Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ti Ti Kasima Hakuna

Nasi Ayam Pak Mal is soooo sedap!!! hahaha... eventhough I've only been there twice, I'm starting to love their Nasi Ayam... hihi.... Owh we ate there yesterday evening... Owh... and it was raining heavily yesterday which made us really3 hungry... STarving~ hahaha.... owh Joe treated me yesterday... thanx Joe~!! hahaha...

Before that, while we were at UiTM, we met Faiz. He said that he is currently acting in this one 150 episodes Drama.. hoho.. together wit Raja Farah.... keh keh keh.. nak berkenalan bleh~!!!!??? kui kui kui, I had my Geology test at last!! fuh~ lega sket dah habis.. I didn't go to all my classes today ....just to have some time studying Geology... hehe.. but the good news is... the Test's questions are similar to the questions I answered right before the test starts. huhuhu.. lucky me aaa??? ;p

ALHAMDULILLAH~ hehehe.. ;p

Owh.. btw.. we visited HyD yesterdayat SJMC... owh.. she's sooooo thin laa.... die dah sangat susut.. kesian die.... we were there for hmm... 45 minutes I think we had our chit chat... before we go to Cili Merah... hahaha...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Zakla mania hayana

"Bored.... bored... Degree's life is sooo... boring~"

haLLu everybody.... Chelsea won the Carling Cup.. owh my god.. i dont know what makes Jose Maurinho so proud of what he won last night.. he looks sooo happy.. ahahaha.... come on lah.. before this, the Carling Cup was called Worthington Cup or sometimes people spell or pronounce it WORTHNOTHING cup.. hehe... but there's always a winner kan?? ahaha.. both teams played well and it had been a great game before sumthing went wrong (which I missed, the gado2 scene..)

Haha.. forget about the stupid cup laa.. it will make Chelsea's fan marah aje... huhu.. especially our birthday boy Apis (Yesterday laa)... that is his birthday present from Chelsea squad lah I think.. hahaha

Owh... I dunno why I forgot to take pictures while celebrating Apis' bday at Cili Merah... hoho.... we bought 4 different kind of cakes and clearly that amount weren't enough for all of us.. Haha.. there were 10 or 11 of us. No Papa... haha... Papa has problem wit his eyes.. I dunno what happen to him coz I didn't see the tragedy that happened at the field yesterday evening. Maybe today I might got the chance to visit him.

Hehe.. I've just read Syukri's post just now.. hahaha.. ey come onla.... kau mesti lah kene spend time kat umah dah skrg.. lepas nie... 3 bulan kan kau spend time kat Sabah?? ahahahah... lex lex... joking aje...

hey. anybody who has watched Norbit?? oooh.. I really like that movie.. Eddie Murphy is sooo marvelous.. he plays three different characters in the film. Hahaa.. Owh what can I tell about this movie aa??? that Rasputia is soooooooooooo GEMOK!!! oh oh oh oh... so geli lah looking at her perut. hehe..

I really like those 2 gentlemen in the suit.. i mean the black one... not the chinese looks one.. (padahal chinese tu pon eddie murphy gak... black gak)
look at her perut~ eewwwww

Hehe... it's now near to the end of February and Kerol starts being gelisah gelisah thingy punye feeling. Huhuhu.. yesterday when we lepak lepak at Darul Ehsan, I made a joke about entering the end of the month and he said that "uuuhuhhu... aku benci hujung bulan~"

AB : Kenape plak?
Kerol : Yelah setiap kali hujung bulan, ia menandekan bulan yg baru akan tiba
AB : So?
Kerol : Nanti bulan 4 kan aku takut~
AB dan Kerol : bergelak same same...

Haha...FYI... Kerol's wedding is in April aa... hahaha....

