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DAY 01 (17th August)

It was one helluva trip. That’s all what I can say about our Perhentian Island trip from 17th-20th August 2008 last week. There were 10 of us in the group and we had equally fun together! Hehe.. three cars were assigned on that trip; mi car, Fad’s and Leia’s and we took off from Shah Alam around 8.00 am in the morning. I had to wake up early dat day to pick up Sam and Tengku at their respective house and we waited for the other 2 cars at Petronas NKVE right before Damansara Exit.
Picture : AB breakfasting

While waiting for those late comers, Tengku, Sammy and I bought some snacks, drinks to fill up our energy during the long trip. We made an agreement that nobody is allowed to sleep throughout the trip! (only me managed to fulfill the agreement… HAHA) Fad’s car arrived and Ayun came wit his mother’s nasi lemak for all of us. We had our breakfast there at Petronas station and the Nasi Lemak was soooo delicious! Thanx mama ayun! Hehe… Azaleia’s car arrived after a few minutes and we started our long journey after finished breakfast.
Picture : Highway Tickets and We're having breakfast Nasi Lemak at Petronas

It was a smooth drive from KL to Karak/Kuantan but tiresome. Thank god Sammy and Tengku were in my car so they talked about sumthing funny and interesting which kept my eyes to stay awake longer. We had our first stop at Plaza Toll Jabor where we used the toilet and ate some of Azaleia-made sandwiches! Hehehe yummy!! So sedap! Thankiu Leia!! We were too excited eventhough we were only halfway through! Huhu

The Crew... without Ayun at Pantai Kemasek

Next stop, Pantai Kemasek. The beach here is quite nice and we managed to have some photos there. Everybody is anxious about going to the beach! And ketidaksabaran ini memaksa kami semua memasuki pantai itu dengan berkaki ayam! The beach is sooo beautiful. The water is quite clean… and we had fun there. We continued our journey and we stopped by at McDonald Kemaman to feed Ayun’s lil bro who was extremely hungry! Heahahhaa…. Naim Naim…. Soo cute wit his eldest brother!
Picture : (Above) Leia, Ziela, Fad and Sammy
Picture : (Right) Them at Kemasek

We passed by Petronas Oil Plantation in Kerteh and suddenly I remembered about Poie. I called him and tried to fix sum time to meet him but unfortunately he wasn’t free that weekend. We had our lunch near UiTM Dungun Terengganu where once again we dealt wit sea view place! Huhuhu…. This time the pantai is more beautiful!!!! I ate Nasi goring ayam and a tasteless ABC! Hmph… there were sooo many cats accompanying our lunch dat day and Hamroud looked happy with dat!

The Three Stooges

We arrived at Kuala Terengganu around 4.20 pm and we reached Ku Chik (Kokya’s classmate) house around 4.30. We took a quick rest at his house before going to Giant Supermarket! We bought some stuffs for the BBQ activity. Later that night, Tengku and I watched Manchester United’s match together somewhere in Batu Burok and had our night rest in Ku Chik’s house.

DAY 02 (18th August)

We woke up early that morning around 6.30 am and after preparing all the stuffs to be taken to the Island, we went for Pasar Besar Kepayang looking for some fishes and had our breakfast. We reached a place right before the Jetty where Sammy and Hamroud stole some Daun Pisang from an uncle’s house. Wit his parang, Hamroud showed no mercy to the pisang trees! Slashing and cutting some leaves to be used in BBQ activitiy dat night. Straight from Uncle Pisang Leaves house, we went to Kuala Besut Jetty to take our boat. We were so happy … Sammy and Tengku suddenly stayed awake until we reached the Jetty.

Pasar Kepayang Crew

At the Jetty.. another tragedy happened! Something to do wit our Boat tickets! Owh… dat Kak Lalia! (Not her real name… Lalia!!) I hate her! Such a stinky old lady! Ho doesn’t know how to jawab salam and soooooooo Spootid! She shows us how uncivilized our Malaysian Ladies (bukan semua laa eh...) punye workstyle!! Munkin kat Terengganu kot. Hahahaha…. I think I dunt have to tell the real story laa…. Just a waste of time and it might hurt those people who were involved in that situation! Hehe.. ape ape pon.. thanx to those Uncles and Abangs who helped us dat day. Volunteering to help us in such situation is really mulia lah! Hehe…. Terengganu boys and men are the best! ;p always helping us!

