Thursday, April 24, 2008

EXAM Fever~

Suasane STUDY

Exam week has started u guys! And I admit that it is sooooooooooo STRESSED OUT being in an examination week! I got the opportunity to update my blog after finishing my fourth paper this morning (BGM451 German Language 2) and I feel a little relax now. I've taken the 2 killer papers yesterday and on Monday, and next paper is Mathematics on Saturday! (Baru lepas study mats nie.... hmm... 3 bab lagi to go!). Eventhough study week is soooo BORING~, somehow, studying in a group of interesting people makes it entertaining!
Picture : (Right) Fad is tutoring Azalea, Ham and Ayun (Or maybe the other way around)
The study group consist of 7 people (Sometimes berubah ubah tapi yg tetap ade 7) which are Me, Fad, Azalea, Kak Najiha, Hamroud, Ayun and Siti. And everybody is with their own and unique personality. There are 2 sides among the 7 of us. Okey the first one which I'm gonna highlight is the most EVILish group of people! The PEES! they were known as Persatuan Evil Evil Sedunia before they changed the name to Persatuan Evil Evil Stylo! (Poyo gile I prefer The Sedunia rather that Stylo) Their members are Fad and Leia. Hmmm..... they are a bunch of people who likes to bully and teasing other people to the limit! Ish ish ish.... Soo many people has become the victims of their cruelness!
Picture : (Above) PEES Logo

The PEES.. hurm!
Member of PBBC!! Wheeee kami comeL` HAHA

One of the victims is Kak Najiha.. kesian die~ and that makes me wanna join forces with her fighting against the evil PEES! hahaha. So we are known as PBBC! The undeniably Persatuan Budak Budak Comel! We dont have that many evil ideas but we keep on maintaining our cuteness status and ignoring all the tomahan from the pEES!! that's the only thing that we are best at doing~ AHAHAHA ;p So..... PEES.. better watch out! Eventhough u guys are always kenakan orang lain, U guys aren't winning ok!! hehehe ;p It doesn't mean we're losing when we're quiet! HAHAHA.... and so far we are even at this moment. PBBC 1 - 1 PEES. ;p
Picture : (Right) PBBC Logo

The other study group members are Siti, Ayun and Hamroud. The three of them are not a member of either these 2 groups. (Some talking told me they have their own group and not yet being commercialized~ I wonder~ hmmm....)But these 3 people are the most "Kaki Study" people! When they are studying, dont ever think of disturbing them. But if u feel like u wanna get a spank or an argument (Big one laa I'm talkin' about), just try laa... HAHAHAHA. But I envy the way they study! Soooo focus! 100%! huhuhuhu.... (tgk muke dorang yg sirius akan menakutkan!) That's why I'm studying with these bunch of people! They can create a verrrrryyy "STUDYING" environmental which I can't find it in my house! huhuhu
Picture : (Above) Me and Siti

The famous 3! Me, Hamroud and Ayun.

We have a lot in common.. and one of it is we are good actors!! Boleh berbaik baik di kala makan ais krim! PBBC and PEES~ yeay! haha

So, I think that's it for now.... owh yaa before I forgot, I've uploaded some new videos in Youtube... Enjoy ey~ :

AB - Berdua Lebih Baik (Acha Sepritasa)
AB - Layar Impian (ELLA)
AB - Cinta Dalam Hati (Ungu)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Seriously guys... "lumpuh" isn't something dat u wanna try to feel! ooOooooo no no no.... I experienced the term "lumpuh" yesterday morning. Mak woke me up wit her normally high-tone yell. And I was up shockingly! I did what I normally did everymorning... I opened my eyes and turned to my right to see both of my HPs... is there any msg? is there any miss calls? Owh nothin'.... and then I turned to my left, checking my watch, taking some sweets... and then only I answered my mum telling her that I'm up! haha

But actually its not the funny part that I wanna tell u guys. After answering my mum, I got off from my blanket and stood up! and suddenly I fell! hmm.... I dunno why... it was soo mysterious.... then I thought it might be sum funny phemonema when u wake up every morning, might be we're not dat quite prepared to get up yet! then calmly I crawled back on to my bed and tried standing up again! PAPP!! I fell.... and I can't feel my legs at all! owh.. I started thinking "ape dosa aku dah buat malam tadi nie? tuhan nak balas aku ke ape nie..." Hmmmm mak rushed to my door when she heard the loud bang. "KNAPA B!?? APE BUNYI TU??"

