Friday, September 15, 2006

Syrvey Survey

Never in my life have I:hit my parents wit something hard

The last person i kicked was: Athirah ;p

The one person who can drive me nuts:Hurm... so many laaaa

The school i go to is: SMKS9

When I'm nervous:I sing

The last time I laughed: a second ago

My hair: sux!! had my haircut last week

When I was 5: I'm gonna be 6 the next year...

What the fook??:Dun't understand

When I turn my head right, I see: Angels~ chelleh

When I close my eyes I see:someone.. ngehehe

When I Look Down I See:peha

Hello, I am: AB

Hello, I am not: Stupid

I love: You~

I have a hard time understanding:women

one time at a family gathering:we were gathering

You know Beyonce, she's: pretty

Take my advice: chill!!!

My ideal breakfast is:Coco crunchir crunchie

If you visit the place I grew up: you would not grow up becoming like me... ;p

I would like to go to: Paris

Hersheys are: S.E.D.A.P

My cell phone: is not yours

Nokia: Handphone

My favourite person in Man Hunt:is not me..

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds:a bear

Last night I:watched One Tree Hill

My birthday is: the same as Brad Pitt's and Christina Aguilera's ... 18th December.. ;p

Tomorrow I am: Going to Jia's Convocation... kot...

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