Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Ramadhan!!!! :)

Assalamualaikum everybody... first of all I would like to wish all the Muslims out there a very happy Fasting month!!!!! :) I Started the month happily yesterday... buka puasa at Nenek's house.... and terawikh there... :)

Cool kan?? RM85.45 for a really easy a week's job! :)

Yesterday morning I received last week's bonus... hehe... wow I'm quite happy with the figure I received... RM85.45!!! hehe... not bad aa for a starter??? the figure already beaten my last month's total bonus! RM83.16... so.... I might get a lot of bonuses this month!!! 3 weeks more to come!!! so.. for all u guys out there who wanna try something easy and interesting... just clickthe banner below--->

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle

With a modal of only RM54.... who can think of a profit like the above one??? kan?? ahaha.. meh aa try.. especially to those who uses Prepaid or maybe have a lot of friends who use prepaid!! come on come on!! hehehe... :)

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