Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm BacK!!!!

Kehebatan PHOTOSHOP... wajahku yg berjerawat dapat dilicinkan! cheist!

Okay... first of all.... welcome back AB!!!! it's 2008!! yeaY!!! hahaha... it's been a verry verry looooong time since I last posted in this very nice blog (AHAKS!!!) I was kinda busy wit my study especially this new semester in on! hurmm... ikutkan aje laaa.....


Menjalankan Activity Highway

I have finally being streamed into our major classes and I'm in the Civil Engineering majoring in Structure now! owh really MEMBUNUH aaa this course! aiyyo.. assigments, tutorials, lab reports! Arghhh u name it! macma macam ada!

One of Juventus' Youth Player

Then, to everybody who subscribes and gives comments at my YOUTUBE page, very much thank you!!! really appreciate it!! I'll try to keep uploading new videos from time to time. Some new videos from my YOUTUBE :

Okey what would be the most unforgettable moment in mylife so far in the year 2008!??? it is The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra!!! I went there last 2 weeks with Curry and the others and it was sooooooooooooooo unexplainable!!! And I would like to tell u guys who loves music so much... GO!!! GO!!! and see it for yourself.!! it is superbly GREAT!!! arghh... and I'm waiting to go to the 1st March's performance if I'm not mistaken.

Mathias Bamert (Conductor)

Alexander Melnikov - Soloist (Piano)

During that show, there was this guest pianist Alexander Melnikov. he played 3 songs and all of them were played fantasticly! arghh I wished I had his hands! The best thing about these damn Musicians is dat.. their face are sooooo "Takleh blah" but they can play very well! **Envy**

Hafif ade dalam perbarisan rumah kuning nie! hahahaha

What else?? Hmm.. owh yaa Sweeney Todd!! I watched that movie three times!!! and I love it! And my hands are now injured because of Heavy Works! arghh can't play the piano! :(

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