Saturday, March 31, 2007

Borring~ Morning~ Pening~ Hening~

I was sooo boring today I woke up at 4.40 a.m.. so I browsed through the net, trying to find some jokes or funny pictures, facts and so on... Went into some forums, chatting wit those people who are the kind of MORNING-SURFERS.... hehehe.... some articles and pictures really caught my attention. Heh.... really2 interesting pictures and jokes I got here. But, maybe I'll just post those which really2 relevan to me and u guys out there.. hahaha

First,at last I found the picture of our Menteri Besar's (Khir Toyo) face transformation.

Before and after

I'm not the kind of people who is going to say anything about what he did or not... maybe he didn't do as what other people are saying he did. Hahaha.... inject laa, itulaa ini lah.... so... maybe he's right... he didn't do anything. But... if he did, hehe... come onlaa..... pemimpin negare kan? ape laa kalau buat kan? kite kene lead org... tapi buat tak bul plak... and if he didn't do anything, apelah org2 ramai nie.. suke buat ramalan sesuke hati~ kah kah kah.. so.. dont sibuk2 cite pasal org lain.... sendiri mahu ingat!!!! who does anything wrong, he or she will receive the right punishment rite?? hhuhuhuhu......

Hahaha.. next on the list..... a funny GIF picture.... ahaha.... the article is about a dangerous style of Rapers hanging out in lorong2 kedai, so... their new style might be a bit dangerous laa.... hahahaha.. see for yourself

Hehehe... lawak kan? lawak kan? there's a comment about this picture which really made me laugh gile2.. "Mak Ai.. macam transformers!!!" hahaha

A wonder AD by MTV is next on the list.... unfortunately, it is banned from being shown to the public by the U.S Government.... hehehe

Friday, March 30, 2007


Okey where shud I start? Hmm... first of all, today's Geo Lab might be our last last since we'd done our interview.... I was being asked about Metamorphic rocks! OMG thanx Encik Isma coz I manage to answer two questions right!! out of three....

Boom!! Basha!

Syibuk je tangan Izzat

Owh.... wayang~

Picked up Tengku while I was pontenging MNE Lab..... sent the PC to PC Shop section 3, went to praay wit Joe and Tengku... had our lunch at my house...

What we saw on our way to O.U?? ahahaha.... first. we saw a headless lorry. Well, u maybe dont think it's a weird thing.. a lorry without its head! Heh! but... we're talking about a headless lorry on a heavy rain weather! ahahaha.. so.. lawak lah.... Tengku said that "mesti lagi best kalau uncle tu buat bentuk PEACE!!!" ahahaha

Vroom.. can't u see dat I'm driving??? :p

Next.. a modified school bus... wit a centered Exhaust~ gilelah wei..... ni nak racing ke ape bus nie!!!?? hhoho... and FYI.. Joe kept on Ngorating all the Tol-ladies each time I stop!! ahahaha... sorry Joe.. gurau aje laaa.... HAHAHAHA

WDB 1799??? LPKP!!!! ahahaha

What I want to tell u guys really2 is.. about the movie Pan's Labyrinth! Oh My God!!!! really like da movie!!! I love Ofiella~ Owh owh sooo cute she is!!!! but I hate her step father a.k.a Captain Vidal... hurm.. so cruel and tak berperikemanusiaan... :p so.... wit this opportunity given to me ... I would like to encourage all of u to go and watch the movie!! sementare stock masih ada!! ahahaha kui kui kui... but there are certain parts which I was like "Eeee gelinye.. tanak tgk!!" haahahah

While watching the movie.... I noticed something similar between the characters in it wit my 3 friends who were sitting besides me in the cinema... hahaha... meh meh lihat.... :

Captain Vidal - Izzat
Dont make tooo much talking
Good wit guns
Like to torture people...

This Talking Goat - Joe
Like To Dance

And last but not least.....

Jijik Creature - Tengku
Owh owh owh..... U can see it for urself.... same kan macam tengku?? especially when he was mimicking the pose live!!!!!

After the movie... we went jalan2 around O.U.... haha... I bought new jacket!! more like a coat laaa.... Gray in colour! keh keh keh.. I Lyke~!! ;p

Hohoho... so far so good ey~??? :p

Papa.... Casanova~

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Triit triit….. my phone rings….. I pick up the phone….

AB : Hallo~
Kerol : AB!
AB : Ye~
Kerol : Bile tgk gamba2 kau buat tu.. aku terdapat satu idea
AB : Hahaha…. Ape??
Kerol : Aku ingat nak pakai tuk presentation laa… boleh buatkan tak lagi?
AB : Hehehe.. boleh Kerol…..

