Monday, June 23, 2008

Yeay!! 2 weeks to go!

Kucing ni still tdo

Okey helo guys! First of all... sorry for taking a really really long break from posting! I was quite busy and not really in the mood to post for the last 2 weeks (kot.. ke seminggu stengah) I was really busy at site (Sungai Siput) finishing up my log book, settling things up wit my supervisor Abg Fendi, etc. Time travels sooo fast and it's only 2 more weeks left before I end my practical training. Huhu.. it's the 8th week (I guess.. 9th kot) and it kinda make me feel sad to think that I'm gonna leave Sungai Sipot dah.. heheh :)

Mohan Rao.. orang IRcon

Chief Surveyor.. Mr Nasli..

Last week I forced myself to get to know some of the workers and Ircon's people. They are some of those important personals that make this project a dream come true! hahahaha. Most of them are from India but hey can communicate in English laa.... but the problem is... sometimes I cant understand their English! huhuhu sorry~ ;p

Mr Letchu.. Ballast Master

Okey next concert, This saturday! hehehe.... Music From Sleeping Beauty!! anybody who are interested?? ;p this time, I'll sit in the box!! kui kui kui... tak sabar!! yeay!!

En Amy... Surveyor yg suke nyanyi

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