Friday, May 16, 2008

Sungei Siput

The papan Projek!

So here am I. Back in Shah Alam, my beloved home town! It feels good being back here! but I admit it.. it was a fun experience being in Sungai Sipot, working on site, with those funny+interesting people back there every day! I miss them already~ hehe... dont worry.. I'll be back in 2 weeks insya Allah! So, the purpose of this post is to share wit u guys some of my stories in Sungai Sipot! Unforgettable stories! Sweet memories laa kind of. :p so.. where should I begin? hmm...
Picture : (Right) Site Office Interior

The journey to Sungai Sipot Perak took 2 and a half hours. (Off course direct journey laa.. no stopping2..) and I was driving wit average 120 km/h dunno wether u guys might reach there earlier! hahaha... I was travelling alone since Kak Norul had some paperwoks to be submitted on Wednesday. I hate waiting as u can see.. so I've decided to drive alone from Shah Alam to Sungai Sipot. Hati kering lah lebih kurang... Owh btw, that was my first time in Sungai Sipot! haha thanx to my small friend GARMIN, without his help, I might take 3 hours (maybe 4)!. haha actually it's fun driving alone since u can sing, dance, nose-picking (Euww), etc without anybody noticing! haha
Picture : (Above) Nampak tu ade lori terbaliK! and ade my GARMIN friend gak

Okey throughout my journey to Sungai Sipot, I met with some scary accidents! And all of them involved lorries! wuuuu takut wuuuu.... lori besaq besaq... terbaliq ada... tegulek dalam gaung ada..... etc! Which made me extra-cautious while driving! But I continued my journey happily+seramly.... haha.... Owh there is this one place near Ipoh... (Still kat Highway punye area) .... sooo beautiful mountainous scenery! I feel like climbing the mountain and guling2 on top of it! But I realized quickly that such thing won't happen since I'm afraid of heights! hahaha but trust me... it's sooo beautiful! Hurm....
Picture : (Right) The upgraded Track!

With the help of my little Garmin and a sketch provided by Kak Norul, I arrived safely at Ibsul Holdings' Site Office in Sungai Sipot! I hesitated to enter the office in the first place. (Sebab office die nampak cam rumah hantu dari luar..) I turned the door knob and enter! Two lembagas were in the office... Lady lembagas... and from my first impression, I knew that they were older than me! hahahaha 2 kakaks! And I didnt know their names dat time and they didn't show any intention to introduce themselves! I just labeled them Specky-Gurl-1 and Specky-Gurl-2 HAHAHA..... and the no.1 looks more friendly and funny while no.2 is kinda sirius and boring! HAHAHA (Jangan marah kak Shima (No.2)) <-- if u're reading this. Picture : (Above) Sub Contractor - IRCON International Limited
Owh Syukri was there with me during my first day! hahaha Jaya Jusco ey~ Bukan main

The third person I met dat day was Abang Ajemal. Owh he's sooo kewl and relax! His face reminds me of dat Ali Setan's actor and I forgot his name! hehe... and he was the one in charged of handling me for dat day. And I still remember our first conversation. It sounded sumthing like this "Relax lah dulu kan? baru je sampai kan?? Tak payah susah susah buat kerja lagi~" Hahaha.. Bagus Abg Ajemal nie! I Like! I was taken to their house (Ajemal's) and stayed there for the first 3 days. There were 8 people living there (If I'm not mistaken laaa..) and most of them were from the Surveying team. Some of them are married and some of them single and some are still under investigation! huhuhu... but I recall some of their names... there are this Abang Mad Nor, Abg Amin, Acik Banting and few more. But they are all kind people! Me likey! hehehhe :)

Stesen Keretapi Chemor

The next day, Tuesday, 13th May 2008. I started as usual around 8 a.m. After reporting in, we (Abg Ajemal's team and I) had our breakfast at the canteen just opposite of our Ibsul Holdings Site Office. The nasi lemak there is quite OK laaa... and with reasonable price also! In the office, I was being introduced to my Supervisor, Abg Fendi. OWh men.. he looks really like my Cousin Abg Fahim! But he's cooler than Abg Fahim laaaa coz he got proper job! hahaha. I was ready for my first Site Visit on board Abg Fendi's Suzuki Jimmy! hahaha..... lawak kereta Abg Fendi nie... die takde lantai kat tempat penumpang nie... gayat! ahahaa
Picture : (Above) ABg Ajemal

The labours are welding the track

We visited the site where the Welding process was carried on. There are 2 types of weld being used throughout this project. And we were visiting the Flash Butt Weld welding today! Owh I havent told u about the project ey?~ The project is Rehabilitation of bla bla bla... I forgot but to make it simple... it involves upgrading the existing railway tracks from Sungai Sipot to Padang Rengas train station. So among the processes that involved in the project are welding, tamping, regulating and changing panels! So we are now observing the welding process! and it's cool! seeing the welding process live! and it's not the same as the common welding process. I'm talking about welding using a machine! And the machine was being operated by Bangladeshi/Indian labour. And the chiefs were there also. Mr Manoj Kumar and Mohan Rao! huhuhu...

And for welding, first the rail are set into position! with the correct allignment, same height, parallel to each other and only than can they be welded together! As simple as that! "that is what so special about this USD3.8 mil machine can do! You just set, put, and it welds!" <-- says Mr Dunno what his name is... fatty fatty sket but wore sunglasses! (Nampak cam Salman Khan).
Picture : (Left) After completing our task... we go for fishing!
So... that's all I think for my first 2 days! Will update for the rest of the DAYS later ey~ I pon cam dah penat nieh! takde Idea sangat nak taip! hahahaihaohaa

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