Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taram Tam Tam

It was a very busy week last week for me. Hmph! had to finish some extra tuition classes for those students who were having their mid year examination, playing Left 4 Dead almost everyday at Curry's, Weddings, etc. But one thing is for sure.. I'm a Happy boy dah now. Finished my study at last! bye bye degree! and now I'm hoping for a good result for my final semester to ensure me a first class degree student!! ahaks! (bukan riak.. tapi terharu)

Went to Dira's Bro's wedding yesterday and it was a very simple yet exciting event! hahaha Met some old friends, aunties, teacher, etc. I was very happy to be seated on the same table wit my ex-students! Syukri, Athirah, Fifi and Raimi! U guys memang sengal! hahaha.... brings back memories doo... Cikgu Kashnani was there too! kewl~! Chit Chatting, eating, laughing, pixching, posing, ngumpat-ing, etc were some of the activities done! ((Jato cinta ngan seorang gadis.. cis!))

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