Friday, August 08, 2008

Zu Lied Horen Gegesen


Another week passed by and here I am... typing this post feeling like there's nothing interesting for me to type here anymore! huhuhu... u know it's really hard to find the correct words to start my post!! kui kui nak cari ilham tu susah lah ploak! hu hu hu

During OBE Taklimat! Boring~

At Najwa's new house... Me, Dina, Yaya, Azreen and Laila

Let me start with Najwa's sis' wedding on the 1st of August. The wedding was held in Najwa's new crib and the house is soooooo Biggy!!!!! and beautiful too... I met some of my old schoolmates there including Dina, Azreen, Yana, Yaya, Habeeb, etc and we had some time chit chatting, exchanging stories, bla bla "stuffs that u usually do whenever u meet ur old friends". Actually that night was the AKAD NIKAH's night and the bride and bridegroom were soooooo gorgeous in white! hehe me likey2 whitey!! Mak asked me to accompany her the next day to the Bersanding Night at The Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah Alam.

Me and Erwan.. a Bowling Maestro

This Friday, there is gonna be a Bowling Tournament specially for Civil Engineering Students. Some of my friends participate in that tournament. For the past 3 days, I think I've been to Ole Ole Section 18 watching them practicing their skills and sometimes I joined them playing. It's fun to play bowling eventhough u're not good at it. We used to play bowling every week during our diploma times while there were still Tengku, Poie and Shaff in the group. Hehe.. memories~ :)

Ze Clan~

Main Ba Ba Chak plak Mira nie


Me and Hamroud met Dr Azmi at his house last monday and he was soo kewl! I think I'm starting to understand Dr Azmi's style on conducting things. He gave us some morale support and motivational advice and I like it. It encourages me to start doing up my FYP works each time I met him! hopefully he can be a really good help to me for this semester and next's.

Guitar Session with Leia and her niece

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