And that was happening while I was enjoying my evening sleep. Hihi… got back from class, felt sooo tired… so I lied on my bed and Zzzzzz…..

Test CTU553 was sooooooooooooooo lawak. Hadoi… we thought, Ustazah was a strict-kinda-lecturer.. but we were wrong.. she doesn’t care if we sit near to each other while taking our test! Hohoho…. Suke!!! I sat next to Ummu!!! And Mardian too…. And when I turn my at my back, I can see Yeong and Hakimie… so…. We really made a great study group just now during our test. Hahahaha……

My new students.... Khafiz and Din

Zul and Afi

Owh… u know what… I actually smiled at SITI FARAH today… but, I don’t know either she noticed it or not.. Hahaha…. :p

Ken joined us lepak lepak today… I haven’t seen him for such a loooong time I guess. So, we chit chatted for half an hour at McD before bersurai. He told us that he is teaching tution classes now.. huhu…. Bagus2!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One month to go~

Wait for this movie ey~ aaaahahahahahahaa another month to go~

Owh... the heat is on! we took our Examination Slip today. arghh.... soooo scared laaa.... Cik Yani taught us well today. She managed to put an understanding on Dynamic in us.

Tomorrow I'll be having my first CTU553 test!!! arghhh.... need to study really hard lah tonight... I've 2 more topics that need to be covered by tomorrow afternoon. Hehey.... I feel really happy today~!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Waaaahahahahaha..... if u noticed, a few pictures on this post are different from the pictures on the previous posts. Haha.. I've edited them... I found a really nice website which can edit photos into anything that u ever dreamt of. Hahahaha

Friends... without u guys.... makes my life dull.... (owh tgk tu... kerol sedih menceritekan masalah.. Papa sibuk usha orang)

F seems to Be the Beautiful Letter!!!!

There's some really funny things happened lately. hahaha.... and the most unforgettable one is Papa, seeing running on the road, picking up his cap which fell from his scooter the other night. I was driving the car with Joe sitting besides me and suddenly Joe laughed crazily and pointed me to see Papa's running weirdly on the road. We didn't manage to take pictures cause it all happened soooo fast. Plus, I was driving kan? ahahaha....

And the second one, I came across this funny article on the net

Hahaha..... yesterday, while playing God Of War wit Habeeb, he actually cried while focusing on the game scenes. Hahaha. owh men.... soooo klaka laaa... to see a big man like him crying. hahaha.... me and Joe laughed gulingly seeing him like that. Hahahahaha

Habeeb crying like a sissy girl.. ahahhaa

Owh finally I know SITI's real name at last!!! and as usual, there's always an 'F' in her name. Hohoohoo... maybe it's just a coincidence kot, an 'F' in every people who-I-like's name. Hoho.... I think I better dont write down her name. Coz... it may be dangerous.... hahaha last night everybody were laughing to hear the name SITI which I gave her... so.. I've decided to name her FARAH . hahahaha... wi an F laaa...

Kui Kui Kui.....

Mr Chin Chong Kee.... teaching Mathematic

What else.. hurmm... seing Papa eating the roti canai really entertain myself. I really enjoy watching Papa eating the Roti Canai. Hahaha.

Final exam is just around the corner. I got around 3 weeks to prepare. Owh men~ there's so many things that I need to study!!! ayark..!!! especially Mathematic and Dynamic! Haiyyo....

The most annoying partner in class goes to......

Monday, March 26, 2007

A day wit da chipmunks!!!

I got my first strike(the only one kot..) on his throw... hahaa

Okay.. first of all, I wanna express my feelings about Geology Class today~ aaaaaa….. the lecturer.. Pn Siti Burbaya seemed to be in a bad mood this morning I think. She got angry when a bunch of male students talking to each other while she was writing notes on the white board… oh my god.. the notes aaaa… sooooooooo gile long and panjang laa…. And tiring~. But.. a student should do whatever his/her teacher ask kan? Ahaha.. so… I wrote for 4 full A4 pages… aiyyo….. for about 1 and a half hour. Hihihi….

Can u see the lecturer?? ahahaha

After picking up my Dynamic book from Hazrin at 12.30, I went straight home and decided to skip Dynamic Class… I wanna finish my CTU assignment since the due date is this Thursday. Hohoho…… with a little patience, I managed, finally finished the assignment wit flying colours!! Aaahahahahaha…

I received a msg from Azalea :
“ AB sign kan kite ptg nie….”
While she also received this sms for me:
“Azalea pegi kelas ke? Sign kan tuk kite.. hehe”

Hahahaha…. See..??? ponteng fellas!!! Don’t ever think of being like them!!!! They’re bad…..!! (geleng2 kepale sambil tutup mata)

After a few sms… we’ve finally decided instead of going to Dynamic class, we went to Sunway Pyramid! Ahahahhahaa……. Azalea picked us (Me and Joe) after I took my dad’s KIA Carens from Sri Muda.

