Thursday, July 24, 2008

PurPle Day iN UiTM!!!

The Broucher

Yesterday there was an Engineering Talk Show held in UiTM. The program took place in the Dewan Sri Budiman and it involved all final year student from Engineering Faculties. It was a very long and boring show but it changed starting from my former boss' speech. He gave a very very nice speech and everybody was enjoying it very much!

Mi New Friend! Jijie (The one who is fixing the tudung)

Kami Kebosanan

Purple!!! Kak Jia, Azalea and Me

Dato' Ahmad Shafee is a very great person! I really respect him! :) Thanx for giving me the opportunity to have my practical training in ur firm. :)

PBBC.. and the fellow......

Girl PEES . and...


Owh btw.. it was Purple Day yesterday! So many people wore purple! ahaks! Me likey2.. ;p Besides me, Kak Jia and Azalea... I saw a bunch of unknown people also wearing the same colour as ourS! hehehe..

Owh btw... new song added in Youtube! :

AB - Alus (Latest Creation)
AB - Warkah Berlagu Pilu (Felix AF2)
AB - Karena Ku Sayang Kamu (Dygta)
AB - Kian (Mawi)

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