanbul 2009!

Akmal : Today I'm going to tell u about our Journey in Turkey!

We arrived at Attaturk's International Airport around 5.44 am and the temperature was extremely cold! I remember the captain told us it was around 4 degree celcius!!! waaaaa!! it is a terrible experience for someone who hates coldness (extreme!).. but looking at the excitement on Tina and Akmal's face.. I acted cool! hahaha (seperti tiada ape ape yg terjadi...).

Famous things to buy in Spice Bazaar

Everything went well at the airport except for the transportation to the hotel. There were 15 of us and there was only an MPV to take us! hahha... miscommunication between Abah and the hotel person. Cem fetched us the first group and Abah and the other grumpy-looking-hotel worker took a taxi. Cem still remember me and he still call me "Ibis" hahaha... sounds like Iblis ey? Cem told me the main road to the Airport has changed drastically! Around 60% of the road we travelled is a new;y built highway! thanx god! Less traffic jam! haha...

Family potrait taken on top of Kartepe

We reached hotel around 7.00 am and we were greeted by some annoying-familiar-looking-creatures at the Hotel lobby. Yes.. Curry and his siblings were all there greeting us! They were fully attired! like they're going to play the snow! huuuuu... We had our breakfast after settling wit the Hotel rooms and oh gosh! I really like Hotel Inter's Breakfast! How I really missed them! The menu hasn't changed for the last 6 or 7 years! Hahah SUPER!

A Potrait of Sultan Abdul Aziz wit his Nargile looking at his fellow countrymen

The four head of the families had a very interesting introduction chatting.

ISTANBUL 2009! The First Day.....

Bon Apetit Monsiuer

After having our breakfast.. we took our own time in the room.. bathing, praying, etc and the first tour started at 9.30 am! My room was on the 3rd floor, Uncle Mi's on the 5th and Uncle Ain's on the 2nd. Letiff from the hotel told us that it's impossible to put us all on the same floor since the hotel at the time was fully booked. Its okey then... I spent most of my time on the 1st floor! hahah Curry's room!

The Grand Bazaar!

We started our first journey in the Grand Bazaar.. (in Turkish : Kapalicarsi) This huge and wonderful market has never disappoint any tourist who comes to Istanbul! The kindness of the shoppers and the uniqueness of each shop always attract the tourist although the prices here are slightly higher compared to those shoppers outside of the Grand Bazaar. We brought the others to some of our friends' shop. Wahap (puki puki) was very pleased to meet us and the same goes to Mr Gunay from Sait Koc. Uncle Suhaimi surveyed some of the diamonds at Sait Koc and looing forward to buy some. hahaha!

2 Powerful Goldsmith! Uncle Mi and Mr Gunay

From the Grand Bazaar, we went down straight to The Spice Bazaar. On The way, we met Nani from the taylor shop and he asked us for his photos but unfortunately we left them at home. HAHA sorry Nani. At the Spice Bazaar, as we were all hungry, we had our lunch in Bab-i-Hayat Restaurant. As usual I ordered my favourite Iskender Kebap! And pirinc Sutlac as desert.

Lunch at Bab-i-Hayat

Memories in front of Yenikapi Cemii

From the Spice Bazaar, we took some photos in front of the Yenikapi Camii before taking the tram back to Hotel. It was a tiring walk around the old Istanbul and an exciting one! We called it a day and had our rest at the Hotel. What a marvelous first day in Istanbul wit friends!

p/s : Curry : Aku tak paham!!! macammane aku boleh ade kat Istanbul! dengan kau AB!???

ISTANBUL 2009! The Second Day....

Inside the big Bus Mehmet prepared for us

It is Tuesday and the weather is still cold.. First, we planned to visit the Topkapi Palace but Letiff told us Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesday. My mother called Mehmet (a friend) and asked him about going to a place with snow. He arranged for us a big bus... a 40 seater bus! hahaha and off we go to Kartepe

Mama and Baba

Kartepe is located between Izmit and Adapazarı (approx 100 km from South–East of Istanbul). It was a happy journey wit the presence of the three kids Tina, Akmal and Amy. Haha... those adorable babies! makes us laugh most of the time! Especially Amy... haha...

p/s : It was called the first bridge because it was the first bridge! ((hahaha...))

So far So Good eY~? HAHA

Kartepe... this snowy mountain has a very nice hotel on top of it. by the way in Turkish... "Kar" means Snow and "Tepe" is Mountain. Hahaha and that's how it got its name. It was very freezing there on top of the mountain that we can freeze to death if we dont wear proper attire. Thank god I bought a trench coat from Nani the day before and wore my Long John! haha...

