Friday, July 24, 2009

Marine Life! Buhu!

Hallo guys! It has been a month ey since my last post.. been quite busy lately.. setting up some stuffs with a bunch of old friends.. and hopefully it will go according to plan... in teh future! huhu (Amin~)

Okey I have some sort of new hobby now..!! it's not exactly a new one laa but a bit of modification of my old one... I'm currently in love with saltwater fishies!! hehe... marine life punye ikan nieh! syok! For the time being... I'm still running my own-made "saltwater" for at least 3 weeks before putting some fishies in it... but because of my stubborness.. I ignored my friend's advices and today.. fishies can be seen swimming excitedly inside my 3 feet aquarium! huhu...

Currently.. I'm playing wit my newest addition... Mr Moorish Idol! he's (assumed a he) that fish named "Gil" in the movie Finding Nemo if u guys wanna know what species a Moorish Idol is! Mak belanja half of his price today and I'm very happy! Besides Mr Gil... I have 3 Clown Fishies.. (Nemo), 1 Sailfin Tang (Alfredo The Fatface), Sea Urchin, Star Fish and a few other unknown species.

There are also some live corals inside the aquarium to make it more representable! huhu.... and currently I'm desperate for a Sea Horse! please anybody! I hardly need a Sea Horse! Hurmm