Saturday, September 13, 2008

Allahumma Salli Alaih Wasallam

Hey guys! I must say that I'm feeling pretty sad that time passes really fast during this Ramadhan. It's now what... the 13th day of the fasting month I guess. Hurmm.... to get nearer to Syawal means to get nearer to the end of semester and there are still a lot more works that need to be done. Especially for my FYP. I need to find Waste Glass! so.. anybody who has any idea where I might find them.. do contact me.. please! I'm thinking of Pendaflour Glass... Dr Azmi told me it's much more easier to break. Come on come on~ hurmm...

Life's getting a lot more confusing lately. Suddenly I dont have my best friends to rely on. Everybody is busy wit their works and studies. I found out that I'm alone! hahaha.... come on cuti! show yourself! I really need a cuti break now! to see my friends (especially those from overseas) and to eat some Kuih Raya off course! Uda Lah! dont forget my Sarang Semut!

Fasting is becoming more and more enjoying for the past few days. I was having my break at some various places. I enjoy eating outside. Regardless of with whom. Thinking of making a Majlis Berbua Puasa at my house one of these upcoming last 10 days. That's the only time where I can gather all my friends at the same time. Yeay! looking forward to it! hehe.. :D

There's not much happenings in UiTM lately. I've been elected the adviser for our batch's Final Year Dinner for next semester. We had our first meeting yesterday and two person from each Major were selected by a few of the students present. We discussed roughly about what the event will look like next sem. Thank god, most of them are reliable peorson. I must say that I'm a bit thrilled wit some of the suggestions and ideas they came up with. Hopefully it will become one of the best dinners which I've involved in. Our batch will grow bigger next semester. Heard of students from Penang Branch Campus will be joining us here in Shah Alam due to an unexplainable reason. Well... my arms are wide opened to welcome u guys! hehehek....

Conclusion :
List of places I went for break my fast (not showing off k? I just need it for the record!) :
  • 5th Day (5/9/08) - Golf Club Sect 13 (Uncle Ridhwan's)
  • 6th Day (6/9/08) - Dira's house
  • 7th Day (7/9/08) - Kg Delek
  • 8th Day (8/9/08) - Mein Haus
  • 9th Day (9/9/08) - Pak Long's Surau
  • 10th Day (10/9/08) - Kenny Rogers
  • 11th Day (11/9/08) - Mein Haus
  • 12th Day (12/9/08) - Serai sect 3
Anybody who wants to give any ideas regarding the MPG may do so.... ok? jangan takut2! hik hik hik

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