Our boat to Pulau Kecil Boat no. 189

Cantixnye air die!

The boat trip took us 30 minutes to reach Pulau Perhentian Kecil! It was a kewl trip!!! We were like jumping each time it hit the waves! Wow! Wuuu! Yeeha!! Muahaha!! (Hamroud’s excitement shown by his yelling!) huhuhu…. I met an Italian guy who lives in Milan but supports Juventus! Hahaha.. he said that in ItalyPulau Perhentian is quite famous and that answers my question why are there soo many Italians on the Island! Hmm pelik pelik…. Other nationalities tak ramai pon! Musykila…

We reached the Island and the first thing we did right after we received our room keys are Pantai Mandi!!!! Wheeeee….. it was sooooooooooooo fun playing in the sea! Clear Sea I mean.. Crystal Clear! We can actually see its inner treasures! First time I got into the beach, I cut myself on my feet! Arghh!! Sakit!!! Those innocent corals!! I hate them! I didn’t know it would be that dangerous the corals are! Ayyo!.... be careful ey guys when u swim at Pulau Perhentian… look for coralless sea! Ehehe… We created Fad-Sandy-Mermaid, swim on top of Willy (the whale)…. Fad’s 158 boat! And snorkeled too see the corals live!

Willy Rider! Encik AB!

Mari menimbus Fad!

Our Teratak.. Chalet no. 771

Gendut Hammy!

I'm happy! Wheeee

Around 6.00 pm I decided to stop the mandi thingy and prepared for the BBQ dat night. Everybody went to their room and started preparing. Owh btw I was in the same room with Sammy and Tengku… room no. 771…. The room was soo cool!! Me likey! TVless, Air condless, Entertainmentless, etc! hahaha but it was a nice room la… Ayun, Fad, Naim and Hamroud were in the chalet next to us. No. 772. Haha…

The BBQ went smoothly. I have to admit that Sammy is a great cook! Those chickens were really delicious! He marinated them while we were in Ku Chik’s house. Actually most of the food were marinated by him, but since I only eat chicken, the chicken got the compliment! Wheeee! We had fun while eating. Tengku sang us some song especially when me, Sammy and him were on the “Feeling Rock” facing the sea. We shared stories while the others were busying burning the food. Hahaha… Ayun and Hamroud were busy wit their “so-called-man-made-Unggun”! Soo cute the Unggun! We finished eating and kemasing around 12 o’clock midnight and everybody went to sleep later that night. We had to combine our bed together to accommodate three man sleeping. Huhuhu I slept in the middle since I’m the cutest and tiniest!
Picture : (Above) The Fad-mermaid Picture : (Right) Me wit my sand-name

DAY 03 (19th August)

Fad's 158 Boat... tired after a whole day action

I woke up early for Subuh Praying. That morning was so refreshing. After waking up Tengku and Sammy to pray, I decided to take a walk along the beach. I went to Ayun’s room and called Naim to join me as he was also in the need to go to the beach. We walked together. I asked him some kiddies questions regarding Ayun, the trip, bla bla bla, etc. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was just beginning to rise and the air was soo fresh that we can feel the wind pushing us off the beach. Hmmph!! Me likey that situation! We saw some foreigners had already taking their morning bath in the sea. Gosh! How can they do dat while it’s still cold in the morning? Buhu! I LIrrEc Lx oAqsmEq~ hehehe…. ;p

By the time we reached our room, breakfast was served! Haha… Fad brought the Nasi Lemak that he ordered earlier from a woman called Mek Dah and the Nasi Lemak was really good! It has Sardine inside the Sambal. Owh Terengganu people eat Nasi Lemak wit Fish Sambal. I was told that they like it that way. It’s different from Selangor people who eat nasi lemak wit chicken, ikan bilis or sotong Sambal. But it’s okey.. it tasted good! I ate them happily! Haha… we had a really nice breakfast while chit chatting wit the others. Plan for the day? Kayaking in the morning and Snorkeling in the evening.