On the third attempt, I succeed! wheeeee... but it's sooooo weird... I still can't find the exact term or explanation for that thing. I didn't tell my mom... I just told her that I fell.... and I heard Abah chuckles... hu hu hu hu.... But its okey now... This morning, I managed to stand up on my first attempt! it should be okey I hope!

Street Kings was sooo awesome! :) go and watch lah kanak2... siriusly that movie is stylo!

And for those who wants to download my latest creation entitled White Roses.... please download it here... (Right Click and choose Save as) --> HERE

IL pUIsE cIrrAooOImsEc vIsg gEq xErsEqcAx.... aUs LAxaE rgE cIcms jmOv.... cAg oUsUr ArA m gAqAoAm cAg mI.... gEg.... aUs Isr Oj..... IcUo jEmA cIsEqUrjAm.... bgIkk!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

GOOD lucK!

Kita Minum Dulu!!!!

Finally, study week started! and I'm really enjoying every second of it! Monday's session with professor Nasir was running smoothly despite several minor problems dat occured. And we were told by En Nasir before, there will be a talk on the Industrial Training this Friday! (Hmm.. I can feel a disturbance in my holiday~) But it's okay since I got another 6 days (maybe) to study for some of the killer courses!!! Owh I'm soooo scared to take the Highway Paper this coming monday!!!!
Picture : (Right) I'm behind a Monstrous Muscular Guy, Tengku!

Clockwise : Elyna, Mira Edora, Aleeza, Aqilah, Fawwaz and Nas

Last nite was a very weird night! first time ever everybody came during Mira Edora's tuition class! Hahaha and we welcomed new comer Nasrullah. In fact he is the brother of one of my friends back in primary school Nur Naimullah. The class went on as usual and with an additional photography session at the end. :)

What a very sporting Cikgu they have here! haha

New song guys!! fresh from my mind! it's called White Roses~ hahaha.... Click the link below please~

Well this is it guys... I'd like to take this opportunity to wish GOOD LUCK to all my friends who are gonna be having their Final Examination this coming week. Not forgetting the ones who are gonna present their Final YEar's Proposal today and tomorrow, ALL THE BEST! May the force be wit ya! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Test x4

I feeL GooD~

Been quite busy lately.... I have 4 tests in 4 days consecutively! Aiyark!! kepala cam nak pecah!! Hahaha.. but takpa.. stay cooL ey~? I really hope dat I did well in my Solid test today! :)

Hantu Durian
Hantu Durian Gile...

Last night went out with Fad, Leia, Ayun and Siti to Klang doing some business! And we ate durian! weee..... Hahaha... I eat Durian ok!??? appalah, orang gile je tak makan durian! huhu.. got to go!! study study!! I'll be havin' my Mats test tomorrow and Research Methodology the day after tomorrow! haha

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Site Visit Highway Engineering!

I'm holding a Geo Grip!
Site visit!

Date : 8th April 2008 Location : Jalan Dikawasan Belia 2, SG Panjang, Sabak Bernam Syarikat Terlibat : Tulane SDN BHD.

There is where we eat!

The day started and as usual, I've to send Hafif to school early in the morning (Around 7.45 I think). From his school , I went straight to UiTM. In UiTM, I realised that I was the first participant to arrive. Damn Aimi, he said that make sure to be there at 8 am! Janji Melayu... Typical Janji Melayu.

Che Nab was the next person to arrive with his new Myvi (Putih)! Gilelah Che Nab!! tiap minggu tukar kereta! hahahaha.... We had our breakfast (Not exactly a breakfast) at the newly opened Cafe Block 3! I bought a packet of Sirap Ais and it took the makcik Cafe roughly around 7 minutes to prepare a packet of simple Sirap Ais! aiyyo... nasib baik lah baru bukak, kalau tak, habislah! hoho.

I'm in a Backhoe ok!??

Around 9 am, everybody was already there including Puan Siti Nurbaya Ab Karim, our accompanying lecturer. We got into the bus and departed from UiTM around 9.15 am. I was sitting on the back row alongside Aimi, Panjang and Jabbar. We started to snore as the bus passed through UiTM main gates! (actually not "we" it was "Aimi") I was quite sleepy too since I havent got enough sleep the night before. I slept around 3 a.m on purpose! Since I thought I might be sleeping during the whole journey to Sabak Bernam. I thought it might be a boring trip!

