Sunday, September 23, 2007


I still remember what happened last year during this same period of time. We were having our fasting month also and my form 5 students were going to take their SPM examination soon. And what I remember is dat night when we were breaking our fast at Pizza Hut together. The night before I left Malaysia for Saudi Arabia. huhu...

most of my students were there and we had fun!walaupun nak SPM, still bleh beramah mesra di dalam ketakutan!! haha. owwww miss them soooo much. And this year, the same scenario happens but only this time it involves different group of students. I've started to like my new batch of students and I'm starting to enjoy teaching them cheywah banggelah tu.. hahaha.. some pictures of them:

Hye my name is Zul~ and u're watching 999! haha

The maestro.. Syafiq

Din and Zul..... partners in crime

Name saye syera~ saye suke buat LK

Mem Besar... ni boss kategori popuan

Geng2 Laki yg pura pura rajin

Al-Khafis mencari idea

Hustlers~ :)

Maliha yg saiko

Bagus eh buat kerja sesame~ ehehe 

What makes me happy even more today is the fact that Arsenal won 5-0 against Derby County last night! Huhuhu.. Adebayor made his first hat-trick in Arsenal colours. Bravo Adebayor!!! Cesc Fabregas scored again!! and what a wonderful strike from him. And as the result, Arsenal maintain their position at the top of Premier League table. :)

Me and my buddy Toure~ :p


Abou Diaby also one of the scorers

Okey yesterday we had our fast-breaker at this one place called Williams. Padi yg ajak pegi this tempat since he always eat there. Hoho.. I ordered Chicken Chop and o my surprise.... the chicken chop was soooo big in sizes! hahaha..... sooo much for a small tanker like me. Haha... but I managed to finish it within time

Kari and Pian

Muka-muka kelaparan

Different colours menunjukkan tempoh kematian yg berbeza-beza. HAHA :p kiddin

Jus Mango yg best!

My Chicken Chop~

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