Monday, September 29, 2008

2 more days to go

Hurmm.. first of all let me tell u guys how disappointed I am when I watched Arsenal - Hull match last weekend. It was really an embarrassing display of Arsenal side that I've never seen before! So many chances yet a foolish show of finishing touches by the danm strikers! Hmph... I was like "Ek eleh.... next time make sure u send those 19 years of age team to play laa Wenger!" hadoi.... Arsenal are quite sputid without Samir Nasri I think... recover quickly please! hadoi.

Kedai Kopi's Latte.. Sedap!

24th Day - Rumah!
Today I finished my Environment Presentation during Dr Fozi's class and straight after his class, I sent my car to section 15 for 20,000 km service. Due to some headache, I skipped the whole evening's classes. Without feeling any guiltiness. I had to! It wasn't my fault. Rather than going to class blanky headed, it's better for me to stay and rest at home kan kan?? Thanx Azalea for helping me out during dat day! Owe u one! hik hik hik... :)

Yana, Zulie and Me

Zulie and Me

Night time... I attended Zulie's Farewell Gathering lah konon2... but there were only 5 participants je pun. Me, Zulie, Yana, Hiddie and Farahliza. :) Zulie will be off to Scotland on the following Friday. And we had some memorable discussions, bla bla etc etc. At Kedai Kopi lama. HEHE.... bye bye Zulie... sorry for not being available that Friday morning in KLIA. :) Sorry

On the 25th day, we went for our break at Carl's Jr Sunway Pyramid and it was a fantastic one! I hardly finished my burger and so did the others. We waited at the table starting from 4.00 pm because the "Abang Burger" said that we can't reserve the tables there. Thank god Ziela brought sum stufs to do. She had to make another 4 extra MPG invitation cards for the lecturers. As usual, I ate the Super Star.

Hehey.. same colour!! Buhu! Coincidence k!?

After having our break and prayed the Maghrib prayer, we jalan2 inside the Pyramid looking for sum nice stuffs that can be used for our happiness! Ahaks... Siti and Ziela bought some J.Co donuts. Gosh... it's been a long time since I last ate delicious donuts!! I didn't eat one since I had a full stomach! Some more food addition might result in utter fatness!! Fad said that "Mak ai.. kau dah buncit!" (while touching my perut (Geli plak)" Haha.... but we took a lot of pixchas dat day. What a wonderful day! (sambil nyanyi macam chorus lagu Louis Armstrong)

Sammy, Ziela, Me and Leia

Fad, Myra, Siti, Leia, Ziela, AB, Kak Jia, Sammy and Jijie

PBBC Lagi@@

Sibuk je Sammy

Whee ;p

Birdie yg Manje

26th Day - Umah Dato's Shafiee
Kak Jia called early in the morning asking me to come to the Faculty. We still had an unfinished business wit the invitation cards. Since I am the communication AJK, it's my duty to make sure all the cards have been passed to the respective lecturers! How pathetic! I was disturbed on my first day of raya holiday! Hurmmm....


That evening, we went to Dato' Shafiee's. He was having an open house sort of thingy. It was his birthday. Owh Happy Birthday to Mummy Poko also. She was born on the same day as Dato' Shafiee's! hahaha.... sooo happy for both of them! Owh the cake was really nice. Secret Recipe's... patutlah. :) hehe... I was being introduced to Shauki's Uzbekistan friends. Sammy and Ali and Ali looks really like Park Ji Sung! hahaha... and now I know that Uzbekistan's language is quite similar wit Turkish! haha.. We chatted some in Turkish. (Off course those words that I'm familiar with... like Bir Iki Uch Dort..... Ne kadar Yas? Isim? Yirme Uch, Tarkan, Serdar Ortac, Tesekkur and Elma. Haha they were sooo proud of me. Thanx guys!

The Jogging Crew

All of my parents' jogging friends were there. They had a joyous chit chats and I was being left alone, unfriendly, sad and just observing those cute and pretty girls student of Datin Mas eating and boraking at the Majlis. Owh some of them were really a pretty ones. Wow! I was impressed. And I noticed some of the names too. There was one Farhana, and ... ermm.... Farhana... and Farhana.. HAHAHA... Shauki laa yg sebut. nasib baik cute betul... hihihi.. ;p oops.. Ramadhan beb Ramadhan.

