Monday, September 04, 2006

A Day wit Little Kids~

Date : 3rd September 2006
Location : My House

I woke up late today... around 12.30 p.m I think. I slept late last night, watching some DVD movies. Still tired of the futsal game the day before.. Went downstairs to grab some breakfast.. Owh my family is gone. Left me alone in this house. Hurmm... nasib baik mak tinggalkan sebungkus Nasi Lemak. kui kui kui.

Surfed the internet.. finding some articles about Arsenal's new signings.. Julio Baptista (Real Madrid) and William Gallas (Chelsea). Owh.. I was like dreaming when I first heard of the news from Kerol. He told me thru sms about the transfer and the swaps. I can't wait to see them both in action this week. Hihihi.

Around 3.00 p.m, I can hear my family is back home.. owh.. wit additional 2 person. Zahin and Luqman.. oww men.... these 2 kids can be problem to allll people on earth. Their nakalness and cuteness can change people moods. Haha... but, to tell u the truth, I love them both. Hihihi....

Location : TESCO
Time : 4.00 p.m

Hahaha...... hye kiddo~

Mak wanted to go to TESCO to find some veges. So, I drove them there. Zahin, Luqman and Hafif followed us. Haha... it's fun going out wit those kids. They managed to make me one of them... especially Luqman. When he asked me to speed up... or slow down.. (the trolley laa..)

Luqman and Zahin... ;p

From TESCO, we went straight to Shah Alam Mall.. while Mak do some shopping at Giant, we're having some jalan jalan in Shah Alam Mall. At video game shop, I saw Ilah wit her sister (I dunno which sister.. they look alike.) Then I saw Poie, Angah, Atirah and Hanna.. Haha.. Shah Alam Mall adalah tempat yang paling senang nak jumpe orang2 Shah Alam!

Got back home from Shah Alam Mall. A few minutes later Apis came. He asked me to follow him to Shah Alam Mall to buy a ball. Okay... after performing my Asar prayer... we moved. So... new Adidas ball is ready to be played on the field!! haha Thanx Apis~

  • Hurt my leg... football punye pasal
  • Good luck eh to all my students!!! TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL!!
  • While having our dinner, wit Apis, Zahin and Luqman... Apis terhibur ngan karenah kanak kanak kecik nie....

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