Tulane SDN BHD Office at Section 13

First destination, we stopped at Section 13, near the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 13. Here is where we had our briefing about the project that we're gonna see later dat day. We were being briefed about the current progress, the total cost, the delays, the history of TULANE SDN BHD and also some basic knowledge on Highway Engineering. We were being briefed by the Quantity Surveyor, Puan "ape ntah" I can't remember her name. Quite a short briefing yet interesting! hahaha.
Picture :(Left) Puan Ape Ntah and Akak Afro

After about an hour, we departed for Sabak Bernam. We traveled using the Guthrie highway and thank god Owen was there in our group. She's from Sabak Bernam and she knows about that town very well. She showed the way to the bus driver there. Owh btw, there were about 30++ of us together in the bus. I think around 30 students (8 boys and 22 girls), 1 lecturer and 2 drivers. The director of the programme was Salmiza and the no.2 leader was Aimi (kot).

Coki Coki Fan Club. Can u spot the cutest??

Throughout the trip, most of us can't sleep happily. Everybody was starving and I can see hungry mimik muke showed on each and everyone aboard the UiTM bus dat morning. I kept on receiving smses from some of my Hotlink friends. Hahaha.... every 1 minute, my phone received an sms! from different person. Mementang laa 1500 sms free kan? ahahahaha... but It's okey.. I Lyke it! reading funny and weird sms! I just lyke it!
Picture : (left) Mak : Ape pandang2? Nak kene pukul?

There in Sabak Bernam, we had our lunch in one gerai which I dont know the name and the Ayam Masak Kicap was sooooo delicious! we ate and ate before proceeding our journey to the site.

There in the site we were brought to some of the roads that they are currently under construction. Tulane SDN BHD is I think the main contractor for this worth 10 million project! The Site Engineer there is En. Shuhaimi and he gave us a detailed briefing regarding their project there. He and his crew even gave us some sort of Quiz question regarding on Structures of Pavement.
Picture : (Right) From Left Kakak Ntah, Uncle Mior, Puan Tatau (yang atas tadi), Akak Afro and En Suhaimi

We are family!!!! (ECG504 6H)

After the briefing and the question session, we were being brought to the Road Construction Site! The main area of constructions! I was told that there are 16 roads which they are constructing now and the overall progress is around 60% if I'm not mistaken. It was really tiring to stand under the hot shiny sun! Arghh! bahang nye! peluhnye! etc NYE! kui kui kui.... But we learnt a lot of things gak laaa.... I finally understand what is the meaning of the words like Culvert, Crusher Run, Wearing Coarse, Binder Coarse, etc! huhuhuh ;p This trip is sooooo useful!

We decided to end our site visit around 4 pm since the sky was becoming darker and darker, I think it might be super-scary when Sabak Bernam becomes dark! I can't see any lamp post along the roads there. We went back to Shah Alam wheee!! hehe.. on our way we stopped at an RR to pray. Besides praying, that was the only time we can eat.

On our way to UiTM, most of us were sleeping. I managed to take some photos of those sleeping friends! huhuhu.. quite funny laaaa seeing them sleeping with different style each. I feel very happy wit da trip and hope there'll be more trips like dis in da future.. This is the only activity that can make us more closer to each other and of course to get to know them better! :)

Picture : (Above) There is no water in the Bilik Air utk wudhu'

And the Nominees for Best-Act-Of-Sleeping goes to :


Bapak (Aimi Fali Saufi)

Mas and Nuelko (covered)

Dila and Salmiza



Monday, April 07, 2008

A Night Wit Fello Friends!

I'm always the Don Boss when it comes into my Blog! haha ;p -aB

It's fun to hang wit some friends during this stressful period! Examination is just around the corner and due dates for assignments, reports, etc are also starting to get closer and closer! but progress is still far beyond reaching its target! hurmph! tense!! So we met for the first time in 2 months kot. Most of the "Dons" were there!
Picture :(Left) Ihsan

First on the list, Don Ke'Busy'an, Uncle Ihsan! Owh men, when was the last time I met him? Hmm... only god knows kot. He has been a very busy worker! maklumlah.... baru berumah tangge! kenelah komitmen! hehhe he looked soo stressed out and I hope when I'm working, I wont carry those kind of burden laa while working! it freaks me out seeing some of my friends working heavily! But dats life kan? working hard to earn money! money wont come easily~ kui uki kui....

