Thursday, October 08, 2009

Raya Raya Raya

It's October now which means I'm gonna lose another batch of students in 2 months time. Haih... every year... the same thing happens... takpe2... teacher will always pray for u guys! always! Ahaks...

Fewwit! HAHHAA

Back to Raya mood... yesterday went to some Open Houses. I was forced to cancel my last day of Puasa 6. Haih takpalaa... makan2 sambil beramah mesra.. ape salahnye.. After Aiman's house, I went straight to Mira Edora's. But first, Elyna and I went to section 9 picking up someone. Someone really funny!

Turutan pengambilan gambar.. tgok Si Qila tu.. x sabar sabar!

Mira's open house was the most happening one laa... most of my students were there and off course the gossiping part was there. For the first time in this year's Raya.. I feel young~ Thank u for those who brought their cameras along... I felt so happy taking pictures with u guys! haha..


Dgn student2 Laki pule