Thursday, September 27, 2007

Third Week!!!

RM105 (Third week) :)

Okey!! My third week's income!!! hUhuhuhu.. :) ((Happy nye eventhough jatuh sket.. hehe))

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I still remember what happened last year during this same period of time. We were having our fasting month also and my form 5 students were going to take their SPM examination soon. And what I remember is dat night when we were breaking our fast at Pizza Hut together. The night before I left Malaysia for Saudi Arabia. huhu...

most of my students were there and we had fun!walaupun nak SPM, still bleh beramah mesra di dalam ketakutan!! haha. owwww miss them soooo much. And this year, the same scenario happens but only this time it involves different group of students. I've started to like my new batch of students and I'm starting to enjoy teaching them cheywah banggelah tu.. hahaha.. some pictures of them:

Hye my name is Zul~ and u're watching 999! haha

The maestro.. Syafiq

Din and Zul..... partners in crime

Name saye syera~ saye suke buat LK

Mem Besar... ni boss kategori popuan

Geng2 Laki yg pura pura rajin

Al-Khafis mencari idea

Hustlers~ :)

Maliha yg saiko

Bagus eh buat kerja sesame~ ehehe 

What makes me happy even more today is the fact that Arsenal won 5-0 against Derby County last night! Huhuhu.. Adebayor made his first hat-trick in Arsenal colours. Bravo Adebayor!!! Cesc Fabregas scored again!! and what a wonderful strike from him. And as the result, Arsenal maintain their position at the top of Premier League table. :)

Me and my buddy Toure~ :p


Abou Diaby also one of the scorers

Okey yesterday we had our fast-breaker at this one place called Williams. Padi yg ajak pegi this tempat since he always eat there. Hoho.. I ordered Chicken Chop and o my surprise.... the chicken chop was soooo big in sizes! hahaha..... sooo much for a small tanker like me. Haha... but I managed to finish it within time

Kari and Pian

Muka-muka kelaparan

Different colours menunjukkan tempoh kematian yg berbeza-beza. HAHA :p kiddin

Jus Mango yg best!

My Chicken Chop~

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tak Bisa Memilihmu

New video to watch at It's called "Tak Bisa Memilihmu" :) haha.... I'll try play it properly nanti! :p

Tonight match! Arsenal

vs Derby !! harap2 lah okey Arsenal main...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good MOUR-ning~

Jose - Chelsea - Avram

Big news yesterday!! Jose Maurinho has finally left Chelsea after a few great reports saying dat he's gonna stay with Chelsea for a looooong period of time. I was really shocked when I received an sms from Kerol saying Jose Maurinho has quit! His position now is being replaced by Avram Grant, Chelsea's director of football.

"...I'm ze manager and when I say I dont want anybody to intefere wit my coaching duty... I mean it!! so.. dont ever trY!!!.... "

"..... Muah kah kah kah.... I'm ze Boss and when I say I want to win trophies, I'll do whatever necessary to win it... and that includes sacking u!!! muahahaha... "

I still dont understand why Jose quits Chelsea but some reports state that he has problems wit the owner, Roman Abramovic, the Avram person and also John Terry. Some saying dat he is being sacked!! Hurmm.. whatever the reason is... for me it's a really great loss for the Premier League. And I'm quite sure dat this will effect Chelsea's Sunday trip to Old Trafford facing Manchester United.

Owh... it 's been sooo long since I last played football... owh and I'm missing it! hahahaha... I thin I have started putting on some weight dah ni kot. Muahahahahaha

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Week Happy Start!

Really The Architect!!

HaLlo everyone!! I wrote this post after having my "Sahur". Everything went extra-right this morning! hahaha... I woke up and checked my handphone and there I received RM111.00 bonus for last week!! huhuhuhu I'm sooo happy wit this thingy!

New talent... Bacary Sagna

Before I went down for my sahur... I read the message from Papa saying that Arsenal won 3-0 against Sevilla and Man UTD also won against Sporting Lisbon 1-0. Huhuhu... Arsenal won again!! and thanx to the architect Cesc Fabregas! :) so now I'm really2 sleepy and ready to continue my sleeping activity~ see u later buddy!!! :p

Hmm not bad aa for the second week of september?? RM111.25 + RM5.04

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HaRRy PoTTeR~!!!

Hehe... so guys... new look aaa!?? Hahaha.. I've decided dat I need something newer and "CooL"er than my last layout... Hahaha.. after all, the picture hat I used as my main picture is missing in action! huhu.. so.. okay what Harry Potter kan!??? :p styLo lah sket.. baru nampak muda..

Owh I've had my new haircut! arghh hodoh!!! so.. terpaksa lah memakai topi ke mane mane lepas nie... :) Hurmm.....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Go Arenal!!!

Pronounce his name properly... f-AB-regas

And so it goes... Arsenal won again guys!! 2 goals from Emmanuel Adebayor and one from Cesc Fabregas turned down Gareth Bale's goal in first half to put Arsenal on top of the Premier League table for the first time in I think almost a year and a half.. :)

Emmanuel Adebayor!

Arsenal were down in the first half and they started well in the second half that earned them 3 goals that saw them gaining the full 3 points. Cesc Fabregas was really the man behind the build up of the team.

Oh and now mak is already bising2 wit my long hair. She keeps on telling me "Ey potonglah rambut!! dah panjang dah tu!!!" haha.. okey okey I will..... nantilah...

About my mymode... I recruited another 3 person the past 2 days.. So far so good. :) Alhamdulillah.. and last night I met Morezal for the first time in a year I think if I'm not mistaken. And we were discussing about Mymode. :) owh and he agreed to join under me because of the guidance that I can provide him. Thanx!

So... for those people out there who are using prepaid and wanna try earning some side income... please click here or contact me at OK!?? :) dont worry, the work is sooo easy.. trust me k?? the modal is only around RM60.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Ramadhan!!!! :)

Assalamualaikum everybody... first of all I would like to wish all the Muslims out there a very happy Fasting month!!!!! :) I Started the month happily yesterday... buka puasa at Nenek's house.... and terawikh there... :)

Cool kan?? RM85.45 for a really easy a week's job! :)

Yesterday morning I received last week's bonus... hehe... wow I'm quite happy with the figure I received... RM85.45!!! hehe... not bad aa for a starter??? the figure already beaten my last month's total bonus! RM83.16... so.... I might get a lot of bonuses this month!!! 3 weeks more to come!!! so.. for all u guys out there who wanna try something easy and interesting... just clickthe banner below--->

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle

With a modal of only RM54.... who can think of a profit like the above one??? kan?? ahaha.. meh aa try.. especially to those who uses Prepaid or maybe have a lot of friends who use prepaid!! come on come on!! hehehe... :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Mymode yang menguntungkan.. buit duit dari hujung jari anda :)

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle

So.. I started Mymode a month ago.... okey and u know what...? I got my modal back just within my first three weeks!!!! This business is soooo easy since u're only dealing wit Topup selling or Prepaid selling..... trust me.. it's a worth trying business.... :) for those who wanna try this business.... just  click here  or click the banner above... More about this business will be explained later in my blog... just wait and see okey?? :)