Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Creature

The Best Creature.

The person that taught me things,
Taught me to follow my instinct,
Keep me wondering,
How he controlled his feelings.

He who learns things through music,
Who's always calm and never panic,
Love is his trust,
His enemy is only a dust.

He is somebody's son,
The son who is full of fun,
As I live in this world under the sun,
I can't stop asking myself is he a goddess or a man?.

He is the best creature,
He is my teacher,
As I realize on this land where I stand,
He is also my good friend.

How do I know he is the best creature?,
Because its nature,
A man who is very kind,
You just can't leave him behind.


Credits to Najwa for this wonderful and nice poew that she wrote for me! HEHE... owh Btw.. me is in Istanbul while writing this post.. toodleY!!!

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