Friday, September 05, 2008


Hye guys.... It's been a while since I last posted for this blog.. huhu... I ran out of ideas~ and some busy moments finishing my assignments, preparing for tests, bla bla... hmph pathetic! But thank god, I think the remaining tests will be held after our Hari Raya Holidays! wheeee :) Time passes by really fast! I mean for this semester laa..... We're now in the 3rd month of the semester which means another one and a half months more to go before it ends. Hmmm.... =(

First day Of Ramadhan ari tu pon dah ade tusyen.. :(

Talking about Hari Raya... I remember last year during end of Ramadhan, we were with Mr Goh in his Numerical class and he asked us to make a public speech within 3 minutes... and I made a speech about Hari Raya. Mt Goh was really cool dat day! We knew finally how good he is on that final class. Some preparations for Hari Raya have been made but , shopping invitations are still acceptable! wakakaw This year, my Baju Raya is Purple/Dark Blue and Orange/Brown in colour! hahaha.. dunno the exact colour... mum told me so.

Yesterday... Nash's car broke down..

I'm not really into politic talks but this 16th september issue really makes me anxious. I can't really wait for that date to actually come! huhu.... I dunno which side I am actually, but one thing is for sure... we're gonna suffer some (or might be a lot) IF those things are going to happen! hehe... so guys... just Sit Down and See laa~ hu hu...

Joe... can't wait anymore.... he's starving to death... Yesterday's Buka Puasa

Ramadhan is here and today is the fifth day of Ramadhan. :) Hmm let see... I can still remember where I break my fast on those 4 days... hehe

1st Day (1/9/08) - Pak Long's Mosque
2nd Day (2/8/08) - Azalea's house
3rd Day (3/9/08) - My House
4th Day (4/9/08) - Amin Thai Kitchen

Pot Luck at Azalea's house was the best so far~ We had fun eating and chit chatting... Sammy's chicken was superb!!! But I didnt have the chance to really enjoy the food... stomach ache attacked me... and nashrif. Haha Benci betul! Owh I got the chance to know Kak Jia's lil sis.. Siham... she's a really kewl Girl!! with a unique voice! hurmm.. bagus bagus.... Lookin' forward to see u again some other time! haha

Bergembire Di Rumah Leia

More happy things will come to you this Ramadhan.. trust me... It will actually happen if u believe in it! So... treat this month fairly aite?~ treat others nicely.... bring the ibadahs into ur nights... :) Just relax ur mind and fill these upcoming 24 days nicely... Amin....

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