Saturday, June 07, 2008


Masjid Nabawi

I'm back u guys! I arrived in Malaysia 4 days ago and I'm still having my flu and this annoying batuk kering! hmph! Anyway.. about my Umrah trip.... it was amazing! but the temperature was soooo hot! I think around 45-47 degree celcius! My god! But its ok I think.... take it as a challenge laa rite? :p

Bukan main lagi mak ngan abah

Kids... dont practice this ok!? dangerous.. haha

There were sooo many Malaysians in Mecca during my visit last week. Cuti sekolah lah katekan.. haha I made some new friends... :) happy! I really missed some of my friends in Malaysia while I was there.. hehe.. lucky them! cis! ;p

My student.. Syafiq Kamil and his lil Brother Arshad

Hey hey looky2... its Syukri!! hehe

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