Friday, May 29, 2009


Last wednesday we had a paintball match and it was kewl! Everybody enjoyed themselves on dat day despite bruises all over their body. We didnt feel the pain dat day because it shows the sign of pain a few days later and today.. I'm suffering from it! Ayark! My leg hurts gak ni... Our team won the match 4-2 I think. Thanks and congratulations to all my team members! Azalea, Tengku, Curry and Jeff! Hahahaha...

Yesterday, I had some sort of dinner wit cik Faezah and Farah Nazira at Serai Restaurant section 3. We discussed things and celebrated Farah's 24 birthday (I think so 24). Huhu I was soo happy when cik Faezah told me that I might grad with first class honour! kui3 tapi she said "mungkin" laaaa... I dunt know wether she has seen my result or not. It doesn't matter laaa... I wish I can get good result to maintain 3. above. HAHA... 

Barcelona won the champions league with flying colours! congrats to barcelona! they deserve to win that match I think eventhough I only managed to watch the first half of it. Barcelona played marvelously! ahaks... dont worry Man UTD.. there's always next time! hu hu hu..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taram Tam Tam

It was a very busy week last week for me. Hmph! had to finish some extra tuition classes for those students who were having their mid year examination, playing Left 4 Dead almost everyday at Curry's, Weddings, etc. But one thing is for sure.. I'm a Happy boy dah now. Finished my study at last! bye bye degree! and now I'm hoping for a good result for my final semester to ensure me a first class degree student!! ahaks! (bukan riak.. tapi terharu)

Went to Dira's Bro's wedding yesterday and it was a very simple yet exciting event! hahaha Met some old friends, aunties, teacher, etc. I was very happy to be seated on the same table wit my ex-students! Syukri, Athirah, Fifi and Raimi! U guys memang sengal! hahaha.... brings back memories doo... Cikgu Kashnani was there too! kewl~! Chit Chatting, eating, laughing, pixching, posing, ngumpat-ing, etc were some of the activities done! ((Jato cinta ngan seorang gadis.. cis!))