I introduced Mummy Poko to en Jalal, my Project Manager back in Sungai Siput. He was like malu2 plus some sengih2 simpul when my mum said "OooOooo inilah the infamous En. Jalal ey? haha" (off course without the Haha.. I added that up happily) :) we were sooo happy dat day!

My first picture using Ixus!

27th Day - Uncle Lee's
Owh I was sooo happy today! We went to SenQ this morning and I bought this so called Canon IXUS 85 IS. I was happy. So happy actually. AHAHA. (:p wekk!) dunno why I was happy... I just did. It was a great camera and all my friends said the same thing. Might be pretending or pura puraing.. but who cares. It is reallyx3 nice. Me likey. :) hehe.. owh ya.. I also received free tripod, 2 memory cards (2GB) and a leather casing. Waaaaa... sukenye saye!

Mak, Utfah and Kak Jia

Abah went to KL meeting up wit somebody which left me the only available family members to bring Mummy poko to Uncle Lee's majlis. We had a light break, maghrib prayer (exclude the "light" in this task.. there's no such thing) and off we go~ Uncle Lee's house! Most of my mum's siblings were there. Uda Lah was the only absentee for the day. Uncle Lan is getting seriously ill I think lately. pity them.

Ze Cute Crew Cousins (Tripple C)

Yeay! Me Lovey Ziad.. the SIHAT one

Mak, Pak Ngah and Kak Jia

Owh Awateef is now a speaking machine! hahaha.... I like her really2 much!! Accidentally I sat next to her while eating. And I heard a garau voice.. "Ayam.... Ayam...." (Zombie mode..) I turned to my left and found the small-cutish-gothic look-girl wit a comot face and was like starring at me.... pleading for the chickens. Wahaha.... I've never saw her like dat. The last time I came to grab her.. she was like running away from me plus some crying voices! Arghh hated her soo much. But now I like her new style. So.. I siat"ed" (The verb is siat) the chickens and put it on her plate. We ate happily... until a few minutes... I heard another voice.. "Ayam.... Ayam..." haha... she finished them all!!! wahahaha... I had to go back inside... picking another ketul ayam... and siat'ed' for her... and she continued eating.. sooo cute! please look at her pixcha below... and might be u get some idea of the situation. hehe..

Hye guys... me name Awateef...

10 minutes later.... still eating..

another 10s.... wow! dah tuka partner.. still eating

Ayam Ayam~

Finally aBis!! Love Awateef!

Went back early to follow Leia and Co.s to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman finding some Baju Melayu Buttons and Baldu Songkok! Heeee Me likey jalan2 but the fact that the place is full of people made me sick! Aiyo!! benci!! Rempits most of all... but.. what can we do.. it's a free country rite!? :D hehe... have to throw that selfish feelings out of me.

Tgok Awateef tu... dah ubah bajU!! hehe

Futsal after Uncle Lee's

28th Day - Kayu Manis
My baju melayu is using the materials that were meant for Abah's Baju Melayu. Ooo pity him.... Mummy Poko was soo mad at the tailor. Among all the Bajus, mine were the most perfect ones. He had the cutting right, the workmanship is great but the only problem is dat he used my Dad's materials for my Baju Melayu. Hmm.. mak sedih.. x same kaler ngan Abah... but me! But takpelah.... terima aje ape yg ade... rite?? :)

Liyana Z, Me and Fifie

We had our break at Kayu Manis (again...) wit Syukri, Fifi, Dira and Liyana Z. It was just like the old days ey~? The 5 of us... hanging out together, some photos, aB's magic and cuteness... some Handsomeness, and Syukri's annoying acts! Arghh! hate it!... hehe.. as usual the food were great and we had some photoshoots using mi IXUS! hehe.. happy2!!!

Muke kelaparan.

Dah kenyang! Yeay!

Night time, Boys night out! hanging out wit the fellow Brother Bears, planning on our Buka Puasa together tomorrow (Isnin) at Khulafa BistrO! yeay!! happy wit my life.!! counting days... 2 days to Hari Raya... Amin~ hope this Eid will be the greatest one of all!! :) Bye bye.. toodles!

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