This photo was taken when I met Papa for the last time before he suffers that eye problem... and by the look on his face... I'm 100%  sure, he's still okay during this period.. HAHA

  • Iji is on the way to Penang. He's working there starting next month.
  • Tengku is at Pahang.. studying
  • Sham (Joe's friend) is now at Perak
  • Apis Pisang at Nilai...
  • Owh men.. so many missing players.. we'regoing to recruit some new talents...
  • SYUKRI!! I need those pictures!! ahaha... mane kau!!???

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mingkati papat asuhua

"Hoho... come listen to my brother's rentetan utk hari ni... hohoho"

hohoho..... I'm a bit lazy lately.. dunno why... so many assignments and tasks to be completed... hate Degree!! hahahaha.... for last week only.. I've skipped 3 or 4 classes I think... owh men.. I'm a ponteng person now... aiyyo... wit the help of fake MC.... life seems a lil bit interestng!~ ahahahak.... thanx to my mother's friend who, fortunately is a doctor..

Next week, I'm gonna face 3 tests.. arghh Indeterminate Structure, Hydrology and Geology.... aiyyo.... god ... lend me ur power~...

well well... it's saturday.. dunno why Syafiq called me last night and asked me to change our Sunday morning class and replace it on saurday morning.. he's hoing to play golf on sunday morning...

After finishing the class, Syukri called and ajak pi jenjalan... haha... Subang Parade... oMg... lame tak pi sini.. dah berubah wajah! hahaha.. we had our brunch (kot) at Uncle Lim's. Hehey.... nasi lemak die sangat best!! tak pedas and lemak berkrim... Then we went jalan jalan at Subang Parade.. Syukri bought an audio CD.. hoho.. entitled Jet'aime... cheywah.. he needs sumthing relaxing he said... Kah kah kah.... cayalah sukri~ go go go!!

We went home around 2 o'clock... then I pon went to tido laaa... soooo tired...

Few updates::

Hey guys.. I've lost or misplaced my precious cap... arghh...... anybody has replacement??

hmm.. at the moment, Joe is off to his brother's house to attend his job interview at KL

Kerol is getting nearer to his life as a husband~ cheywah....

Finally.. we are family again.. Tengku is now lepak2 wit us again.. and.. Apis is going to be 22 tomorrow!! huhuhuhu

Oh.. I've been listening to some same songs over and over again.. keeps on playing the same playlist... haha... among them... I'd like to recommend nie.... dgr aa kalau sudi sudi eh?? ehehhee :
  1. Cirque Du Soleil - Seisouso
  2. Cirque Du Soleil - Mio Bello Bello Amore
  3. Cirque Du Soleil - Bello Amore
  4. John Legend - Save Room
  5. Kaolin - Patrons Vite
  6. Hugh Grant - Pop! Goes My Heat
  7. Hugh Grant feat. Heley Bennett - Way Back Into Love
  8. Hugh Grant - Don't write me of just yet
  9. Jan Smit - Cupido
  10. La Oreja De Van Gogh - Dulce Locura
  11. Yannick Noah - Donne moi une vie
  12. Amr Diab - Tamally Maak
  13. Yalin - Ben Bilmem
Haha... sorry guys... eventhough their titles seem to be "Gilelah AB.. lagu lagu poyo ape kau dgr ni!!!???" but trust me.. some of them might come in handy... HAHAHA... ;p especially those top 3...

Okey.. talking about Carling Cup final tomorrow... between Arsenal and Chelsea.... I'm soo not going to miss that match... and I really hope Arsenal won the game... hihi... hey.. last week.. Queen Elizabeth invited Arsenal team to have tea wit her at the Buckingham Palace... Hahaha.. bangge bangge... ;p

Hehey.. sooo bergaye~

God saves the queen~ ahahaha

Hehey... I'm in the picture!! can u spot which one am I?? (Clue : Three from the right)

Hohoho... bukan senang nak tgk Baptista wears Suit... ahah

Possiblw line up for both teams :

Chelsea (from): Cech, Hilario, Cudicini, Ferreira, A Cole, Geremi, Diarra, Carvalho, Bridge, Morais, Mikel, Lampard, Makelele, Ballack, Essien, Shevchenko, Drogba, Robben, Kalou, Wright-Phillips.

