Sunday, October 01, 2006

8 Ramadhan

I feel like a loser today.... huhuu... I woke up at 10 I think when my cousin came to my house.. Abg Wafi... hurmm... it's been a long time since the last time I met him. He said that he's working wit Astro now... owh... he's a kind of man without a steady job laa... ksian.. HAHA

Owh guess what... this year I'm gonna give my cousins duit raya.. Hahaha.... maybe to my students too... kah kah... bertuahnye korang dapat cikgu pemurah cam kite ni kan??? hik hik hik...

Owh.. back to Abg Wafi... he did sumthing this morning which I hate.. Arghh!!!! benci!!! then he told me to keep it as a secret between us.. hhurm... lantak hang laaa.....

Semayang Terawikh sangat laju ari ni kat Masjid Negeri... so happy sket... Imam Besar Masjid menunjukkan kehebatan... I Lyke~! At D.E 8 , we watched Man United game while planning for our "Majlis Berbuka Puase" tomorrow at Alam Sentral...

  • Owh.. lately saye rase saye sangat happy laa... dalam semua aspek.. haha
  • Owh.. yesterday I taught some of my students to play "ROYAL FLUSH" hihihi... they liked it
  • Hehey.. Arsenal won again!!! huhuhuhu
  • Thanx Marie for the One Tree Hill season 3!!!

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