Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back In Sungai Sipot!

Ok guys.... I'm currently in Sungai Sipot now (while typing this post.... sobbing~ isk3). This week I continue my practical training here since coming back from Saudi Arabia. I'm starting to like Sungai Sipot I guess.. the people here are nice and there's a Jaya Jusco nearby! hahaha... I spent my yesterday evening wondering inside it by myself! (How pathetic! ;p).

Every shop is having their mid year sale! Arghh rambang mata!!! I guess I'll buy something when I'm back in Selangor laaa... huhu.... The boss is here finally. En Jalal..

So I think I'm gonna stop here since I got a lot of works to do today! (cheh konon... ;p) See you guys later! And I am really looking into this Saturday's Piano Concert Orchestra! see u guys there ey~ Yippeeeee~!!!

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