Flabby and Abby! :-D HAHAHA

We played snow fight most of the time! and I tell u what.. it's really hard to produce a snow ball! sigh* It was fun to see those kiddies wit their family play the snow... running and yelling... falling and jumping, etc. After having our lunch at a Restaurant there, we started our journey back to Istanbul and thank god they dont use Air Conditioner inside the bus during Winter! HOOOOO.....

Makan Time!!

That night, Curry insisted to have Nargile (shisha).. desperately in need of proper rest... I was forced to follow them! :-p HAHAHAHA....

Underage Nargilehing!

ISTANBUL 2009! The Third Day....

Tina : I'm gonna continue wit our visit to the Topkapi Palace on the third Day!

It was Topkapi Palace Day! Mehmet arrived at the Lobby early in the morning and we started our walk to SultanAhmet area where the Topkapi Palace is situated. The ticket cost 20 T.L now and free for children below 12 years old. Nothing much to see since some of the sections are under renovation but we are lucky the main section and attraction is open for tourist. The main chamber where some of the most precious and valuable Islamic treasures are kept.

Pixcha wit Mehmet Bozdemir (fourth from right)

The Cats here are sooooo fat!..... btw.. Aisya is not a cat....

Treasures like the previous keys to the holy Kaabah, prophet Muhammad's (P.B.U.H) robe, his bow and swords, some Sahabat's swords, the cane of Prophet Musa, Turban of prophet Daud, hand of Prophet Yahya, and many more. The chamber is nicely decorated with some unique Ottoman style lamps, carpets and mosaics and we'll be hearing live Quran recital by the Hafiz in charge. It was a great empire... The Ottomans.. once conquered half of the world!

From Topkapi Palace... we went for our Zohor prayer in the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) before heading for lunch in a Restaurant somewhere in Sultan Ahmet Area. Once again.. Iskender Kebap! hahahhaa

The Blue Mosque! Dont ever miss this one masterpiece whenever u are in Istanbul

Next stop.. The Grand Bazaar... went to Addy's shop and bought some souvenirs! he was very happy to see us and as usual.. he gave us special prices! Brother Price! hahaha...

Wit Erdem Balci (Addy)

Akmal : Dats all for Today... stay tuned for the remaining 4 days of our journey... Bye..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Me Birthday 2009!

Hye again... first of all I would like to thank everybody for the birthday wishes! :-) really appreciate it! I had a very happy one dat day. Some friends invited me over for a drink, eating2, etc... I really enjoyed it. On that same day also.. Curry's family departed for Istanbul. I'll be joining them later the coming week.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hajj Memories

Ze Kaaba

Hye everyone... I've reached home safely last Monday night (7th December) and thanx to everybody who has prayed for us. The journey was one of the best jourbeys I've ever had so far! A lot of useful lessons and experiences learnt within those 19 days!! I might share some of the stories here... just wait and keep on reading my blog ey! HAHAHA...

Uncle Ain is Typing an Sms at Jordan International Airport

Mecca has changed a lot! Its true... now u can see construction projects here and there.. the big ones of course... So no wonder the environment around Masjidil Haram is polluted and dusty! you can see people wearing Protection Masks almost everywhere! I forgot to bring one and as a result of my carelessness.. I'm now having a bad cough and soar throat.. aiyark!!

But one thing is still the same... there are soo many people inside Masjidil Haram during Hajj season. Especially on the Kaabah Square where thousands of people perform their Tawaf Ibadah. I was scared every time I performed the Tawaf.. there u can see people arguing, fighting, praying, crying, etc. Any careless mistake might lead to a big problem.

The 4 Bold Musketeers! From Left : Hafif, Uncle Ain, Pok Su and Me

I was told there were about 2.5 millions muslim scattered around the city of Mecca during my stay there. Just imagine how 2 mil of people.. inside one big mosque... praying! FuhH!! SubhanAllah.. Here.. I got the chance to meet muslims from around the world! just name it, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Greece, USA, French and even China! I even got the chance to change numbers and contacts..

Me Cousin and Me

It was a great Hajj trip since I got the chance to perform my Ibadah happily. Eventhough we can't go to the mosque every prayer time, we're still happy. The weather was quite bad at some time and it was raining heavily one day before Wukuf Day. Oh my.. that's what u dont see in Mecca. I heard that a lot of people died during that day and it was flooded badly in Arafah. That was the worst Rain Mecca has ever experienced in 27 years!!!! SubhanAllah.

