Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 006 Istanbul Trip '07 :p

I Lyke!!!

Another day in Turkey... Istanbul.... I start to feel like I'm one of da professional photographer yesterday. Actually not a photographer laa.. not really... but... living wit Syukri.... it feels like one. I'm not da person who is soooooo good and very familiar wit cameras, but slowly I'm starting to get the picture. Hahaha....

At the entrancE!! wit da poLis

So.. yesterday we continued our journey in Istanbul. And first destination, The Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi). Syukri looked soooo excited when he first entered the so called covered bazaar. We met Mr Ali first!! Mak and Syukri wanna buy some Scarfs!.. huhuhu....

Mr Ali and company

Then we continued our walk into the old Bazaar where we saw a group of Malaysian. And this time, they weren't the good kind of Malaysian dat we know laa... They were sooo sombong. And the pakcik, the tua pakcik was like ignoring me when I tried to look at him and give him a sweet smile! haha... poodah lah!!! blagak tak kene tempat! :p I think he was thinking like dis laa "Heh... Malaysia ke dorang ni? malas lah nak tegur.. nampak macam org2 jakun aje.. baik aku buat donno aje!" haha kidding aje laaa... I don't really care pon if he was sooooooo like dat.. hehe.... yg penting, I'm always happy!

Siti Syukriah

I tried to find my old friend A.D.... but he was not at his shop yesterday and his friend said that he'll be back in 30 minutes.. Haha.. malas lah nak tunggu!

Kenangan di Sait Koc

Next stop, Sait Koc! hahaha.... my father's friend's shop! He's Mr Jewellery. He served us something to drink. Aaaaa really needed those refreshments!! hahahaha.... We can't enter his shop earlier coz there was a lady inside it who was trying some jewellery and she didn't want any one of the man inside the shop. So.. we just enjoyed ourselves standing outside the shop. Haha

For the past 10 years.... the 3rd person from the left and right are still serving as a Sait Koc's worker! haha

A Tanglung~

From Sait Koc, we walked and walked inside the Grand Bazaar.... asking prices, shaking hands, etc until finally we got tired and decided to go back to the hotel. It was 12.15 pm and we had to prepare ourselves for Friday prayer. We had some rest at the hotel before taking the Wudu'.

Mr Mehmet.. another Mr Jewellery... is entertaining mak

Since this is Syukr's first visit to Istanbul, I've decided to bring him to a bigger mosque to pray. Die tanak smayang kat mesjit kecik yg ade kat sbelah hotel ni.. Blagak.. bukan main! hahaha :p so... we prayed at Beyazit Mosque! haha... I fell asleep during the Khutbah and woke up just nice when the Imam started to perform the Doa. Amin....~

After eating our lunch (Which Syukri said that he wanted to take Turkish Lunch at the first place), we went straight to Taksim!! yeeah!!! we took the train from Beyazit to Findikli where we had to crawl a crazy mountain before reaching Taksim. Kesian abah... I knew it dat he hated mountain climbing! hahaha....

Taksim... always crowded with people from all over the World

Finally.... we reached Taksim! Owh and there were sooo many people there! We started our journey from the Taksim Square. Jalan die sangat panjang! kedai di kiri dan kanan anda! .ahahaha... We walked past Topshop, Quicksilver, Levi's, United Colours Of Benetton, etc.

3's stooges!


I bought one Topshop's cap and a Jeans Jacket! hehhee me likey!!! wheee.... Syukri looked sooooooooo sad since he wasn't buying anything from either Topshop or Quicksilver.. He said that their price is more cheaper than the one in Malaysia. Haha... rugi tak beli doh Syukri!1 yeeha!!

From Taksim, we entered Galatasaray. Here, Syukri bought a really nice and creative wall clock! hoho.. me likey! Next photographic attraction, The Galata Tower!! hehehe..... while Syukri and Izzat were taking pictures, I accompanied Mak at Dia Supermarket buying some goods.

Fishing! Yeay!! On the Golden Horn Bridge!

From Galatasaray.. we walked down to Karakoy and crossed the Golden Horn Bridge where me and Syukri were left by my family since Syukri didn't want to miss da sunset view of Istanbul!.. so.. just the two of us! we had our meal at Yunus Balik. Syukri ate a plate of fish kebap. After a few songs played by the guitarist, and after the sun was fully set! we moved to the nearest mosque to pray.

Here.. we pray


From here, we took the train and stopped at Sultanahmet Station. Syukri wanted to take some pictures of The Blue Mosque again!!!! but at night time laa...

Layan perasaan


Kiddo Kiddo!! Isn't she cute?? :p

Peluk2... tiang!!!

After feeling soooo tired... we decided to go back to the hotel. It's 10.30 pm and... tetibe terpikir! kalau kat Malaysia dah kena marah dah ni balik lambat! hahaha... then we tido!!!

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