We went straight to the beach around 9.30 am and booked for the kayaks. We were told to come back around 10.30 am when the kayaks are readied! So we played some time along the beach before actually start our kayak activities! The kayak activity was really fun. I was partnered with Tengku and we were undefeated! We won every race! Hahaha…. We traveled quite far with those Kayak. Thank god we were given the Lifevest or else we might not dare to go far from the beach! Hahaha…

We started our snorkeling adventure around 2.30 pm on board Uncle Hussin boat! There were 4 spots altogether that we went for snorkeling. The first spot was just for us to see the corals. I met Hanief Zain and Boss here. What a coincidence! Haha…. They went there wit their classmates. There are about 30++ of them altogether. 2nd spot was the place where we can see the turtle. Uncle Hussin asked us to dive near the place where he saw the Turtle. Owh the turtle was soo cute. Owh I actually saw 2 turtles! One was really lazy… walking slowly and the other was active…. Swimming rapidly. Hehe… how nice this living creature is. That was my first time seeing a live turtle in action. The third spot was actually for us to see the baby sharks but we were unfortunate because we didn’t have the chance to see one. How unfortunate but the corals here are extremely beautiful! Me likey! And at the last spot, we saw sooo many beautiful fishes swimming surrounding us! Too many of them! Haha… nice and beautiful though.

Whee!!! Going to see the sun set!

Back in the hotel, we had our dinner. Early dinner to be correct. My Nasi Goreng Ayam without Telur was the same price wit other nasi goring wit Telur! Cis! It cost me RM11 for the NGA and a glass of 100 plus. Fad got a call from Uncle Hussin who offered if anyone wanted to go to the long beach in Pulau Perhentian Kecil. We had to pay RM20 each to go there. He said that the food there is cheaper and we can also see Sun Set there. We accepted the offer and prepared ourselves for our last night on Perhentian Island.

Some views from the Pulau Kecil

The trip to the small island took us around 15 minutes and I can see the beautiful scenery of the sun set from inside the boat. After landed on the small island, we rushed ourselves to the other side of the Island to see the sun set. We had to go through a really long journey inside the forest in order to get there. And finally after 10 minutes we reached the sun set bay! Hohoho it was soo beautiful! If only we were earlier say 5 minutes we might get more beautiful scene! Haha.. but its ok! Sangat cantix! Huhuhuhu and then we had our last dinner on Perhentian Island at a restaurant along the Bubu Long Beach. The food there was not bad. After eating, we planned for tomorrow’s departure before going back to our Hotel with Uncle Hussin. Back at the Hotel, we packed our things, left out any unnecessary things, items, foods, etc. We had that last night sleep happily! (But Tengku claimed that he didn’t sleep at all dat night…. Huhuhu but I did hear some snoring from his side of the bed.) kui kui kui….

DAY 04 (20th August)

We woke up early dat morning settling up things, took our bath and breakfast! Light breakfast wit some Biskut Marie provided by Sammy. The boat was earlier than schedule.. fantastic! Hahaha…. We took the boat to the main land and we were quite sad to leave Perhentian Island~ isk isk.. bye bye…. We took our cars from the Parking Garage provided there and off we go heading for Kuala Terengganu! To Ku Chik’s house~ picking up some stuffs that we left. HAHA…

Time to go home!! Breakfast somewhere in Terengganu

In Kuala Terengganu, we dropped by at Kampung Losong to buy some Keropok Lekor and that place was crowded with Makcik Makcik Kepoh and Pakcik Pakcik Angkuh~ hahaha…. Benci dorang! TAK RETI nak queue! Nak berebut2…. Tulah fenomena makcik2 yg dah ketinggalan zaman dan kekurangan adat! Pastu nak maki maki plak tu! Adoi.. nasib baik tempat orang.. muahahaha..

And the rest of the story~ we went back home safely~ Alhamdulillah.. Amin~

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