No interesting-unwatch movies at TGV… owh.. FYI TGV has changed its appearance. HAHAHAHA… come and see for yourself the new look of TGV Sunway Pyramid! Ahahhaha……. So, we went for Bowling~ yeay!! (Hmm.. benci!)

We played one game……. And.. again, I lost… ahahaha final place!!! Lowest marks!! Hhuhuhuhuhu.. but I’m used to dat situation.. so… it’s okay.. try harder next time!!! After bowling, had our food at Kenny Rogers and A&W.. ahahah gile kan? Makan kat due tempat!?? Kah kah kah….. then we went to Kodak machine, printing some pictures, SEED, Nicole, ADIDAS, Vincci, blab la bla…. Before deciding to go home.

At Kenny Rogers. ahahaha... that idiot on the right said that I look like Cristiano Ronaldo!!

But the main attraction is at the Pet Shop!!! Owh owh wh I really like this one ekor hamster… he (we think) was sooooo hyperactive!!!!!! And cute too~ really like him~!!!! Arghh…… I wanna buy him just now… but Azalea said “DON’T!” ahahahaha… jahat

Okey.... the right one is the hyper one... Like Joe Said : "Aku rasa... ni hamster atlit laa.." ahahahaha takleh blah..

Friday, March 23, 2007


I was playing my piano this morning and I finally found the correct notes for this one particular song. Yanni - Enchantment.... It's a really nice song.... relaxing and I felt so happy this morning bcoz finally, I manage to play about 80% of the song so far. Haha.... Felt like I dun wanna leave the piano when the clock showed me it's 15 minutes past 8. So, I had my quick breakfast, hopped into the car and drove all the way to UiTM! Hehey.. not bad for an intro ey? so far so good aa?? ahaha

As usual, Encik Ismacahyadi Bagus' Geology Laboratory is always my favourite! He started the class wit a really hilarious joke by scolding some of the girls for not wearing proper shoes during his lab. So... what he did, he gave them a pair of really nice "so-called-proper-shoes" to all of them... and they wore it hesitantly. Hahaha....

Amin seemed to be the only student to do all the work properly! He's such a hardworking boy. While he was doing the experiment, some of us were just wondering around the lab, taking pictures, playing hide and seek, doing some crazy acts/jokes, modelling and also singing.

See what I mean??? Amin is always doing te work!!!

Next week we'll gonna have an interview wit Encik Isma regarding our Laboratory.. OMG... takuT!!!

Encik Isma.... giving his lectures!

Me and Roy.. pretending as Aliens!!

Happy Birthday Munie!!!

Next on the list.... Encik Jamaluddin Osman's class.. Oh god.. I like Fridays!!! hahaha...... we were shocked to see Encik J.O sleeping in the lab... he looked sooo tired and Hisham took the rick to wake him up by waving while knocking the window pane of the room which he was. He woke up!! hehey.... He explained to us about the next machine that we're going to report on. And after he finihed giving us the information, the machine seemed to having some sort of a problem. Oh btw.. we were examining the Air Conditioning unit. So, with a relax expression, he said "okeylah... kamu terangkan ajelah ape yg saye terangkan tadi .... buat report.... tak payah buat amali, nanti kamu mati plak.. susah..... jumpe next week!" Bye~ aaahahahaha... I admire his style~ kah kah

Ho'oh.. Mr J.O is sleeping~

Friday prayer~ Owh... I was sooooooo weak this afternoon... I felt like I'm going to have a fever laaa...... 

Watched Mr Bean's Holiday today at Bukit Raja.. Owh guys... I just wanna tell u... this movie is sooooooo SUPERB!!!! really nice.... trust me!!! It shows us the beauty of France and their girls too.The songs used throughout the movie are sooooooooooooooo  nice!!!! Hahahaa.... really like the movie.. almost all the scenes are BORINGLess.... well, I like it when a movie ends wit a happy ending.... jeng jeng jeng... so the same goes to this Mr Bean's!! Aaahaaahahah we laughed and laughed throughout the movie. And sometimes, we felt weird when there's nothing to laugh at, so.. we just keep on laughing! AAAAAHAHAHAHAH

Bean and Sabine! Aaaahahaha

Owh.. some one said that I look like Takuya Kimura lah plak! Hurmm... boring btul! chiehs!!!!