Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Week Happy Start!

Really The Architect!!

HaLlo everyone!! I wrote this post after having my "Sahur". Everything went extra-right this morning! hahaha... I woke up and checked my handphone and there I received RM111.00 bonus for last week!! huhuhuhu I'm sooo happy wit this thingy!

New talent... Bacary Sagna

Before I went down for my sahur... I read the message from Papa saying that Arsenal won 3-0 against Sevilla and Man UTD also won against Sporting Lisbon 1-0. Huhuhu... Arsenal won again!! and thanx to the architect Cesc Fabregas! :) so now I'm really2 sleepy and ready to continue my sleeping activity~ see u later buddy!!! :p

Hmm not bad aa for the second week of september?? RM111.25 + RM5.04

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