Friday, November 10, 2006

hari Raye 2~!!!

Hohoho... hye evrybody... it has been hurmm.. maybe 2 weeks since my last post here.. well... Streamyx is getting "Poyo"er lately... it's hard for me to get a really good connection.. Hurmmm...

Okay.. how was my Raya aa?? there were some open houses.... a few Jalan Jalan Beraye... some people visiting my house plak... and the only thing that's still missing is my Open House... Hahaha... everybody keep asking when, when, when.... hohoho.... so.. I've been discussing wit my mother and she gave me the green light to held an open house during this raya. The exact date is still a mistery.. Hohoho... just tunggu lah eh.... ;p

Thanx to all individues who invited me over to their houses during this Bulan Syawal... hehe... starting wit Ali, Niksu, Dira, Shaff, My Neighbours, Raimi, Kak Jia, Auntie Nab, Wan, Kerol, Mahadi, and a few others which I can't remember at this moment. Huhhu....

Thanx also to those who gave me present, Hari Raya Cards, voucher, money (Duit Raya.. hohoho... still dapat..) ;p ;p

And finally... last Wednesday.. we had our first meeting (Org org yg pegi Umrah skali ari tu...) at Concorde Hotel... more like a Hari Raya gathering laaa.... I'm so happy coz most of them were there joining us... Haha.. Ridwan wit his family, Ustad Dusuki wit his wife, Pok Nik wit his family, Andak Din, A few aunties (haha.. tatau name diorang..), Uncle Nazeem and his wife, Ustad Rushdi etc.

Sungguh happy!!! haha... keletah anak anak Ridwan memang mencuit hati ini... keh keh keh.....


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