Look at How The Arabs Queue just to buy some Al-Baik Chicken Fillets! HAHAHA

Completed Our Final Stage of Hajj... The Jamarat.

Some familiar faces were there in Mecca. I got the chance to meet Dato' Emran, Ustaz Dasuki, Ir Siti Hawa and Ir Bahardin, Zulhilmi Zainol's parents and many more. We even took some photos wit the current Sports Minister, Dato' Seri Shaberry Cheek. He was a really nice person.

Picture wit Minister of Sports

That's the beauty of Hajj.. we meet people from every where.. regardless of who you are.. what status u hold, which position, royals, etc.. u are there, gathered in one place... praying and worshipping the one and only God.

Somewhere in Madinah Al-Munawwarah

I learnt a lot from the people there, especiallu Ustaz Mohamad. He taught us a lot of things. And again, it was my best Holy Land trip ever! :-) may all of us get our rewards from the Almighty Allah. Hajj Mabaruran insya Allah.

Ustaz Mohamad

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hajj Hajj Hajj

Assalamualaikum and hye to everyone!

Jika tiada aral merintang.. saya sekeluarga akan berangkat ke Tanah Suci pada 18hb November ini hari Rabu bagi menunaikan Fardhu Haji jadi di sini saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Haji kepada seluruh Umat Islam yang membaca blog ini! Harapan hanya satu... doakan keselamatan, kesihatan dan kelancaran bagi kami sekeluarga dalam menempuh ujian2 yang bakal dihadapi kelak. Salam dari saya! :-)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Raya Raya Raya

It's October now which means I'm gonna lose another batch of students in 2 months time. Haih... every year... the same thing happens... takpe2... teacher will always pray for u guys! always! Ahaks...

Fewwit! HAHHAA

Back to Raya mood... yesterday went to some Open Houses. I was forced to cancel my last day of Puasa 6. Haih takpalaa... makan2 sambil beramah mesra.. ape salahnye.. After Aiman's house, I went straight to Mira Edora's. But first, Elyna and I went to section 9 picking up someone. Someone really funny!

Turutan pengambilan gambar.. tgok Si Qila tu.. x sabar sabar!

Mira's open house was the most happening one laa... most of my students were there and off course the gossiping part was there. For the first time in this year's Raya.. I feel young~ Thank u for those who brought their cameras along... I felt so happy taking pictures with u guys! haha..


Dgn student2 Laki pule

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Arsenal won again! All goals were scored during the second half. Eduardo assisted for the opening goal before Van PersieAndrei Arshavin netted in the second extraor-beautifully goal during the last 10 minutes of the game! Fewwit! What a nice display by Arsenal team and hope that they can maintain their style of playing in future games! toodles!

Owh... there'll be quite a hectic day for open houses for me this coming Saturday.. muahhahaha... gile gile gile...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everybody Deserves A Second Chance

First of all.. I think it's not too late to wish every single of u guys a happy hari raya Aidil Fitri! May u guys have a joyous one!!

I'm yet to receive enough open house invitation so far. Can't wait to fill my Raya days with open house! hehehe meeting friends, eating, chit chatting, etc! Huhu

Friday, July 24, 2009

Marine Life! Buhu!

Hallo guys! It has been a month ey since my last post.. been quite busy lately.. setting up some stuffs with a bunch of old friends.. and hopefully it will go according to plan... in teh future! huhu (Amin~)

Okey I have some sort of new hobby now..!! it's not exactly a new one laa but a bit of modification of my old one... I'm currently in love with saltwater fishies!! hehe... marine life punye ikan nieh! syok! For the time being... I'm still running my own-made "saltwater" for at least 3 weeks before putting some fishies in it... but because of my stubborness.. I ignored my friend's advices and today.. fishies can be seen swimming excitedly inside my 3 feet aquarium! huhu...

Currently.. I'm playing wit my newest addition... Mr Moorish Idol! he's (assumed a he) that fish named "Gil" in the movie Finding Nemo if u guys wanna know what species a Moorish Idol is! Mak belanja half of his price today and I'm very happy! Besides Mr Gil... I have 3 Clown Fishies.. (Nemo), 1 Sailfin Tang (Alfredo The Fatface), Sea Urchin, Star Fish and a few other unknown species.