Arsenal (from): Almunia, Poom, Hoyte, Senderos, Toure, Djourou, Clichy, Traore, Walcott, Diaby, Flamini, Fabregas, Denilson, Aliadiere, Adebayor, Baptista, Hleb, Rosicky, Randall, Connolly.

Hphoho... that's all for today.. hope to se u guys again someday!! ahaha

  • Happy belated birthday to Habeeb eh~ Yesterday... 23rd February
  • Owh somebody actually told me that I look like Raul Gonzales.. oooo thanx to that person aa~ Ahahahaha
  • Wish me luck in my tests next week!! ahahahaha ;p

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mio Bello Bello Amore

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There will never be another
From the day we met there was never a doubt
You, you were the one
There's a part of you that has always been
Very deep in my heart
I was sure you belonged to me
Right from the start

Mio Bello Bello Amore
Every day anew begining
The whole world stands still
When you look in my eyes
And you say you are mine

In all the love that we share
This love is so prescious and rare
It burns as bright as the stars

I can see that you
Will always be here for me
Nothing will tear us apart
Good times and bad
Happy and sad
For the rest of our lives
You will always be here
Side by side

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There has never be another
Since the day we met
There has only been you
I have always been true

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
We will always be together
After all these years
What could ever compare
To the love, love that we share

Your the only one who was always there
Thru the joy and the pain
You were there through the darkest night
When tears fell like rain

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There will never be another
From the day we met there was never a doubt
That you, you were the one

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
I will always be your lover
Every step I take
Brings me back to the start
And back into your heart

Mio Bello Bello Bello Amore
There has never been another
Since the day we met I have always been true
This love is only for you

This love will always be true

Monday, February 19, 2007


Owh.. Mak has become a bit pemurah lately.... she gave me permission to buy some stuffs whenever I found something interesting.. Hurmm.. all together I've bought 2 new shirts, 1 jacket, 1 pants and a pair of nike shoes.. hOHOHHO.. bangge~!!! ngah ngah ngah....

Hurm... we watched a quite number of movies for the past few weeks... Kuntilanak, Ghost Rider, Holiday, Music and Lyrics, there are also some more... which I can't remember rite now.. The best one is The Holiday.. ayark that movie sangattlah comel!!! ahahaha... especially Jude Law's youngest daughter, Sophie kot name die...

Music and Lyrics also not bad... for those who loves music, u all should watch this movie... aaaaaaaaa Hugh Grant has a nice voice laa... I didn't know he can sing.Haha... I watched the movie together wit Apis, Joe and Kak Jia.... hehey.. they love the movie!! huhuhu

This morning, I had my breakfast session wit some of my x-students.. hehe.. Yuyi, Athirah, Fifi, Raimi... thanx for accompanying me eh~!!! hahaha... we had our usual borak borak kosong punye session.... I gave Fifi's birthday present this morning.. sorry Fifi for the late delivery~ HAHAHA

Then futsal session... so ramai lah tadi... about 26 players all together... so... we didn't play puasly~!!! hahaha.....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The greatest win!!!!

Hehehe.. haLLo everybody~ I'm typing this post wit a great biggy2 smile on my face bcos of what happened early in the morning... We won our friendly match againts section 11.. hahaha.... and what makes me really happy is dat I scored 3 goals and assisted 1 Joe's goal in our 5-0 win.

Eventhough we're not wit our regular first team selections, we still managed to play the game our style. We were short of Centre midfielders... no Pisang, no Habeeb... (who played for the opponent's team)..... Thanx to our defenders for playing a verrrrry superb style of defending!!! Joe's friend, Sham is really a damn-good-entre-back!....

The game started and finished cleanly... no injuries, no gado gado, no heart's feeling and many many more... I scored the opening goal and the sweetest goal I've ever score is the second one which I scored like Thierry Henry's typical goal!!! huhuhu.. placing seh!!!

