Sunday, February 08, 2009


Hallo everybody... (Ab is trying his best to start blogging again!) (am trying his best now!)

Okey first of all.. congrats to Arsenal for finally completed the transfer of Andrei Arshavin from Zenit St. Petersburgh. I dont really know how good is this Arshavin... guess we have to see his debut game tomorrow (Hopefully) against Tottenham. Really hope that he can bring changes to Arsenal! Wheeee... ;p

And back to our MPG dinner this march... everything is running according to plan... preparation is being made... sponsorship letters have been distributed and now I'm waiting for tuesday's meeting with the dean. It's regarding our sponsor budget that we applied from the faculty and hopefully her mood is gonna be at "her best" ever on dat day! and besides that... I'm welcoming any kind of suggestions or ideas on the flow of the event, presentations, etc.. so if u have any, feel free to share wit me ok!?

Owh BTW the details:

Venue : Concorde Hotel Shah Alam
Date : 24th March 2009 (Tuesday Night)
Time : 7-11 pm
Theme : Formal

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