There are also some live corals inside the aquarium to make it more representable! huhu.... and currently I'm desperate for a Sea Horse! please anybody! I hardly need a Sea Horse! Hurmm

Friday, May 29, 2009


Last wednesday we had a paintball match and it was kewl! Everybody enjoyed themselves on dat day despite bruises all over their body. We didnt feel the pain dat day because it shows the sign of pain a few days later and today.. I'm suffering from it! Ayark! My leg hurts gak ni... Our team won the match 4-2 I think. Thanks and congratulations to all my team members! Azalea, Tengku, Curry and Jeff! Hahahaha...

Yesterday, I had some sort of dinner wit cik Faezah and Farah Nazira at Serai Restaurant section 3. We discussed things and celebrated Farah's 24 birthday (I think so 24). Huhu I was soo happy when cik Faezah told me that I might grad with first class honour! kui3 tapi she said "mungkin" laaaa... I dunt know wether she has seen my result or not. It doesn't matter laaa... I wish I can get good result to maintain 3. above. HAHA... 

Barcelona won the champions league with flying colours! congrats to barcelona! they deserve to win that match I think eventhough I only managed to watch the first half of it. Barcelona played marvelously! ahaks... dont worry Man UTD.. there's always next time! hu hu hu..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taram Tam Tam

It was a very busy week last week for me. Hmph! had to finish some extra tuition classes for those students who were having their mid year examination, playing Left 4 Dead almost everyday at Curry's, Weddings, etc. But one thing is for sure.. I'm a Happy boy dah now. Finished my study at last! bye bye degree! and now I'm hoping for a good result for my final semester to ensure me a first class degree student!! ahaks! (bukan riak.. tapi terharu)

Went to Dira's Bro's wedding yesterday and it was a very simple yet exciting event! hahaha Met some old friends, aunties, teacher, etc. I was very happy to be seated on the same table wit my ex-students! Syukri, Athirah, Fifi and Raimi! U guys memang sengal! hahaha.... brings back memories doo... Cikgu Kashnani was there too! kewl~! Chit Chatting, eating, laughing, pixching, posing, ngumpat-ing, etc were some of the activities done! ((Jato cinta ngan seorang gadis.. cis!))

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fooling an Act of Stupidity

Sometimes ... people do show their stupidity. :-) no matter who you are... man, woman, boy, girl, American, Malay, young, old, white, black, muslim, christian, etc.. u still do! U can't deny dat People always do it! Sometimes they enjoy it! so much! huhu....

The moral of the story... stop fooling urself and other people around u! HAHAHA.... Grow up!!


(me likey Ahmadinejad... err and Obama... hhuhuhu.... Najib the most! wheee...)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last week can be considered as one of my saddest weeks ever! :-( first of all I lost one of my uncles last Saturday. It was a very shocking news I received thru phone call that morning. Abang Wafi's call woke me up and he told me about how critical Uda Lan was and was then followed by Uda Lan's Eldest Son, Aus' phone call with same news. Hurmm... me and my mum rushed to this one Hospital in Klang and by the time we reached the ward.. I was shocked with what I saw.. hurmm.. soo terrible dat I dunno how to describe.

We (me, Abg Sid, Abd Wafi, Fahim and Uncle Lee) went for breakfast around 11 am and around 11.45 Uncle Lee got a phone call telling him that Uda Lan is lost forever. I can see Uncle Lee's eyes turned red by the time he hung up the phone and we were walking slowly thru the ICU doors when we heard tears from a lot of people surrounding the ward. Uda Lan laid staticly on his bed and all I managed to do was staring at his body.

I followed the whole process of handling the body from the beginning till the end and seriously... it was a memorable one. Felt a lil bit insaf in me. Wan Pok's house was crowded with relatives coming over to give their last respect to Uda Lan. My full condolences to Uda Lah's family and may Allah bless Uda Lan's roh and his family amin.. Al-Fatihah.

Kenduri Tahlil for Arwah Uda Lan was held 3 nights in a row starting from Saturday and my first paper'S' started on the Tuesday! Wahahaha gilelah! had only 1 day for me to prepare and fortunately I managed to pass my 2 papers steadily.. (Syok sendiri aje nie.. HAHA result tatau laa)

Another problem is this pain wit my back! aitto dunno where I got it but... seriously... it annoys me the most! Urghh!

