Friday, December 11, 2009

Hajj Memories

Ze Kaaba

Hye everyone... I've reached home safely last Monday night (7th December) and thanx to everybody who has prayed for us. The journey was one of the best jourbeys I've ever had so far! A lot of useful lessons and experiences learnt within those 19 days!! I might share some of the stories here... just wait and keep on reading my blog ey! HAHAHA...

Uncle Ain is Typing an Sms at Jordan International Airport

Mecca has changed a lot! Its true... now u can see construction projects here and there.. the big ones of course... So no wonder the environment around Masjidil Haram is polluted and dusty! you can see people wearing Protection Masks almost everywhere! I forgot to bring one and as a result of my carelessness.. I'm now having a bad cough and soar throat.. aiyark!!

But one thing is still the same... there are soo many people inside Masjidil Haram during Hajj season. Especially on the Kaabah Square where thousands of people perform their Tawaf Ibadah. I was scared every time I performed the Tawaf.. there u can see people arguing, fighting, praying, crying, etc. Any careless mistake might lead to a big problem.

The 4 Bold Musketeers! From Left : Hafif, Uncle Ain, Pok Su and Me

I was told there were about 2.5 millions muslim scattered around the city of Mecca during my stay there. Just imagine how 2 mil of people.. inside one big mosque... praying! FuhH!! SubhanAllah.. Here.. I got the chance to meet muslims from around the world! just name it, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Greece, USA, French and even China! I even got the chance to change numbers and contacts..

Me Cousin and Me

It was a great Hajj trip since I got the chance to perform my Ibadah happily. Eventhough we can't go to the mosque every prayer time, we're still happy. The weather was quite bad at some time and it was raining heavily one day before Wukuf Day. Oh my.. that's what u dont see in Mecca. I heard that a lot of people died during that day and it was flooded badly in Arafah. That was the worst Rain Mecca has ever experienced in 27 years!!!! SubhanAllah.

Look at How The Arabs Queue just to buy some Al-Baik Chicken Fillets! HAHAHA

Completed Our Final Stage of Hajj... The Jamarat.

Some familiar faces were there in Mecca. I got the chance to meet Dato' Emran, Ustaz Dasuki, Ir Siti Hawa and Ir Bahardin, Zulhilmi Zainol's parents and many more. We even took some photos wit the current Sports Minister, Dato' Seri Shaberry Cheek. He was a really nice person.

Picture wit Minister of Sports

That's the beauty of Hajj.. we meet people from every where.. regardless of who you are.. what status u hold, which position, royals, etc.. u are there, gathered in one place... praying and worshipping the one and only God.

Somewhere in Madinah Al-Munawwarah

I learnt a lot from the people there, especiallu Ustaz Mohamad. He taught us a lot of things. And again, it was my best Holy Land trip ever! :-) may all of us get our rewards from the Almighty Allah. Hajj Mabaruran insya Allah.

Ustaz Mohamad

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