Sunday, February 01, 2009

אני מאוהב

Finally... my one week holiday is nearing to its end and I feel sooo sad... After a week full of excitement with fello friends and of course wit me bed... it feels awkward to actually wake up early in the morning.. wearing those "collared" t-shirt, those shoes (aww I hate shoes.. especially those wit da strings to tie) hurmm... but thinking to me self.. "Go AB.... just another 3/4 more months and u're free from those 16 years of learning and studying!!!"

Okey things to take note... hurmm.. for UiTM... I think I've finished all my major works for my Final Year Project.. At last!! fewhh! thanx Dr Azmi for your help. :-)next one is managing the "Malam Pra Graduan Dinner" for our final semester student which is still on da way... and off course... the boringEST one!! I.D.P (Integrated Project Design) I'm quite sure some of u out there might not have the slightest idea what this IDP is all about... hurmm... well to make it short.. u dont wanna get near to it. Haha...

Okey tinggalkan UiTM stuffs nie... Mari tidor dah berehat! Fuuuh`

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