Friday, May 09, 2008

Practical Training Day 01

First Day of Practical
Thursday 8/5/2008

So we began our practical training today! We picked up Ayun at Sec 2 bus stand and then we had our breakfast at Restoran Gembira. All 3 of us were quiet and nervous at that time. We were like imagining how would the environment be inside Ibsul Holdings SDN BHD! But all that nervous feelings vanished once our foods arrived! eating time! Wheee.. ;p

Picture : (Right) Ibsul Holdings

8.45 am, we arrived at level 13 Plaza Masalam where our office is. It was sooo quiet and spooky. We explored the whole level except for the main door which hold the sign "IBSUL HOLDINGS SDN BHD". We thought that the door was locked. After a few minutes, I forced myself to push the glass door! Hehey... it opened! ;p we got in quietly so dat no one will ever notice. We sat on the sofas prepared at the lobby. We waited for about 2 minutes then only the first person appeared! He greeted us with his smile. He has this Alim Alim face laa... and we didn't know his name. So we just assumed his name.

Duhh.... can't u see dat we're working~?? ;p Ayun

10 minutes later, a guy came in. He looked quite macho lah kot... but wit this "Sombong" kinda face laa... From the first time I saw him, I started to hate him! hahahaha.. and we called him "BORHAN". And he kept on going inside and outside of the office 4 or 5 times laaa which made us MUAK! hmm.. but who cares... not important pon dat guy. Huhuhu... Few minutes later, our Saviour came, Kak Wan! hehe.... She's cool... trust me... really2 cool~ and she took us inside the office and guided us to our table.

Me, Ayun and Fad share the same longg desk. We were being introduced to some of the people there. Most of them were Makcik2 and Akak2. Most of them are very kind people laaa... I like them! Especially Kak Wan tu... sangat kewl and funny!
Picture : (Left) Fad wit some Binding works that I've done.

We were briefed about current projects handled by Ibsul Holdings. We were being interviewed by the Project Manager Encik Jalal on phone. There are currently projects in Tumpat Kelantan, Sungai Sipot Perak, Bangsar, Istana Budaya, Parlimen KL and Bangi. I got the Sungai Sipot's project. The project involves constructing Railway between Padang Rengas and Sungai Sipot. Hmm... after having some deep thinking... I think Sungai Sipot is ok! hahaha

Fad is poyoing wit da drawings

Fad got the Bangi's project while Ayun at Bangsar. Cis! dorang punye sume dekat2! tak adil! Besides some Binding Works, Photocopying and some chit chatting wit da Akak and Makciks, we were given the Contract Details for our respective site! We have to study the details and try to memorise some key informations! Hmmph fed up!

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