Wednesday, July 09, 2008

UiTM Di Hatiku~

Me Love Awateef~

We went to see Serena Ramzy in action last monday. :) The show was held in the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra and it was superb! Two thumbs up! huhuhu.... That was my first time ever watching live belly dancing in my whole life!! And I'm kinda like it laaa... Even Tun Dr M also likes it I guess.. I saw him on the VIP seat with his wife! hehehe... Likey likey likey~ ;p ape ape pon.. Thanx to Kak Jia for the tickets!! :) (U were right about something at ur house porch!! huhuhu kami terkejut!!) Thanx again k~!!!

Last Sunday there was a Birthday Party for one of my nephew! huhu Wan Muzaffar's first birthday! yippee!!! It was a very fun and entertaining party!! yeay! I got the chance to meet all my cousins, auties and uncles, etc!!!

Ayun taught me how to use AutoCAD's basic functions!! And I enjoyed learning from him! And now, I'm starting creating questions to be distributed to my lovely students!! just wait and see ey~ hehe teahcer's coming with some new questions! buhu!!!

Isetan is having their sales now... so do some other big shops in KLCC. Just got home from there. A day wondering around inside KLCC with ma muther!! So guys... cepat cepat lah pegi bershopping bagi sesape yg miss mega sales season ari tu~ hehehe.. :)

Three more days till my last day at Ibsul Holdings. And now only I start to do some real jobs! huhu Puan Singka gave me and Ayun some BQ to key in the quotations and the price! arghh! benci!! ape bleh buat.. saat saat akhir~ hehehe.. ;p

Met Ilah, Athirah and Raimi today... gosh I like it!! It brings back our memories together a few years back! hehe... I remember how I enjoyed teaching their batch! Athirah and Ilah.. dont forget u guys punye promise ey nak blanje cikgu aB ni Ais Krim plak!! huhuhu sukenye saye~... selamat memulekan pelajaran di UiTM ey Athirah~ ape ape hal nanti nak lunchy2 same same sambil belagak kan lunch ngan jejaka hensem kat dataran melati tu nanti.. gimme a call ey~? ;p hahaha

Im feeling really terkilan coz I cant get the tickets for this Saturday's MPO show! hmm.... all tickets are sold out! benci! arghh!!! Anybody who can help me!??? are really welcomed! please~

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