Uncle Kerol plak... still recovering from his Knee operation. Glad to see him smiling again! He's now enjoying his 7 weeks MC! bestnye cuti! hahaha... Raut kesedihan still kelihatan di mukanya akibat kekalahan Juventus di tangan Palermo malam tadi 3-2.
Picture :(Right) Kerol

Speaking about football, most of us were quite sad with our team's performance last weekend except for Don Apis! He looked soooooo happy for Chelsea's win over (dunno which club)He hurt his knee during a friendly futsal match last week I think if I'm not mistaken. Everybody is hurting their own leg!!! aiyyo!!! ;p takuts!
Picture :(Left) Apis

Don Pemakanan, Tengku Nuruddeen was disappointed with Man UTD's game last night. They drew 2-2 with Middlesbrough. Nobody dares to tease Tengku wit it is about Manchester United! he will get angry! and U'll be really frightened! hoh o ho ho ho
Picture :(right) Tengku
Don Padi is now a succesfull grapeseller! (penganggur) and he's really in the need of vacant jobs! kesian die... die dah mule merase sedih! but dont worry! cheer up! there's always rezeki for those who has patience! :) and hope U'll get the best job ever!!! amin~ ;p
Picture :(Left) Padi

Don Ijie plak.... also jobless but he said that he's currently in progress of finding one! And he keeps on urging us to start footballing again! our padang has improved! there are new field lines, goal post!bulky grass, etc! Ijie ni susah sangat nak ajak lepak! die asik busy aje menjage anak buahlah, adik lah, teman adik main game laaaa, bawak adik bersiar-siar laaa... haha sampai kami fed up! ;p Ijie jie.... bile lah nak ajak kami makan nasi minyak nieH!! huhuhu
Picture : (Right) Ijie

Last but not least, Don Gambar, Kari.... he's now half photographic robot! always wit his camera wherever he goes! I envy him u know... he knows how to take really nice pictures! and I dont! my pixcha is always blurrr!! damN! Kari ni soooo genius! in almost every aspects! he knows a lot about computer, electronic devices, military issues, kameras, games, etc! So I think we can call him walking Google! since he knows about almost everything! wahahahahah go Kari!
Picture: (Left) Kari

RM 50! Yeni! New! Jadid! Baru!

The provider, Ayun (Above) and the promoter Fad (Both of them are soo happy that they get the chance to take picture wit the new money!) ;p

Finally, I own my first piece of the new RM50 note! thanx to Ayun! he wanted to pay me for topuping him the other day and he didn't have small change! so he gave me the new money and I returned him the change! wakakaka.... it's sooo memorable! I Lyke! I thought the colour is purple! but Kerol corrected me by saying "it's not purple, it's Blue!" ;p and while giving me the money, Ayun said :

"Kalau ngan kau, aku yakin sikit. Kau sure tak tukar punye duit nie, kalau aku kasi kat yg lain2 tu kang sure diorang pakai! sayang aje!"
-Nazrul Azmi-

haha I dunno who was he referring to as "yg lain2" hmm.. quite curious ey~? hehe

Encik Nasir's class ended up early today since he got soo many works to do in the office. He wasn't around at the Faculty for 3 days I think coz his Father In Law passed away on Friday. And we were told that was the reason why he postponed our Friday's test last week. Al-Fatihah to his late Father In-Law.

Not so well Kerol (Juventus Lost Last night) and Not so happy Ijie (Man U Draw)

A perfect timing when Kerol's sms reached my handphone inviting for a lunch! Together with Ijie who treated me dis afternoon! We discussed more on football issues, and other stuffs!

Bahari Ahmad Bahari Abu's Facebook profile

Owh guys I have a Facebook account! wakakakaka well what can I say about Facebook? hmm.. it's undeniably superbly STYLO! hahahaha no wonder Iefiz and a bunch of younger kids keep on forcing me to open one! haha but now I must first learn how to handle things in Facebook! it looks quite complicated for me!

Some new videos added yesterday :
AB - Teratai (Ramli Sarip)
AB - Kerana (Alleycats)
AB - Senandung Semalam (Jamal Abdillah)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

DOw NutS!

Sunway Empire! (Part of it)

I love donuts! wheee... and for the past 5-6 years I've been spending my money for it almost everyday! Every morning, before going to class, I'll stop at one of the SHELL petrol station and buy some Dunkin Donuts. This is considered as one of my Breakfast routine laaa. And sometimes the cashier will sound something like "makan donut bang?" hahaha idiot! off course laa I'm eating donut! duhh! ;p (sometimes people likes to show their kindness by showing their donkeyness!)

