Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dam Dam DUM!!

Kak Jia, Me, Faddy, Sammy

Hye everyone... sorry for the late update (if only u're one of my blog fan laa.. HAHA) 'd been busy laa for the past 2 weeks.... preparing stuffs, settling some tasks, etc.. and I didn't have da time to type some new posts. Many things happened for the past few weeks.. :) (Haha.. I still managed to spend some of my busy weeks with extra interesting activities! kui3).

I spent some of my days last week with fasting.. =>

First thing first.. let us sedekah ummul kitab Al-Fatihah to the late Zamzury Sallehuddin who passed away last week. He met with an accident somewhere near section 4 if I'm not mistaken. I hardly know him I think, but people say that he was in the same class with me this semester and last semester. People used to call him Zam and might be I know him if there's a picture of him. Deep condolences to his family and all his relatives. Semoga roh dicucuri rahmat. And there was another accident the day before Zam's accident within the UiTM area and I was informed that both the penunggang and pembonceng died the next day. Al-fatihah. amin.

Some of my friends are starting to feel scared to ride a motorcycle now. Just be careful k guys~? :)

Owh cumeL~

We're not allowed to ride this horse which is quite dissapointing

The 5 remaining Power Rangers!

PBBC@! haha

Orang gila is showing his Gila stuffs by riding Tomahawk 3 times!

Sammy ni over plak

Right after the Alumni Engineering Talks, we went to Sunway Lagoon the next day. It was one hell of excitement going there "again" wit some new faces. I think the last time I went there was in 2005 or 2006 with Papa, Leia, Shaff, etc. pheww! it's been soo long since that last time. There were 7 of us on that day me, Leia, Fad, Kak Jia, Sammy, Ayun and Ziela. Most of us had the maximum excitement (excluding me since I missed some rides due to look after their bags~ :( duhh@) and totally we were happy! haha... hope to go there again some day and people, I just wanna give u guys an advice... dont go into that stupid Scream Park orite?!! It's just a really waste of money going in there. Better try other parks ok!? :p

The most conversional pixcha of all time!!! hmm... have Faddy grown taller than before?? Or..?? oops.. haha

She is making a reservation for the Pulau Perhentian thingy

They are planning for a Pulau Perhantian Trip this coming semester break and I can't hardly wait to join them! huhuh this will be my first time to Pulau Perhentian and I received promising feedbacks from some people about the Island when I asked. Hehe anybody who's interested?? We're still finding interested people! hehe

Both of us are bored... including the "third one"

UiTM life is really boring lately! full with talks, seminars, courses, modules, bla bla and etc and the latest one was yesterday where the Faculty invited a professor from Korea to give a talk on Fondation Engineering to us. Huarghh.... I was quite sleepy gak laa hearing the talk thank god I sat right between Hamroud and Leia. They unintentionally helped me reducing the sleepy fever by making out some stupid jokes, drawing pixcha and also counting that stupid percentage (dunno how to describe.. malu)... kui kui kui I wouldn't come if I knew it'll turn out to be like that! haha.. but tak kisah laa.. dah lepas... :p

The Korea Professor

Fish Aquarium at Sec 2

Jalan-jalan cari Ikan was on Thursday... we accompanied Siti in her journey to find some suitable fishes for her "Fwiend!" hehe.... I like fishes! ;p

;p WEKK!!!

Mid Valley Maybank Treats Fair

I took mak to Maybank Treats fair in Mid valley on Friday and it was fantastic! I got myself a new HP notebook and some other great stuffs and I really like it being there! Everything was on discounted price and I wished I was rich enough to buy everything that I want! hahaha... Owh btw happy friendship day to all of u guys out there ey~ belated laa actually ;p

Mak meets her new friend

She is massaging and he is enjoying every second of it.. (Muka kontrol sakit.. kuat gak gadis nie)

New Commitee members tuk this year's MPG

I involve once again in this year's MPG for the part 08 students. Hehe and this time they're going to do it at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam and insya allah I'll use Uncle Zubir's help once again and hope the AJKs all the best ey!! Buat kerja leklok2 and rajin2 tuk kelancaran majlis nanti!! hehehe.. I'll try my best givin' my advice based on my past experiences in MPG handling. :)

Owh meluahkan perasaan!! ehem ehem

Mummy 3 is quite dissapointing laa u guys... We watched it last Friday and it isn't as exciting as the 2 previous movies. The plot is quite boring and pelakon pon ade berubah.. :( boring! huhuhu.....

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