Thursday, May 01, 2008

Exam~ - Dah nak Habis!

Peace! (Bukan PEES ok!)

4 papers down and one more left to be taken tomorrow morning. Further Mechanic Solid is tomorrow. It's gonna be my last paper for this semester! Weeee!! Seronok seronok! I can't wait to finish this semester! But off course I'll finish it unHAPPIly laa... I did bad in some of the final examination papers. Especially Highway and Traffic Engineering! Hurmm... really appreciate it if Puan Nurbaya can mark the paper KINDly... huhhu... same goes with Advanced Structural Steel Design! Hmph!

Funniest picture posted ever! Hope sangat2 gf Ham tgk gamba nie! HAHHAA

Hamroud tgh ade problem ngan GF die kat phone pon still sempat amik gamba

Eventhough it's Examination Week, we can still managed to fit in some entertaining activities during the gaps between papers! hohoho...... I think within last week's gap, we watched 3 movies (kot.) I watched Forbidden Kingdom twice and Iron Man (yesterday).

PBBC Still menang GAMBAR TERCOMEL ok! haha

Forbidden Kingdom was soooooo funny and full with excitement! Even watching it for the second time, I still laughed at some of the comedy parts! Jackie Chan was soooo KEWL~!! partnered with the serious Jet Li makes the movie more interesting! And for Iron Man plak, honestly I think the movie is average laa.... normal aje... (I'm not really into a superhero movie) hehe.. but Tony Stark tu sangat kewl!! hehehe
Picture : (left) Wit PEES leader Azalea

We ate Alien Vs Predator gak smalam!! HUHUHU lamenye tak makan~ yum2 still sedap as usual~ keh keh keh.

Makcik chinese tu pon sempat posing! bukan main!

So.. guys.. wish me luck in my examination tomorrow!! huhuhuhu ;p

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