Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy! :)

Sungai Sipot and Tracks .... dah muak dah.. huhu

I completed my training in Sungai Siput earlier last week. I came home on Thursday's night because there was this Mr Heiri (IBSUL's M&E Engineer) had to be back in Shah Alam earlier. Hoho.. I like!!! And he said that it will be my every week's routine! yippeee!! He is currently being transferred to Sungai Siput's site from Bangsar's project. I like I like and I'm very happy!

One of the MPO's celloist.. I dunno his name..

Last night for the first time I saw Stephen Hough playing the piano live!!! He is a really good pianist and he played it perfectly!!! Marvelous!! But the whole concert was quite dull laa... It's not the same as the previous one that I watched. The songs played last night were quite slow and boring. I saw sleepy expression on Papa, Zul, Tengku and Padi's faces! I managed to take photos with some of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's musicians! Yippeee!! I'm happy! and can't wait for the 28th show!!

Thanx to all those people who accepted my invitation for last night's concert and sorry if the show wasn't that interesting enuff! hahaha.. ;p

A cat in Chemor KTM station.... quite cooL and stylo.. the way He sleeps hahaha

Next week, I'll be back in Sungai Siput again and there'll be a badminton tournament kot between IBSUL's staffs going on next week. I need to find a badminton racket nie! arghh! (AB ni tak reti sangat sukan sukan tangan)!!

p/s : I miss UiTM life!! :)

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