Saturday, February 03, 2007


hehe... helllo everybody... first of all happy thaipusam to everybody who celebrates it. lately, I'm feeling a lil bit tired wit all my daily routine since I started my degree program last month. Wit classes from monday to friday, night and evening time for a lil bit football, lepak lepak wit all of my friends, arghh... not even a single second of free time for my assignment!!! owh come on god.. just gimme some extra time... cheywah....

Okay... the next thing is, I've bought a wireless modem for my house last week.. haha... so, It feels really good u know to surf internet while u are laying on ur bed... meniarap ke.. mencangkung ke, aaaaaaa almost any situations can do... so.. my house is like a hot spot laa skrg nie... I can online almost 24 hours aaa!! uhuhuh

Oh... I feel happy wit my degree program... I get to know many new fiends, lecturers, subjects (Poyo seh) and the most important thing is there are a few girls in my class which I realllllllly want to be friends wit.. huuh... hurmmm "ade 4 target wooo"

Oh maybe I forgot to post about my new HP rite? it's an N70 model.. and I like it very very much!! ahahahaha....

Okay.. hurmm.... what about Arsenal? owh... really enjoying their games rite now... they've beat Man UTD (Twice), Liverpool (Twice), Tottenham (Twice).. aaaaa..... sooooo sukelah....

The past 2-3 months was the best period of my life so far... I didn't start my degree for the jun intake, new HP, friends coming lepak2 at my house, birthday gifts, new friends, hihi... keeping in touch wit my x-students... owh thanx to those (my x-students) who still keep in touch wit me key!!??? Love u so uch!!! confirm A punye!!! (Fifi, Syukri, Athirah, Dira, etc)...

Highlight of the year 2007 :

  • Shedi and Shaf are going to Perth Australia furthering their studies...
  • X-students batch 2005/2006 will take their SPM results.. nga nga nga
  • The return of Liyana Z from PLKN
  • Syukri will stat his PLKN (HAHAHA HOm)
  • Kerol's wedding in April
  • Ihsan's, dunno when will be the exact date
  • I'll stay in Malaysia while my family go to Istanbul on March
  • Joe will start working as soon as he got his new job

What I want before this year ends :

  • Watch Harry Potter (Arghhh)
  • Make more new friends
  • Finding new students who are better than my last batch's students ;p
  • GF (If possible laaa)
  • A Projector
  • Arsenal cap
  • A Lot of money
  • The Scholarship that Encik Nasir was talking about
  • More birthday presents that last year's HAHA

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electrical life sucks said...

best nye dpt byk hadiah...mesti ko tgh happy skang kn..hehe...aku x....gagaga....ape bende ko buat,aku sokong dr blakang k...happy2 slalu :)