And to all my friends out there who are facing their final examination period... good luck eh~! may the force be wit ya! haha

(So messed up dah nie.... sick and tired of those some people out there who doesn't know the meaning of the words "Stop laaa~ kamon kamon" kui4.... peacE~)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stay and I Go~ HAHAHA

So this is it guys.. the end of the semester at last... completed the MPG, submitted the FYP report, finished our IDP project, and also completed our FYP poster presentation. :-) its just another 2-3 weeks more before we grad. aaaa.... time flows by very fast.. it feels like only yesterday I started my first semester for Degree program. eventhough at the start of the semester, I felt that I was not gonna make a lot of new friends, things changed! huhu... I made a lot of new friends! even more compared to the number I made during diploma.! haha.. sayang kamu semua! :-)

Completed the bridge model just now. That would be our last project together as students. hurmm... sangat sayu finishing the last project during heavy rain... while eating mum's made spaghetti! hahaha.... The fact is .. I love degree's life!! (huhu bolehlah cakap di hujung2 semester dah nie..)

To everyone from the faculty who knows me.. I would like to take this opportunity to appologize for any wrongdoings.. I really mean it! :-) and good luck for u guys punye examinations eh!! hehe.. hope to see u some other time.. some other place.... adios!!! toodles...

(btw.. I started posting youtube videos again.. HAHAHA.. enjoy ey~)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Date : 24th March 2009
Time : 7 - 11 pm
Venue : Concorde Hotel Shah Alam Section 9
Theme : Colourful and Glamour (Sahsiah Rupa Diri)

Finally.. the heat is on.. we are getting closer and closer to the day that we've all been waiting! The MPG! hahaha... so far.. everything is on schedule... and I really wanna thank all my comittee members who have been working soo hard to make this night a memorable one!!

Sebahagian pensyarah dan staf sokongan yang ada minggu lepas

Last week we had a photography session for all the staffs and technician in S&T foyer. And as what I expected earlier.. not everybody was there, present to participate in the photo. Anyways, thanx to those who managed to come and join the other lecturers on dat day. Semoga Allah memberkati mereka2 yang menjayakan dan menghargai apa yang kami buat ini.. Amin~

BAgi pelajar-pelajar semester akhir Fakulti Kejuruteraan May 2009 yang membaca post ini.. diharap kita dapat beramai-ramai hadir ke majlis ini dan bergembira di malam terakhir kemungkinan kita dapat bersama-sama berkumpul ok!? pujuk2 lah mereka2 yang masih berdegil itu.. hehe

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Hallo everybody... (Ab is trying his best to start blogging again!) (am trying his best now!)

Okey first of all.. congrats to Arsenal for finally completed the transfer of Andrei Arshavin from Zenit St. Petersburgh. I dont really know how good is this Arshavin... guess we have to see his debut game tomorrow (Hopefully) against Tottenham. Really hope that he can bring changes to Arsenal! Wheeee... ;p

And back to our MPG dinner this march... everything is running according to plan... preparation is being made... sponsorship letters have been distributed and now I'm waiting for tuesday's meeting with the dean. It's regarding our sponsor budget that we applied from the faculty and hopefully her mood is gonna be at "her best" ever on dat day! and besides that... I'm welcoming any kind of suggestions or ideas on the flow of the event, presentations, etc.. so if u have any, feel free to share wit me ok!?

Owh BTW the details:

Venue : Concorde Hotel Shah Alam
Date : 24th March 2009 (Tuesday Night)
Time : 7-11 pm
Theme : Formal

Sunday, February 01, 2009

אני מאוהב

Finally... my one week holiday is nearing to its end and I feel sooo sad... After a week full of excitement with fello friends and of course wit me bed... it feels awkward to actually wake up early in the morning.. wearing those "collared" t-shirt, those shoes (aww I hate shoes.. especially those wit da strings to tie) hurmm... but thinking to me self.. "Go AB.... just another 3/4 more months and u're free from those 16 years of learning and studying!!!"

Okey things to take note... hurmm.. for UiTM... I think I've finished all my major works for my Final Year Project.. At last!! fewhh! thanx Dr Azmi for your help. :-)next one is managing the "Malam Pra Graduan Dinner" for our final semester student which is still on da way... and off course... the boringEST one!! I.D.P (Integrated Project Design) I'm quite sure some of u out there might not have the slightest idea what this IDP is all about... hurmm... well to make it short.. u dont wanna get near to it. Haha...

Okey tinggalkan UiTM stuffs nie... Mari tidor dah berehat! Fuuuh`

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blackberry Bold

Anybody wants to buy Lates Blackberry Bold?? contact me ok!?

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