Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Week Of Ramadhan

Carrom anybody?

Hey guys! Let see.. tomorrow will mark the 20th day of Ramadhan!! Gosh!! So fast ey?? We are now 10 days from celebrating the month of Syawal! Which means Hari Raya Aidil Fitri! For the past 2 days I've been busy buying and writing Hari Raya cards to be delivered to my fellow friends! Hehe I'm kind of murah kezeki sket this year that I decided to send Hari Raya cards! Huhu.. so... just wait lah ye kawan2~ Kalau dapat... dapatlah~ kalau tak dapat, tak dapat lah~..

Everybody except Aus Tucker is sleeping during the EIS presentation day!

Mi Partner!! 5 kali terserempak ngan Dr Fozi on Monday! :p

So on the 13th and 14th of Ramadhan last week, I opened my fasting at home. My mum was quite angry of me having my BERBUKA outside. She was like "Kau ni tak abis abis buka luar aje! bile nak buka kat rumah?" So... I followed her order willingly and we're both happy! hahaha.. :p Arsenal won dat night... they defeated Blackburn while Manchester United lost 1-2 to Liverpool at Anfield. :)

Menanti Makanan di Kayu Manis (Green Army)

Juadah Berbuka di Kayu Manis

On monday, the 15th Ramadhan, I rushed to Syafiq Kamil's house for their tution class before having our "Berbuka Puasa" at Kayu Manis Bukit Jelutong. Owh the food here is soooo nice! and with quite reasonable price laaa... Me, Kak Jia, Leia, Nashrif and Mira were all happy and hope to go there again some other time! Sangat sedap wooo.. try laa kawan2 ey~?

An evening in Bukit Jelutong

I was handed the AJK Perhubungan by Kak Jia for their MPG on tuesday. I attended their meeting and they were all voicing out their opinions and ideas. It sounded nice and I really hope the event will be a successful one! :) I've delivered some sponsorship letters to my mother's friends and I've only received one reply so far! hehe... from Dyana Jewels... sponsoring a gold bracelet! cheywah.. bukan main! :p

Meeting MPG. It's a rare event to see Aleem smiles in a picture. Haha

Most annoying partner EVER!

Owh... starting from next semester, there will be no more Diploma Friends of mine hanging around the faculty. :) I'll be all alone next semester! hehe.... it might feel a bit awkward to wondering along those corridors, those classroom without my old friends! But its okey I guess since my new friends are all sporting though! :) can't wait for my days in UiTM to end! It will be one of the saddest days in my life.. especially the Graduation Day! Hmm.... sabar aB... one more sem to go!

Mi Boss!

On the same day, my family and I had our break at That Restoran Terapung behind Plaza Alam Sentral. All my parents' jogging friends were present on that day. The food was sooooo delicious wit varieties of style to choose from! The place was soo crowded wit people queuing to take their food, drinks, etc. There goes my 16th day of Ramadhan! :)

Restoran Terapung Tasik Shah Alam

That night Azalea treated us Baskin Robins! hehe.... sedap betul Brownie Ala Mode! Me likey2! Buhu!! thanx Azalea... u're da best! =D

Wednesday was Public Holiday for Selangor. On that day we celebrated Nuzul Quran. I remember Stephanie asked me what is so special about that day. Hahaha... so, an easy answer would be "that was the day our prophet Muhammad started receiving messages from God which later being compiled into our Holy Book the Al-Quran." Buka puasa at KFC Shah Alam Mall wit Leia, Ayun, Ziela, Pai, Wan Nurul, Nashrif, Syamira and Fadlullah.... Tuition classes filled up my whole day schedule... starting from 9 am until 6 pm! direct! But I managed to squeeze some time spent with Leia and Kokya at Mont Kiara. Huhu we went for the Warehouse Sale tu.... yg ade brand2 besar tu... tapi tak best pon! haha

The 18th day, earlier in the morning I received some sad messages from my students telling me they did bad in their LK examination. :( sooo sad.... but from what I heard, I know that the questions were quite tough with insufficient time provided. But its okeylah student! There's still time to prepare and study kan?? :p study harder laaa... ur beloved teacher ni is always there to assist u guys! hehe. I was flattered when I received an sms around 12 noon from Mira Edora inviting me for break-fasting at Kenny Rogers Alam Sentral!. hehehe.. Aleeza is going to treat us she said. And there I was.. joining them.... Aqilah was there, Aleeza and Mira also.. with another 2 poyo boys! Thanx Aleeza! hehehe

Fellow Students!

Before that, during the evening, me, Leia, Jijie and Kak Jia went to Kelab Shah Alam. Kak Jia wanted to settle sumthing up regarding their MPG. Jijie asked the receptionist wether the piano is available to be played? can we play the piano? huhuhu.... the Akak said that we can. So I played the piano while Jijie recorded using her HP. I received an offer from an Uncle dat day. He asked me to play for the club... haha.. every Friday night! Wow!!! And the Uncle is the General Manager!! He gave me his business card and I'm still waiting for the decision to come out!! still thinking! Buhu! ;p

On Our Kelab Shah Alam Day!

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