So, why am I writing about donuts here? out of the blue! kui kui... this morning I went for my BGM451 oral test. (that is German Language II). Thank god I got Frau Raja Rosila as my tester and she was soooo kind and very helpful! huhu.... My scariest part was the spontaneous questions! There were 5 questions to be asked and of course I have to answer all 5 or else points will be deducted! And to my biggest excitement, I managed to answer all 5 of them! but not with flying colours laa... off course the dialogue below had experienced some modifications and tokok-tambahing is normal laa! hha :
Picture : (Above) Stress of studying maybe!??? ;p

Frau Raja Rosila (F)
  • F : Okey kite start lah eh~
  • AB : Ok frau~
  • F : Trinkst du gern Kaffee oder Tea?
  • AB : Ich Trinke Kaffee gern.
  • F : Oooo suke minum kopi... okey next question. Sind Sie Rauchen?
  • AB : Nein, Ich bin nicht Rauchen.
  • F : Oooo tak merokok ye? takpe... walaupun awak tak merokok, saya nak tanya jugak nie. Was kosten eine packung Cigarette?
  • AB : Hmm.... Eine packung Cigarette kostet RM5.
  • F : Ooooo RM5 eh? tu Dunhil ke ape? murahnye! Dunhil bukan mahal ke?
  • AB : (Adoi.. lawak nye .. manelah aku tau *Ni dalam hati*)
  • F : Okey sambung, Wie spat is es?
  • AB : Es ist neun Uhr.
  • F : Betul ke pkol 9? saya tgk jam saya ni bukan pukul 9!
  • AB : Oh... ja... es ist neun uhr sieben minuten!
  • F : haaaa.... betul2.. Ok... awak dah habis!
German language is quite an interesting foreign language to study. It sounds similar to English (Most of the words and the phrase, structures, etc). But to tell u da truth, in the first place, I chose to take German because I hate Japan and Mandarin language! haha... (For engineering students, u'll have only 3 choices for ur third language and they are German, Mandarin and Japanese.)

(I wonder when will I start talking about the Donuts ey~? hahahahaha..) After the Oral test, I called Tengku and later dat morning I picked him up and went straight to Subang. We were improving our health and fitness level! cheywah! ;p That was the second time within 2 days I went to Subang. Yesterday, I took my mum to Sunway Pyramid since she wanted to meet her friend and joined sumthing about Sunway Vacation Group (I forgot its real name.) and later dat day we spent our time loitering around inside the Pyramid. We met some familiar faces and as usual she was the one to greet them! We were touring the whole Sunway Empire and I tell u, it is one beautiful Empire Sunway got there in Subang. The buildings, the concept, accommodations, facilities, etc. Kagum sketika! hahaha
Picture : (Above) Mak is concentrating hearing Abg Rizal's explanation

Big Apple Subang Parade! Ground Floor! In front of Old Toys'R'Us!

Okey okey... later dat day (we are now in the second day, the day when I took my Oral test... and the situation is me and Tengku have just finished our health and fitness level improvement!) we went to Subang Parade and I've decided to buy a pack of 12 Donuts from Actually that wasn't my first time in Big Apple.Big Apple, its just dat I didn't got the mood to write something about food! hahaha Big Apple is more preferable than J.Co in Sunway Pyramid. For me laaa... and u know why? the reasons are less people queuing and they have Alien vs Predator! I Love AVP very much!!! the chocolate is sooo real!!! U can fell it melts surrounding ur lips and if u're unlucky enuff, it will flow onto ur dress, legs, shoes, hands, etc!
Picture : (Above) The Abangs is manhandling the Donuts! Ahaks!
Picture : (Right) Even Spiderman will be amazed by the Donuts making process!

Since my first time here, I knew dat Dunkin Donuts should better do something for their donuts if they still want to compete in our Country's donuts Industry! And I think I want to propose for a branch to opened in Shah Alam (Big Apple or J.Co, not the Dunkins!). It will make us happier! hehehe.... owh for your information, a Burger King will be opening soon here in Shah Alam! it is situated at the Extreme Park section 13! cant wait for it to open! Double Whopper Cheeze! huhuhuhu I Lyke! ;p

I LEs sgIr OmE fIqk Amc rgE Ir RO mIbE sgAs I eAkk eOq gEq! ;p I sgImj rgE jmOvr! gAgA... vE gAuE aEEm fOOc eqIEmcr kAsEkx Amc I gOoE Is vIkk rsAx Om eOq mEws bOUokE Oe xEAqr! axE!