Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeay! Depart Depart!


My second day started as usual. Woke up early in the morning, had my breakfast wit da fello uncles. At the office, as usual.. those 2 kakaks were there doing their works! I sat alone at the table, surfing the internet and waited for Abg Fendi to arrive.

This guy is sooo cool wit machine!

We were to see the tamping and regulating processes. Tamping is generally a process of realignment and leveling the existing track while regulating is the process of compacting the crusher runs around the track. Both of these processes are carried out using extra-complicated+complex machines and the machines are soooo kewl! ahahhaa... I've recorded some videos of the machines and maybe I'll upload it when I've got the chance. :)

Regulating~ tam da dam


Last night we had Kenduri Selamat and Bacaan Yassin at Wan Pok's house. We were praying for the safety of those who are gonna be Allah's guest this month. Besides my family, Andak Din's family also are going, together with Wan Pok (My grandmama) , Yong (My mom's eldest sister) , Kak Ayu (Yong's eldest daughter) and Alang (Mak's third eldest sister).

Mari kita baca yassin~

The majlis was conducted by Pak Ngah who is going to Jakarta today and it was fun to gather the whole family before going to Umrah together! hehehe.. I miss the year 2000's trip where most of our family members were there in Mecca performing Umrah! hehehe really hope someday we can go there again, together, the whole family! hehe

The kidsssss

Wan Khalifah


Wan Muzaffar

So guys.. this is it... I think this will be my final post for this month. Hope to see u guys again in a fortnight ey~ akhir kata... mintak maaf banyak2 dari hujung jari ingga ujung rambut.... kot2 ade terkasar bahasa and keterlanjuran kata... halalkan makan minum ey~ hehe ;p (P/s : khas tuk nashrif.... ingat wasiat aku.. u're still the wasiat keeper! hahaha)

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