Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stay and I Go~ HAHAHA

So this is it guys.. the end of the semester at last... completed the MPG, submitted the FYP report, finished our IDP project, and also completed our FYP poster presentation. :-) its just another 2-3 weeks more before we grad. aaaa.... time flows by very fast.. it feels like only yesterday I started my first semester for Degree program. eventhough at the start of the semester, I felt that I was not gonna make a lot of new friends, things changed! huhu... I made a lot of new friends! even more compared to the number I made during diploma.! haha.. sayang kamu semua! :-)

Completed the bridge model just now. That would be our last project together as students. hurmm... sangat sayu finishing the last project during heavy rain... while eating mum's made spaghetti! hahaha.... The fact is .. I love degree's life!! (huhu bolehlah cakap di hujung2 semester dah nie..)

To everyone from the faculty who knows me.. I would like to take this opportunity to appologize for any wrongdoings.. I really mean it! :-) and good luck for u guys punye examinations eh!! hehe.. hope to see u some other time.. some other place.... adios!!! toodles...

(btw.. I started posting youtube videos again.. HAHAHA.. enjoy ey~)

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