Monday, February 26, 2007

Zakla mania hayana

"Bored.... bored... Degree's life is sooo... boring~"

haLLu everybody.... Chelsea won the Carling Cup.. owh my god.. i dont know what makes Jose Maurinho so proud of what he won last night.. he looks sooo happy.. ahahaha.... come on lah.. before this, the Carling Cup was called Worthington Cup or sometimes people spell or pronounce it WORTHNOTHING cup.. hehe... but there's always a winner kan?? ahaha.. both teams played well and it had been a great game before sumthing went wrong (which I missed, the gado2 scene..)

Haha.. forget about the stupid cup laa.. it will make Chelsea's fan marah aje... huhu.. especially our birthday boy Apis (Yesterday laa)... that is his birthday present from Chelsea squad lah I think.. hahaha

Owh... I dunno why I forgot to take pictures while celebrating Apis' bday at Cili Merah... hoho.... we bought 4 different kind of cakes and clearly that amount weren't enough for all of us.. Haha.. there were 10 or 11 of us. No Papa... haha... Papa has problem wit his eyes.. I dunno what happen to him coz I didn't see the tragedy that happened at the field yesterday evening. Maybe today I might got the chance to visit him.

Hehe.. I've just read Syukri's post just now.. hahaha.. ey come onla.... kau mesti lah kene spend time kat umah dah skrg.. lepas nie... 3 bulan kan kau spend time kat Sabah?? ahahahah... lex lex... joking aje...

hey. anybody who has watched Norbit?? oooh.. I really like that movie.. Eddie Murphy is sooo marvelous.. he plays three different characters in the film. Hahaa.. Owh what can I tell about this movie aa??? that Rasputia is soooooooooooo GEMOK!!! oh oh oh oh... so geli lah looking at her perut. hehe..

I really like those 2 gentlemen in the suit.. i mean the black one... not the chinese looks one.. (padahal chinese tu pon eddie murphy gak... black gak)
look at her perut~ eewwwww

Hehe... it's now near to the end of February and Kerol starts being gelisah gelisah thingy punye feeling. Huhuhu.. yesterday when we lepak lepak at Darul Ehsan, I made a joke about entering the end of the month and he said that "uuuhuhhu... aku benci hujung bulan~"

AB : Kenape plak?
Kerol : Yelah setiap kali hujung bulan, ia menandekan bulan yg baru akan tiba
AB : So?
Kerol : Nanti bulan 4 kan aku takut~
AB dan Kerol : bergelak same same...

Haha...FYI... Kerol's wedding is in April aa... hahaha....

This photo was taken when I met Papa for the last time before he suffers that eye problem... and by the look on his face... I'm 100%  sure, he's still okay during this period.. HAHA

  • Iji is on the way to Penang. He's working there starting next month.
  • Tengku is at Pahang.. studying
  • Sham (Joe's friend) is now at Perak
  • Apis Pisang at Nilai...
  • Owh men.. so many missing players.. we'regoing to recruit some new talents...
  • SYUKRI!! I need those pictures!! ahaha... mane kau!!???


amelin. said...

ab, dorg start gaduh when mikel pulled that arsenal guy's shirt. then, adebayor, lampard n that good looking arsenal, fabergas (btol ker spelling) masuk campur. pastu drogba n essien ( spelling? ) pon tried to calm everybody. hehe. lin tgk tau match smlm. but, what had happened to john terry? i missed that part coz i was enjoying the fireworks for cap go meh tu. :)

aB said...

hehe.. yeaH?? kite malas nak tgk when drogba score goal kedua tue... benci!! hahaha