Monday, August 11, 2008

Kahwin Kahwin Kahwin


" Direnjis renjis dipilis~ ditaburilah ......... "
-I forgot the lyrics... hehe

Hye all... everybody is getting married nowadays. Some of them were my schoolmates back in SMKs9... some of them are my mum's friend's daughter/son, and what I want to highlight here is dat they are all about the same age as mine. Hohoho so early aa to get married~? but who cares rite~? jodoh di tangan tuhan... :) I'm happy on behalf of all u guys..

Azreen Ikhwani

Okiey... .cube teka yg mane satu Nurnaimatul Erma~??

People keep on asking me when will u be married? especially Ustaz Dasuki.. always teasing me wit dat sarcastic + synistic words of him.

"Duit dah banyak~ ..." "Kesihatan Allah dah kasi.. alhamdulillah..." "Mak abah mampu.. dah kasi green light dah..." "Duit side income dah pandai cari dah~.." "Kalau ustaz aB... dah lame dah ustaz ..... "

Me and Myra

Hahaha.. ramai beratur nak bersanding poyo2 ngan aB... kesian... Myra je yg hajatnye kesampaian

Fateen masih ayu~ huhu

Azalea and me~ hehe am I getting taller~?

hehehe still terngiang2 kat telinga nie... but maybe what he said ... ermm... he got a point laa or maybe some points... but I dont think I'm ready yet! hehehe bla bla... so.. okey.. here we go.... I (we actually...) went to Azreen and Erma's wedding majlis last week. and Gosh they looked soo gorgeous! huhu.... think that's the best appearance u'd like for ur wedding day rite~? :) both of them (The ladies laa) looked sooooooo sweet and pretty wit their own gown! I'll keep on praying for u guys' happiness orait~? :) and jangan tak datang plak when my turn comes... huhuhu

Me and Dina! :)

Okey.. Pulau Perhentian is next week kawan kawan!! can't hardly wait.... everybody is like planning for the appropriate plans for next week.... some had suggested BBQ, snorkling, etc but no decision has been made yet! just wait and see laa ye next week!! We'll rock the world!! weeeee tak sabar nak main main dengan penyu! huhuhuu.....

Saje je letak pulau pnye peta

Mula mula boleh mandi ramai2 di Pantai!! wheee best2!!!

Lepas mandi dah penat bleh rehat rehat kat benda nie... alaa sornoknye!

Dah nak balik??? naik bot yg bleh meredah ombak2 macam cite adventure tu! huhuhu

Talking about UiTM.. this week the accreditation unit will come to our faculty and they will start their stuffs! and tomorrow will be the day where the faculty (or actually the EAC) will select and the lucky candidates to be interviewed by th EAC on Wednesday and Thursday. So, remember guys.. this thing is very important for us! dont make fun of it orait~? gehehe or u'll end up crying and keeps on regretting a few years later... huhuu.... go EAC!! go OBE!! love UiTM!!!

Zahin loves his sister Awateef

I received a quite shocking news today from one of the lecturers.... about my blog... let we just call him mr A or mrs B ..... and he/she told me that my blog is being monitored.. so.. be careful when I use some words in the blog... especially NAMES! huhuhuhu... takut takut.. but actually... I dunno how reliable is the news from this mr A or mrs B. But anything pon.. I have to be careful... I dont want anymore innocent people being punished as a result of my funny writing posts in this blog! sorry to those who involved! hehehe :)

Abg Fahim is sleeping wit his new shoes!

Last week I had my Environmental Engineering test 1 and today I had my Engineering In Society test 1. huh lega... just before the term break everything is settled! Just hoping for my holidays to be freed from any stress!! homework laa I mean! hehehe.. but I like all my lecturers this semester... and I mean everyone! wheee... love u all!! huhuhu

Pakcik2 are makan2

After Environmental Engineering Test last week, I rushed home coz there was a Majlis Kenduri Doa Selamat at my house. The Majlis was for celebrating the upcoming Ramadhan Al Mubarak and it went well. Many people attended the Majlis which consist of relatives, neighbours, friends and some Banglas to do all the heavy works! Straight after the Kenduri, I managed to attend Sufian's BBQ plak at his house... :) hehhee.. miss u guys! whee.. thanx to everybody that came to my house the other night! May Allah accepts all our prayers and give us blessings! :) amin~

Kerol, Tengku, Ijie, Papa and Ashraf

People are praying berjemaahLy

OjAx.... sgIr oAqAfqAog Ir roEbIAkkx eOq Lx aEkOuEc oAqsmEq.... kArs vEEj rgE vAr Im aqUmEI Amc I vAr LIrrImf gEq rUoEq cUoEqkx!!!! :) rgE vAr sgE aErs oAqsmEq EuEq!!!! gEgE.... aUs OmE sgImf AaOUs gEq.... rgE Ir A uEqqx rvEEs oEqrOm vgEm rgE Ir eAq AvAx eqOL LE!! (hehehe... jangan marah.. ;p) aUs rgE'r qEAkkx mIbE~ AkvAxr sgEqE sO bgEEq LE vgEm I'L rAc~ gEgE... kOuE xOU oAqsmEq!!!! ;p WEKK!!!

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