Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Go Arenal!!!

Pronounce his name properly... f-AB-regas

And so it goes... Arsenal won again guys!! 2 goals from Emmanuel Adebayor and one from Cesc Fabregas turned down Gareth Bale's goal in first half to put Arsenal on top of the Premier League table for the first time in I think almost a year and a half.. :)

Emmanuel Adebayor!

Arsenal were down in the first half and they started well in the second half that earned them 3 goals that saw them gaining the full 3 points. Cesc Fabregas was really the man behind the build up of the team.

Oh and now mak is already bising2 wit my long hair. She keeps on telling me "Ey potonglah rambut!! dah panjang dah tu!!!" haha.. okey okey I will..... nantilah...

About my mymode... I recruited another 3 person the past 2 days.. So far so good. :) Alhamdulillah.. and last night I met Morezal for the first time in a year I think if I'm not mistaken. And we were discussing about Mymode. :) owh and he agreed to join under me because of the guidance that I can provide him. Thanx!

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