Lately, the weather is sooooooooo HOT!!! Arghh tension+tertekan dok kat Malaysia nieh.... We can't go out, playing football during the evening... no nothing!!!!! aiyyo.....

Hehey.. I'm starting to like Degree's life. kuing kuing.. All my classmates are openminded (Not all aa actually), friendly, and the best part is... most of the lecturers like me!! Aaaaaahahhahahaha...

Owh.. we watched Kuntilanak the last two days. Owh men~ that girl is sooooooooo lawa.... I can''t remember her name but I know it starts wit "J".... so jato cinte lah nieh....

Hehey..... to all of u out there who are facing problems (either big or small).... make sure u guys keep smiling k?? there's always a solution for every problem in this world!!! haha.. macam poyo jek cakap camni.... actually, some friends of mine are facing their own problems lately.... family problems, financial, study, girlfriend/boyfriend, mistery and etc... so.... dunt be sad okay!!!??? ;p

Btw... last week I lost 2 of my friends... Hahaha.... they'd flew to Australia to further heir studies... Starting to miss u guys... hehe.. Shedi and Shaff.. if u're reading this.. good luck in ur studies k??? don't forget us... especially when u met ur new friends kay?? hihi

P/s :

  • Happy birthday Rasyiqah!! Iefiz!!
  • I'm quite loaded now... aaaahahahahah aiyyo....
  • So many assignments to do laaa...
  • Quite busy lately.... aaaahahaaha... wekk wekk...

Saturday, February 03, 2007


hehe... helllo everybody... first of all happy thaipusam to everybody who celebrates it. lately, I'm feeling a lil bit tired wit all my daily routine since I started my degree program last month. Wit classes from monday to friday, night and evening time for a lil bit football, lepak lepak wit all of my friends, arghh... not even a single second of free time for my assignment!!! owh come on god.. just gimme some extra time... cheywah....

Okay... the next thing is, I've bought a wireless modem for my house last week.. haha... so, It feels really good u know to surf internet while u are laying on ur bed... meniarap ke.. mencangkung ke, aaaaaaa almost any situations can do... so.. my house is like a hot spot laa skrg nie... I can online almost 24 hours aaa!! uhuhuh

Oh... I feel happy wit my degree program... I get to know many new fiends, lecturers, subjects (Poyo seh) and the most important thing is there are a few girls in my class which I realllllllly want to be friends wit.. huuh... hurmmm "ade 4 target wooo"

Oh maybe I forgot to post about my new HP rite? it's an N70 model.. and I like it very very much!! ahahahaha....

Okay.. hurmm.... what about Arsenal? owh... really enjoying their games rite now... they've beat Man UTD (Twice), Liverpool (Twice), Tottenham (Twice).. aaaaa..... sooooo sukelah....

The past 2-3 months was the best period of my life so far... I didn't start my degree for the jun intake, new HP, friends coming lepak2 at my house, birthday gifts, new friends, hihi... keeping in touch wit my x-students... owh thanx to those (my x-students) who still keep in touch wit me key!!??? Love u so uch!!! confirm A punye!!! (Fifi, Syukri, Athirah, Dira, etc)...

Highlight of the year 2007 :

  • Shedi and Shaf are going to Perth Australia furthering their studies...
  • X-students batch 2005/2006 will take their SPM results.. nga nga nga
  • The return of Liyana Z from PLKN
  • Syukri will stat his PLKN (HAHAHA HOm)
  • Kerol's wedding in April
  • Ihsan's, dunno when will be the exact date
  • I'll stay in Malaysia while my family go to Istanbul on March
  • Joe will start working as soon as he got his new job

What I want before this year ends :

  • Watch Harry Potter (Arghhh)
  • Make more new friends
  • Finding new students who are better than my last batch's students ;p
  • GF (If possible laaa)
  • A Projector
  • Arsenal cap
  • A Lot of money
  • The Scholarship that Encik Nasir was talking about
  • More birthday presents that last year's HAHA