Monday, May 12, 2008

MPO 2!

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra's performance last night was a big one I think! It was a really "Two Thumbs Up!"!! And to my great surprise.... all my friends watched the show till the end! hahaha... I thought there might be some SLeeping Partners laa last night.. But, it didn't happen. Thank god!. Owh Fad didn't join us watching the show due to some technical problems! (Which I dont need to mention here).

A big respect to Paul Mann who conducted the show incredibly!! He got some styles and skills you know. Some unique conducting techniques he showed us last night! And my favorite song last was the West Side Story and the Soloist performance by Phillip Arkinstall. We had fun! Total fun!

The remaining Three Musketeers

Some few performances in line coming up next! On the 14th June... a piano concert!! Stephen Hough will be playing! And I got some invitations for P. Ramlee the musical on the 3rd June!! wow! KewL~ can't wait!

And the worst thing is I'mm going for Sungai Siput tomorrow morning! Wish me luck ey~ hehehehe practical practical practical!

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