Monday, October 02, 2006

Kenny Kenny Rogerzzzz

Well... 9th Ramadhan... we (football guys) buke puase at Kenny Rogers Alam Sentral. Eight of us all together (Me, Iji, Iji's friend, Kerol, Papa, Joe, Habeeb, Izzat). Luckily for me that I had ordered food for me, Kerol and Papa earlier so by the time we arrived, our food was there, ready on the table. We had a really enjoyable time this evening eventhough there were only eight of us. Haha... papa was really upset being teased by Joe.. huhuhuhu.. They had a winning eleven match earlier which, Papa was unlucky, he lost!!!.. huhuhu...

Ijie's friend, Lydia is a quiet girl. Maybe being surrounded by 7 handsome guys made her speechless.. Haha kiddin' Ijie.. ;p

We were talking about football stuffs... Buka Puase at Kenny Rogers seems to be our traditional event each year.. We really like it there!! huuhhu.... The muffins.. aiyyo... menjilat jari.. haha.. En. habeeb sempat mencuri Kerol punye muffin mase Kerol pi Toilet...

Night time... Terawikh Prayer.... oh.. Kerol was late picking me up from my house... terpakselah start smayang Isyak time Imam rakaat ke-3. Tonight's Imam was Mustaffa Sidin... owh..I really love his voice and the way he leads any prayer. Really hope that I can have the same voice as his'.. snagat merdu.. hihi

Owh... 10 days to go.... =)

Owh.. I found this picture while exploring my picture folders today... ;p

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